Apps, HTML & Healing

I am putting on my self employed hat and really trying to do the things which make me happy. Which is helping people understand how to do basic website and also my research in to healing methods. I did one more market recently and helped a few people with my Australian Bush Flower Essence Kit. It was extremely amazing to be of service and I am so grateful for being able to learn and grown in this area.

I was asked about Apps for one of my friends and it got me to thinking about one by one converting my quotes (in my book) into a photo app. It would be a labour of love and take days/weeks – But I am thinking about it haha. Ive discovered a free program which teaches HTML which in turn should help me with the app building.

Onto the Healing part.

I am still taking Boab but this time I am also taking Pink Mulla Mulla which heals ancient wounds. I got goosebumps while reading about the flower essence because it seemed so appropriate to take it after Boab. Pink Mulla Mulla can heal wounds from our very first incarnation – a deep core wounding that leaves a mark on us at our most deepest level.

This wound can often be found in the out layer of our light body. Your aura or light body has seven layers and it is the outer most layer which will bare this original wounding which you carry with you through all of your past lives. Pink Mulla Mulla is also good for any old emotional wounding in this life time as well.

Both my mum and me are taking this as a Boab and Pink Mulla Mulla mix but after this bottle I am going to do a bottle of just Pink Mulla Mulla by itself.

Its really amazing how life turns out and how connected we all are – especially with our families. My brother who was a firm believer in NOT ever having any flower essences has started taking them and he is on his fourth day. I personally believe that he is reacting to both my mum and me taking Boab…we have started clearing patterns and changing/enabling ourselves an he is moving with us in ways we can only watch with love and joy.

Robbyne LaPlant Workshop

Its been a few days since my last post. I was suppose to make up the next lot of essences which is called Devic Essence and it is suppose to really help you connect with elemental kingdom. However for some reason things kept popping up in all kind of ways to delay me handing them out.

I made them up on the Wednesday and then I left them behind at my friends house. Then one after another I have been so busy or some how forgot. I NOW know why I did lol

During this weekend I went to Robbyne LaPlant’s 2 day workshop and I completely loved it. While we were there she gave us essences that she had created and if I had been on the Devic Essence I think it would have been strange to mix two such powerful and vibrational drops.

I have spent two days wallowing in beautiful and sacred energy. Robbyne is such a wonderful and lovely soul and she has such beautiful things to share. I discovered something really interesting about myself. Last year I attended Robbynes workshop and it was my first real spiritual workshop that I had ever done. I have to admit that I put her up on a pedestal as this amazing person that was so much more evolved then me.

Well after a year working very hard on myself so that I break old patterning and learn as much as possible – I was kind of amazed to realise that I no longer have her up on a pedestal. I have read so much about us all being ONE and its true – Robbyne is wise, powerful and certain of herself. But she is no better then me nor do I feel like she is more evolved them me, instead I really feel the oneness.

There was alot of her teachings that I already knew but there was also some really practical stuff that I learnt and I will incorporate into my daily life. The most important thing that I am thankful for is the fact that I gave myself 2 days off from my busy life to just celebrate being me, being spiritual and being surrounded by so many amazing people.

I am feeling far more certain of myself and just so full of light. I feel FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so much going on. I hope to share some exciting news with you all on Tuesday night – if all goes well which I am feeling confident it will – then my life is going to be much easier.

I have also had two ideas for short ebooks to write – I feel that my life will be going more in that direction with me being called to write more. Life certainly is amazing 🙂

Day 8 -11 – Higher Self Essence

I have felt pretty fantastic the last few days.

Thursday saw alot of cleaning and de-cluttering. But best of all I feel very light again and I believe that I have really learnt my lesson from Monday and Tuesday and about staying in higher vibration.

If I hadn’t witnessed just how much I WAS effected and then how much I effect OTHERS I wouldnt have cottoned on so quick to changing my outlook and enabled me to centre and realign myself.

Friday was a day of MAJOR movement. I got so much done that I had been meaning to do and things started working. I felt this was a mixture of everyone feeling better and my own vibration/emotions being so much more positive and great.

Saturday was epic cleaning day as my aunt and uncle was coming up and I had to have the rooms reorganised and re-cleaned. It was a bit hard because I was cleaning with my mum who I love dearly but really tested my ego. She would be a bit negative about throwing a few things out and being forced to clean (even though we had put it off for weeks) I am happy to say that even though my ego was triggered I was able to not really get to bitch or mean. I accomplished this by mainly ignoring some comments.

