Self Healing

Today I am feeling strangely detached and melancholic. I have spent a week and a half returning to a place where I felt really joyful and back in the flow of life and today has hit me as a very strange experience. I have talked about my crippling fear of lack of abundance flowing in (regular wage) which I discovered while taking Boab Essence. It was such an amazing essence which showed me parts of myself which I never knew existed. By acknowledging these fears I made huge changes in my life and things really seemed to be getting better.

However in the last few days and particularly today I have felt very flat, like something is wrong and I feel adrift. Like I dont have any guidance or goal. I have really looked at the core of the issue and I think I am still struggling with the fear, but this time its not crippling. Instead I think its the fear of the unknown and because I have no other idea on how to act and how to think. It has been drawing into question the big ‘What If’ and also doubting my true spiritual purpose. Now that I own all the Australian Bush Flower Essences I have found it such a luxury because I have looked up the books and found three flower essences which I feel will help – Red Grevillea – Dog Rose – and – Silver Princess.

Dog Rose will help me with my fear and to not let it effect me. Red Grevillea will help me stop feeling stuck and help me push through my problems issues (people reported results from unexpected sources on this flower) and Silver Princess is to help me find the answers about what steps to take next. I am feeling confident that these flowers will help address my new found emotional angst and help me find that perfect feeling of being in the flow. In a nut shell I must not let fear dictate to me and I must trust the universe to provide for me if I am making positive changes, which I am.

I am very excited to be using myself as a guinea pig because I know that six months down the track I am going to be so much more confident with each of the flowers as I work with them.

Apps, HTML & Healing

I am putting on my self employed hat and really trying to do the things which make me happy. Which is helping people understand how to do basic website and also my research in to healing methods. I did one more market recently and helped a few people with my Australian Bush Flower Essence Kit. It was extremely amazing to be of service and I am so grateful for being able to learn and grown in this area.

I was asked about Apps for one of my friends and it got me to thinking about one by one converting my quotes (in my book) into a photo app. It would be a labour of love and take days/weeks – But I am thinking about it haha. Ive discovered a free program which teaches HTML which in turn should help me with the app building.

Onto the Healing part.

I am still taking Boab but this time I am also taking Pink Mulla Mulla which heals ancient wounds. I got goosebumps while reading about the flower essence because it seemed so appropriate to take it after Boab. Pink Mulla Mulla can heal wounds from our very first incarnation – a deep core wounding that leaves a mark on us at our most deepest level.

This wound can often be found in the out layer of our light body. Your aura or light body has seven layers and it is the outer most layer which will bare this original wounding which you carry with you through all of your past lives. Pink Mulla Mulla is also good for any old emotional wounding in this life time as well.

Both my mum and me are taking this as a Boab and Pink Mulla Mulla mix but after this bottle I am going to do a bottle of just Pink Mulla Mulla by itself.

Its really amazing how life turns out and how connected we all are – especially with our families. My brother who was a firm believer in NOT ever having any flower essences has started taking them and he is on his fourth day. I personally believe that he is reacting to both my mum and me taking Boab…we have started clearing patterns and changing/enabling ourselves an he is moving with us in ways we can only watch with love and joy.

Steps Towards My Dreams

Today I placed a very large order for the final Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) which I didnt have.  I also got a few other items to compliment my products and I have done this all on faith. It has been interesting watching my issues with abundance swing wildly from one extent to the other. But I take todays actions as a positive sign that I am taking the true path of abundance.

One of my friends put it best when she said – abundance is not about chasing money its about letting money chase you, she said you should come up with creative ideas and then open yourself up for the abundance to come to you.

I have placed a $700 order on my credit card and my aim is to pay it off within 1 month. Since making this decision a few days ago I have found out that $110 dollars which was owed to me is coming next week, I got my first basic website job which is $222 and I am expecting another payout of some money owed to me in 2 weeks (around $400 maybe more).

I sat here thinking wow are you nuts getting into debt to do this and then one after another I thought of all my abundance which is now coming to me and I realise that it adds up to just over $700. I’ve spent $650 -$700 and I will be getting $700-$750 within the next 3 weeks.

I am completely ecstatic because not only is this a sign that I am following my true path but its also a sign that I am accepting true abundance into my life. I have had a creative idea and I have opened myself up to abundance and it is flowing to me.

