Day 8 – Madagascar Essence

I am still feeling a sense of separateness, I have talked about feeling out of time. I am still feeling this way and I decided I needed to re-look at the Madagascar Essence. I have been blaming this feeling on the X class solar flare, I knew that there was also C and M class flares that followed in the days afterwards. So even though its been nearly a week that is why I attributed those side effects to the Flares.

However I have now been feeling this real sense of calm, peaceful detachment since Friday. I think it is the essences working and my own journey to understanding me own divinity or Christ consciousness. The Madagascar Essence says

  • Allows you to detach from mass consciousness and its predilections for disease.
  • Helps you find the freedom to choose whatever you want to without conditioning.

I think this is why I am feeling separate and different from not just others but time it self. If I am detaching from mass consciousness then I believe this is why I feel so peaceful, if I had a choice I would throw away all clocks because I dont think we are measuring time in a accurate way and that is what causes so much disharmony.

I have also felt more freedom to choose what I want without conditioning. My experience with not deciding to get into an ego argument with my sister last night was very very easy.

I am loving this essence, its sublime 🙂

Day 7 – Madagascar Essence

I feel completely out side of time…I keep thinking its Monday, someone just asked me what I did this weekend and I felt like I had done a million things (I have done alot) but I had trouble remember what I had done. I dont think reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus is helping. This book is amazing and I think life changing for me, I am only a quarter of the way through it but I am finding it profound.

If I be completely truthful I feel like I remember parts of the book, or that reading her words tickles a part of my brain that wants to remember something important. I think because I get sucked into the book and then sucked into over 2000 years ago – I guess its a bit of a struggle to remember its 2012.

I want to do nothing but read the book – but alas I have work experience tomorrow as one of my final subjects at Uni. Most exciting of all is that mother earth and father sky blessed us with some rain tonight. It is coming in stages, 3 mins of hard rain then nothing…then 5 mins of light rain. At this very second its a soaking rain and I hope it stays like this for hours. We desperately need it.

On a final note I kind of passed a test. I got irritated with a family member because they were arguing about something I knew the answer to and was fairly certain that I was right. Once I repeated myself a second time and she still argued I realised that I wasnt going to win the argument and that I felt no real need to be proven correct. If anything I was a bit abrupt in changing the subject and I would have done it differently in hindsight. While leaving the house and driving home I did have moments of irritation but it was something really easy to shift out of.

Day 6 – Madagascar Essence

There was a few things that were interesting today.

* I talked with a friend who has been almost depressed with this latest X class solar flare, I have heard some fascinating symptoms that people are having. I personally have had loss of appetite, energised, exhausted, poor sleep, feeling of limbo, contentment, weird dreams and restlessness. I am not sad or worried if anything I feel curious and enlightened 🙂 I had to have a nanny nap today – I dont know if this was solar flare or cause I had to do a lot of driving.

* I started reading Anna, Grandmother of Jesus. I am only on the third chapter and I already feel like this book is going to be profound. The parts about Egypt completely fascinate me and confirm that I want/need to visit there in the next 1-2 years. I dont feel its urgency yet but I do think I will go to see the temples one day.

* Technology is hurting me again, this laptop is so uncomfortable to use that its a chore to type this message. I have this feeling in the past but to varying degrees of discomfort. Today its awful.

* I am home now after house sitting for a month, I love the feeling of getting home 🙂

Day 5 – Madagascar Essence

Time seems to be playing some very strange games with me. I do not know if this is because of the essence, because of the solar flare or because I am moving along my spiritual path…maybe all three.

I totally enjoyed myself today I just felt like I was in Limbo, hours would pass and it didnt seem that long. Then all of a sudden I had to rush around like a fool to get things done. I have also lost my appetite for some reason and I have to remind myself to eat something. It is very strange when I think about it but I am just accepting it, I actually think it might be connected to the solar flare as I have had a few people tell me about their digestion problems or same as me (loss of appetite).

Tonight I went to sacred dancing at the local goddess group. It was so lovely to connect with the ladies again and to just be in that divine head space. I really loved and enjoyed every second of it. I feel that every woman should have something like this in their lives as it makes life more real…less drama, less social programming, less negativity. Once again I have really felt connected to mother earth and the divine feminine…tonight was just really blissful.


Day 1 – 4 -Madagascar Essence


Deep contentment and still enjoyment – I feel like this one is going to be as awesome as Lake Baikal. I did a bit of cleaning and didnt seem to have any internal monologue. I would normally say to myself, how do you let it get this bad? or You should have done this months ago and I would usually start intellectualising and trying to discover why it is I put the cleaning off. So it was nice, I kind of felt really in the Now.