That night I had my first ever long distance healing from Patricia Morris Cardona and it was really interesting. I felt like a tickling sensation in my heart and 3rd eye chakra but after about 5-10 mins I felt this pressure on my head and sinuses – to try and put it into words is hard….it was like my head was surrounded by a bubble of air and then there was a pressure on that bubble – pushing it down into my head, so I felt a pressure at the back of my nose…boy that sounds weird haha.

I woke up early and completely energised – it was fantastic, Patricia said:

“I felt your energy field was very light and filled with light. There was not so much to clean up on you. Your thoughts are pretty clean. More centered on healing and love!  Not so much self criticism as most people have. Better connection to the light energies. We cleaned your charkas besides all your bodies and organs and sent energy though all your meridians. We sent in a lot of Golden liquid light and love to heal you and nourish you.  So no wonder you had a lot of energy.”
I think thats lovely cause I often wonder if all my work……….is working haha – I am really trying to raise my vibration, hold as much light as possible and basically be the best human that I can. So its lovely to hear that I my pretty light and filled with light.
Sunday – today I have been up since 6 am and busy cleaning, its interesting because I woke some time after 5am very energised, so I really only had about 4.5 to 5 hrs sleep and then I am up and raring to go. So I thing Patricia really revitalised me 🙂
Last night I changed the book cover of my ebook and I am SOOOO much happier with it. I am also trying to promote it more which I have been kind of lax in doing. I posted about it on my Facebook page and started a small ad campaign – I am also offering the book for free for 2 days on amazon – I am not sure when that will start I think midnight tonight. I am hoping this will give the book some reviews and boost its ranking.

Writing the Book

WOW I have done a rough draft of my Intro (most likely to change quite a bit over time)

I also compiled all the first essence (Antarctica) into one file and it was soooo fascinating to reread all my experiences and it just seemed to bring some of the magic of that time into my crazy hectic life which is NOW.

I am even more convinced that I need to take some more essences because I did love my life while I was taking them. I also look back on those 2 and half months and realise that I had HUGE spiritual growth – I could really do with some of that right this moment lol

I feel like I am straddling two worlds. On one side of the chasm is the old me, stagnant me and the 3D reality. On the opposite side of the chasm is a greater connection to source, Ancient Wisdom coming back to me and the knowledge of what my life’s purpose is.

I really just want to take my foot out of the old me/stagnant me and place it firmly in the 5D with the me that knows what I am doing, who I am & what I should be doing.

Love and Blessings to All

Australian Bush Flower – Light Essences

I blogged nearly every day that I was on the two and a half month long Light Essence course. I have been noticing lately and increase in people searching google for specific essence. I just had someone yesterday search for ‘Antarctic Essence’ and they found my blog.

I realise that all the information is a little scattered and hard to find mixed in with all my other posts and ponderings. I think over the next month I will compile all the info into a pdf file and put it up for free. This will make it alot easier for people to discover what the essences can do for them.

I am really feeling guided in this. I know with a deep certainty that these essences are of high vibration and do help us in ways beyond our knowing. So I think I will do this as a gift to everyone and help others by being of service.

Automatic Writing

I have been doing some automatic writing during meditation. The night before my first attempt I had drawn a Divine Guidance card that was all about creativity and how I should do some each day. It was late and just before bed and I realised that I had not taken that advice when  a thought popped into my head that said – why not now then. I went with the flow and did some writing of whatever popped into my head, some of it was pretty weird I don’t feel like I channelled anything – by that I mean I felt no single presence that identified itself to me. In the wording I do use words like brother and sister etc – but I think that was cause I had been reading channelled messages in the past few days – basically I am saying I don’t know. Its not that I dont think that I am good enough to receive messages its more that I dont feel like theses messages came from someone else or anyone specific… now I am confusing myself…here are the words.

Thursday Night:

There comes a time when you must awaken. Live not in fear for we are with you. Love is not an iceberg forever frozen as it marches across the face of Mother Earth. Instead love is like honey, its fast flowing once its warmed up.

March is a time of the year when deals can be made, deals with your self, your soul and your karma. Fear has no place during these negotiations and your physical bodies don’t even know that the higher self have signed a contact. Once signed a soul contract cannot be broken.  A lesson cannot be unlearned and cannot be forgotten. Fear is an absence of love. Just like cold is an absence of heat and darkness an absence of light. Hasten now my brothers and sisters for you are living in a time of revolution.

Monday Night:

Heavenly possibilities are but words on a page, when the truth lies within the heart. Awaken.

Notes – last night was clearer and faster then Thursdays attempt at automatic writing. Both seem to be about Awakening which now sounds even more interesting because that was the card I drew last night after the meditation and I didn’t even realise. Life is very interesting at the moment. In retrospect I am thinking that these words are my higher self to ME – but I am more then happy to share them with you all because I hope to inspire people to try different things. BUT most of all trust your intuition 🙂

Feel free to share my rambles but please link back to this post 🙂

Day 2 – Arctic Essence

Today – well I am finally up to date with this blog.