If I go and do more markets and get my name out there as a practitioner then who knows how much abundance can flow. Im open to it coming from all different angles.

The other thing is my dreams are expanding. What the Boab Essence (which I am taking now) does is help clear negative family patterns, karmic patterns and helps you find your true destiny. While watching the Level 2 Workshop DVD for ABFE I started thinking – I would love to do this, I would love to become so knowledgeable about each of the essences that I could teach. Now one month ago I would NEVER have had a dream/thought quite that big because I have this self depreciating part of myself that I have worked ALOT in the past 12 months to heal.

I can now have thoughts like this and I dont squash the idea. In fact I believe I would make a great teacher – Im staring at these words in bemusement and a little part of me is saying finally while the ego is still trying to tell me I cant.

life is utterly amazing.

The Universe is Pushing Me

And the push is at times confronting and at other times exciting.

I am taking the Boab Essence as part of a group healing with around 30 other people. It is definitely pushing me to look honestly at my family patterns, my own patterns and even social patterns. While I sometimes feel the urge to run and hide I am also very supported by Boab to stay strong. If I am being totally honest I don’t know if I would confront my fears/patterns like this without Boab, its very humbling to realise that some patterns I had thought I had faced are still there.

The biggest is my fear based around my abundance. I am getting clear guidance to move beyond my current job and do something that makes me happier – I am getting REALLY pushed to start healing with herbs and flower essences. I make medicinal face creams and I am in the process of learning face scrubs, body oils, ointments, infused oils and many many more. So my head feels like its going to explode at times.

I have so much going on that I am finding it really hard to stay centred, I have moments of bliss and then moments of chaos internally. I have just emailed my favourite healer Heidi Bartz….she works on me energetically and cleanses my lightbody. I know I can cleanse myself but it would take weeks when Heidi can do it in 2 hrs and I feel so fantastic, light and free afterwards.

Boab Update

My first boab essences were delivered today and the majority of people will be starting them tomorrow morning. I am so excited to be taking theses essences as a group and everything is being Divinely Guided. I mean everything!

There is about 25 people participating so far in this group healing journey. I am getting the push to move more into my healing creams, oils and essences and I will be doing my first markets this month at Tyalgum and hopefully Uki.

I spent over 3 hours today making the Boab essences as well as two lots of face creams and four parcels that needed to be sent overseas. Life is pretty amazing at the moment when I let myself stop and be still.

Boab Australia Bush Flower Essence Group Healing

I have created a facebook event

Here is the information if anyone reading this blog wants to participate.

The Boab Tree is found only in the Kimberley region of northwest Australia. This is one of the most powerful of all the Bush Essences and has brought about profound change.

Boab clears negative emotional and mental family patterns that are passed on from generation to generation. Boab can access and clear those core patterns and all the related ensuing beliefs.

This Essence is very beneficial in helping those who have had experiences of abuse or prejudice from others. Boab will also help clear the negative lines of karma between people. Boab can help break the chains that have been around human consciousness for thousands of years.

Negative Condition:
Enmeshment in negative family patterns
for recipients of abuse and prejudice

Positive Outcome:
Personal freedom by releasing family patterns
clearing of other, non family, negative Karmic connections

I did my level 1 certificate in Aust Bush Flower Essences last year and I have been fascinated with the Boab essence ever since. I have delayed taking it because I was doing the White Light Essence course and the Light Frequency course first.

I have recently decided I would like to take these drops as a group so I can study the effects when taken with a support group and then I will submit my findings to Ian White and the staff at ABFE.

The benefits of taking this essence as a group is having people to talk to when issues arise and its quite fun to talk about experiences that you have.

Reasons to take Boab:
*Releases deep held emotion
*Releases negative thought patterns
*Release past negative action within families, abuse, prejudice.
*You feel you keep repeating past mistakes.
*You feel like you are repeating your parents mistakes.
*You feel like you have karmic patterns that need healing

Warnings –

Every personal handles Australian Bush Flower Essences differently. They are high vibrational and very healing, some are very sensitive while other only have more sedate experiences. You could have vivid dreams, you could get very emotional but know that I am here for support and you could have extremely profound personal growth while taking this essence.

Start: Thursday 4 July – I will get the essences and info sheet to you before this date so we can all start taking the essence at the same time at home.

