Day 2 – Arctic Essence

Today – well I am finally up to date with this blog.

I have had a slight ‘moment’ – it was while watching the ‘The Heart Has its Own Consciousness clip that I reblogged today. It came on top of another realisation that I had yesterday at the Hay House Writers Workshop.

Firstly I met a few very inspirational people yesterday at the workshop who used their blog to change alot of lives. They did it by writing more article based posts which got shared around the world. While today I realised that I only use my blog to share the more amazing and happy things that happen in my life. I dont talk about some of the struggles that I face as I try to live from the heart and not the head.

So I have decided today that I will do a few ‘Article’ based posts if I am passionate about a subject or have something I consider important to share. But I will also add  more of honest struggles I have with my intellect fighting with my emotions or my head with my heart. Basically I want this blog to start connecting with more people instead of being more like a journal of my life and hopefully I can help people by them realising that changing your life for the better is possible.


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