I have had a slight ‘moment’ – it was while watching the ‘The Heart Has its Own Consciousness clip that I reblogged today. It came on top of another realisation that I had yesterday at the Hay House Writers Workshop.

Firstly I met a few very inspirational people yesterday at the workshop who used their blog to change alot of lives. They did it by writing more article based posts which got shared around the world. While today I realised that I only use my blog to share the more amazing and happy things that happen in my life. I dont talk about some of the struggles that I face as I try to live from the heart and not the head.

So I have decided today that I will do a few ‘Article’ based posts if I am passionate about a subject or have something I consider important to share. But I will also add  more of honest struggles I have with my intellect fighting with my emotions or my head with my heart. Basically I want this blog to start connecting with more people instead of being more like a journal of my life and hopefully I can help people by them realising that changing your life for the better is possible.


Day 1 – Arctic Essence

I have had to go back and re-read what to expect while taking these Arctic drops over the next 2 weeks, I thought I would re-copy it here first. Then I will post blow it about my experiences at the Hay House Writers Workshop in Sydney.  So this is going to be a long post – my apologise.

Arctic Essence

Positive Outcome:

  • Brings in and releases pure light energy within the person.
  • Activates suspended pure light energy held within an individual, increasing our spiritual awareness.
  • Balances one’s own electro-magnetic frequency and harmonises one to the earth’s changing electromagnetic frequency.
  • Addresses issues of separation from self, someone or something.
  • Assists one to see their negative aspects and rectify them.
  • Can repair and return the soul to a state of innocence, purity and peace.
  • Shows what you need to come alive, to flow, to be joyous and light.

The Arctic Essence primarily frees the pure undiluted light potential of the individual. It both brings in and releases pure light energy within the individual, energy which has been held in suspension, waiting to be activated.

What is suspended is not of the physical or Earth, it is of Light. The Arctic Essence allows the thawing and releasing of our suspended Light. This increases our spiritual awareness, which in turn will raise the Light of the planet.

By releasing this Light the individual is also changing and bringing into balance their own electro-magnetic frequency, allowing them to stay in resonance and harmony with all the Earth’s changes. Especially as we move closer to 2012 and the shift in the Earth’s own electro-magnetic energy field.

The Antarctic Essence is for letting go of things that stop you finding and following your path. It allows you to discover what is essential and necessary in your life. In other words, letting go of what doesn’t matter – suspension in matter. It is connected to both the Earth and the Light. The Arctic Essence holds suspension in Light alone. That is the difference.

The Arctic Essence is releasing the Light potential within, which does matter, and is of supreme significance as part of the soul’s evolution and as part of the planetary being’s evolution.

This Essence is also specific in addressing separation, whether that is separation from self, someone or something. It takes you to the depth and purity of your soul, to feel the purity of the Earth and yourself.

It can repair and return the soul to a state of innocence, helping you to hear the voice of reason and purity and assisting you to see your negative aspects. It is then easy to see what needs to be done to rectify it. It is similar to how glaciers grind obstacles in their way, pulverising the impurities and bringing the debris to the surface as very fine particles.

This Essence shows you what you need to come alive, to flow, and to be joyous and light.

My Sydney trip to The HayHouse Writers Workshop.

I learnt some very valuable things while attending the workshop. Firstly that if I really want to get my book on grieving published then I am going to have to dedicate a shit load of my time and effort in creating a platform or basically a fanbase first. I dont really want to be doing that I dont feel that its my core message.

If I was 100 percent passionate about delivering my message to the masses then yes I think I could successfully write and publish a book with Hay House. I have the Media Skills background that they are looking for and I have some amazing ideas on how to build and grow myself (as an author) via social media. But its more then that, if I want to be successful in the Self Help genre then I need to be doing grieving groups, writing articles, looking for people to interview me, basically anything and everything I can think of to keep my name out there.

I asked for Divine Guidance and got it in the form of a fellow workshop attendee who just happened to sit beside me in the airport. While talking with her she asked ‘why not just write fiction and incorporate your message/beliefs about grieving in the books’. Boy is that such a simple question but its something I never considered. I would reach a much larger audience as well. So that is what I decided on while flying home, I dont know how/when/where/why or what I will write about but I will incorporate my beliefs on grieving naturally into one or more stories.

As for the Arctic Essence – I have had only one dose and I cannot say that I have had any real reaction – except pondering how/what my life purpose is.