Duration: one bottle lasts 2-3 weeks and you can continue to buy as many bottles as you feel like you need. This will be part of the study I wish to undertake. I will be taking at least 2 bottles maybe more. I am offering the essence at 1/2 price so that this project will be affordable for everyone and I can help the maximum amount of people I can.

Cost: $5 per bottle. (plus postage if not in area).

Responsibilities: Take 7 drops under the tongue morning and night until the bottle ends (and you can move onto next bottle if you chose to take it for longer). I want encourage group discussion about how you are feeling and any thought/experiences that you have. I will create a facebook group if people will use it. This is not a requirement though if you are shy. I would finally like permission for your name, details and report on your experiences to be submitted to Ian White and ABFE at the end of the project. You can take the essence and request not to have your info submitted to ABFE.

Here is some further information about Boab from the ABFE book:

The Boab Essence is also very powerful in helping people who are experiencing, or have had experiences of, abuse or prejudice, though, inmost cases this too is a pattern that they have repeated many times in the past and are drawing to them again in this life. Once we stop being imprisoned by negative patterns, we have a greater spiritual development, awareness and sensitivity. This Essence is very good for an understanding of our true spiritual origin and can give great strength when undertaking new goals and activities that are very challenging. It certainly makes a successful outcome to this new challenge more likely once we release the negative thought patterns.

Many practitioners not only use Boab to clear emotional and mental traits but also prescribe Boab for illnesses which are genetic in nature. In many cases, wehere an illness passes through a family, it is a consequence of the innocently and passively taking on the same behavious and emotional responses as their parent and that had also led to the cause of th parents or family’s illness. There is no doubt however that some family illnesses are clearly of a genetic rather than being caused through a learnt emotional pattern. Boab, when used in these circumstances, is producing some very positive results, although it needs to be taken for longer that the normal one month period. This appears to be a significant field of research for Boab.

Boab is a very important and incredibly powerful essence that brings about profound personal transformation, it also helps to bring about tremendous positive change on the planet by healing the collective consciousness.

Please email me at and tell me if you are interested in joining this Boab essences group study.

Feel free to ask any questions and if you are not in the Murwillumbah area I can help arrange payment and postage via paypal or direct debt.

Day 14 – Higher Self Essence

Today was pretty blissful and I felt very light and carefree. I even had a few people remark on it which was really nice, I guess I might seem a bit strange to some because last Mon/Tues I was just miserable and now I have completely shifted out of that energy and I feel fantastic.

Today I received 2 acts of abundance which is awesome. One was a donation and the other was my first paying website design – I am super excited because I want to help people to build up their websites and teach them how to market themselves. This way they can do it themselves and dont need to be paying people to constantly update their sites.

My ebook on Amazon is doing well and I made it free for 2 days – this should be finishing soon so grab a copy if you can. I havent received any reviews but I am hoping that of the 100+ copies that have been downloaded for free – a few might leave reviews. I really want to know if the quotes touched anyone’s heart. 

Life is moving super fast but also super amazing 🙂

This is my second last day on this essence and I have to admit that I do feel really connected to my higherself. I went through a not so pleasant lesson last week but I really VALUE my happiness now and its really effortless. I am loving life xoxox

Many Blessings all xoxo

Day 12 – Higher Self Essence

WOW what a roller coaster ride of a day. I woke up buzzing and full of energy and had a fantastic morning and then I got to around 12.30pm and go so flat, my energy was pancake flat lol. I decided that I needed food to try and bolster my energy levels and I left for lunch early…it just so happened that I ran into an acquaintance who I ended up giving vital information to. Gotta love the universe at play.

I started buzzing with energy again but right this second I am pancake flat again. I am blaming this wild fluctuations in energy on the solar flare. As I have stated in the past – I am very sensitive to them and a HUGE believer in the global effect they have.

I had some truly beautiful moments tonight that I feel is so worth sharing.

I was driving home and I saw a shooting star (although I did wonder if it was a silver dragon). It dropped in the sky for quite a long distance before flaring silver as it ‘winked’ out. This of course had me totally smiling but what was even more awesome what the moon and my connection to her.

I felt such huge heart expansion. I remember looking up as I am driving and it just HIT me. I am so very very very HAPPY to be alive so that I can FEEL these emotions. I actually spoke to the moon without really thinking about my words. I said something along the lines of  “Oh Grandmother Moon, I love you and I am so grateful to be alive to FEEL how much I love you.”

I then tried to stay on the road and not drive into a ditch. I still cannot really explain it – the feeling was just so amazing – it was just love and such gratitude. I really do believe that as souls we want to incarnate to FEEL. Both the love, the happy, the sad, the angry – every emotion you can think of…….imagine living an without them.

I also had that same reaction a few hours later about my puppy. I am so thankful that she came into my life. I am so thankful to be able to feel such overwhelming love for such an adorable little baby 🙂

So much love to you all xoxox I must go and sleep.



Day 8 -11 – Higher Self Essence

I have felt pretty fantastic the last few days.

Thursday saw alot of cleaning and de-cluttering. But best of all I feel very light again and I believe that I have really learnt my lesson from Monday and Tuesday and about staying in higher vibration.

If I hadn’t witnessed just how much I WAS effected and then how much I effect OTHERS I wouldnt have cottoned on so quick to changing my outlook and enabled me to centre and realign myself.

Friday was a day of MAJOR movement. I got so much done that I had been meaning to do and things started working. I felt this was a mixture of everyone feeling better and my own vibration/emotions being so much more positive and great.

Saturday was epic cleaning day as my aunt and uncle was coming up and I had to have the rooms reorganised and re-cleaned. It was a bit hard because I was cleaning with my mum who I love dearly but really tested my ego. She would be a bit negative about throwing a few things out and being forced to clean (even though we had put it off for weeks) I am happy to say that even though my ego was triggered I was able to not really get to bitch or mean. I accomplished this by mainly ignoring some comments.

That night I had my first ever long distance healing from Patricia Morris Cardona and it was really interesting. I felt like a tickling sensation in my heart and 3rd eye chakra but after about 5-10 mins I felt this pressure on my head and sinuses – to try and put it into words is hard….it was like my head was surrounded by a bubble of air and then there was a pressure on that bubble – pushing it down into my head, so I felt a pressure at the back of my nose…boy that sounds weird haha.

I woke up early and completely energised – it was fantastic, Patricia said:

“I felt your energy field was very light and filled with light. There was not so much to clean up on you. Your thoughts are pretty clean. More centered on healing and love!  Not so much self criticism as most people have. Better connection to the light energies. We cleaned your charkas besides all your bodies and organs and sent energy though all your meridians. We sent in a lot of Golden liquid light and love to heal you and nourish you.  So no wonder you had a lot of energy.”
I think thats lovely cause I often wonder if all my work……….is working haha – I am really trying to raise my vibration, hold as much light as possible and basically be the best human that I can. So its lovely to hear that I my pretty light and filled with light.
Sunday – today I have been up since 6 am and busy cleaning, its interesting because I woke some time after 5am very energised, so I really only had about 4.5 to 5 hrs sleep and then I am up and raring to go. So I thing Patricia really revitalised me 🙂
Last night I changed the book cover of my ebook and I am SOOOO much happier with it. I am also trying to promote it more which I have been kind of lax in doing. I posted about it on my Facebook page and started a small ad campaign – I am also offering the book for free for 2 days on amazon – I am not sure when that will start I think midnight tonight. I am hoping this will give the book some reviews and boost its ranking.

Day 7 – Higher Self Essence

Today I really shifted all my crap and started feeling awesome and fantastic.

I was never really that awful or things to dire but I did know that I was struggling and not happy for the past few days. Then I opened the Course of Miracles to a random page and it was talking about vibrations, then I opened a second book and it was the chapter called The Law of Vibrations….then I pulled a card from my Mayan deck and yep…it was all about vibrations.

Thats when I realise that I would keep having these tests come up because I was not using the right approach. I am always going to be tested by low vibrational situations and people. That is part of our 3D reality. However I CHOOSE if I am going to react in a high vibrational manner or if I am going to react in a low vibrational manner and feel like crap.

I feel fantastic now and I cannot wait to keep going with my new outlook. I shouldnt say new….this are concepts that I have learnt and know. However sometimes the universe likes to pop up and make sure you really have learnt your lesson.

We had a wonderful mediation tonight and the facilitator was awesome. I am pretty sure that I will be learning from her alot.