Still relaxing, just pottered around and let myself enjoy the day. I heard this crow calling and I felt compelled to get up and go find it outside. When I got there I thought what are you trying to tell me and the thought pops in my head…go for a walk. I thought sure why not and didnt over think things I just went with the flow. I really enjoyed myself and I found this lovely rock the exact shape of Mt Warning (i find them all the time). I also just felt joy and gratitude in the little things.


Today I think I discovered more of what this essence is going to help with. It seems to be helping me stop trying to think and just trusting the heart. This is something that I have been trying to do for months but it just seems effortless. My day started nicely and in the way into town I saw all these eagles and hawks. I stopped and filmed them but they turned out mircoscopic – I knew they meant something… I am not sure what and I dont care that I dont know LOL I just took note, enjoyed the situation and felt gratitude. I then had coffee at 11.11am (I think I was a few mins late haha) and I had some truly amazing chats and some of the were pure synchronicity. Alot happened this day and it would turn into an epic post, so I will just sum it up by saying that I felt very blessed and I am just trusting my intuition – I have been doing this more and more but as I said this is just effortless.


Today I had weird dreams. I dont think they are to do with the essence (they could be) but I think they are because of the X class Solar Flares. I have had some wildly fluctuating experiences.  On Tuesday when it hit I had a period of 2-3 hrs of feeling complete lethargy but I quickly processed it. By the Wednesday I was completely energised and I ran into about 6 people who felt like shit and once I explained about the flare they decided to stop feeling confused and be gentle with themselves. Today I have felt very restless but still energised. I have been very sensitive to solar flares in the past so I am very surprised that I am handling this one so well.

I am off to bed, I watched an action movie (fast and furious 5) and I started having violent thoughts afterwards. Not drastic but I was thinking if I was confronted by someone at the airport (like in an article I was reading) I would just deck the guy…My brain went WHOA and I was really shocked because I havent had violent thought in ages. Its interesting how watching something can start to subvert your emotions.

Say NO to John West Tuna

Dear John West Tuna,

I am saying NO to you. I refuse to buy your tuna till you start listening to your customers and start practising safer fishing methods. In fact I dont think we should have to boycott your brand, I believe you should be ethical and put the rest of the marine life before your profit margins.

This is something I am passionate about. I hate seeing a huge company still practising unsafe fishing methods just to make extra money. You are guaranteed a profit no matter what, but you still use nets that scoops up sharks, turtles, sting rays and baby tuna that you cant use. Other companies have stopped using the harmful nets – why not YOU the biggest company of them all.

It makes more sense – by not killing the baby tuna you guarantee sustainability for your industry – you also dont kill innocent other marine life who might be protected or play a vital role in the marine ecosystem.

John West – its time you starting putting Ethics into your mission statement.

Madagascar Essence

Madagascar Essence

Positive Outcome:

  • Allows you to detach from mass consciousness and its predilections for disease.
  • Helps you find the freedom to choose whatever you want to without conditioning.
  • Creates a sacred inner space of peace, harmony and balance.
  • Clears the lower three chakras enabling an easier transfer of energy to the higher chakras, thereby assisting you to become at one with your divine essence.
  • Enables you to focus on essentials, make sense of your life and thus know exactly what to do.
  • Removes alienation, not only from each other but also from animals and the land, replacing this with a connected gentleness and harmony.
  • Activates the highest possibility of every aspect of you.

The most important healing quality of the Madagascar Essence is its potential for the eradication of disease and the removal of limiting beliefs around our health and wellbeing that we absorb from mass consciousness. Examples of this is the conditioning and belief that as we get older our minds and bodies will deteriorate and that we only have 70 years of life, the three score and ten syndrome. These have become concrete limitations firmly embedded in mass consciousness. Humanity has forgotten, and needs to be reminded, that living 70 years is only half of man’s natural life cycle.

Everyone is influenced by and part of mass consciousness as soon as they incarnate. Disease, whether physical, emotional or mental, occurs as a result of incarnating into the mass consciousness of humanity. Our thoughts, emotional responses and beliefs, all of which can create disease, are primarily coming from and/or greatly influenced by our connection to mass consciousness.

Humanity veered away from the original blueprint of being in balance and harmony with nature, animals and other people, and instead created disease, alienation, mass consciousness and being out-of-balance.

There are many methods of healing specific illnesses, but before any method can be totally successful there has to be the eradication of the predilection for disease. The Madagascar Essence will not cure every disease; it is curing the predilection for disease. You would then use another remedy for whatever the specific energetic situation is that needs rebalancing or realigning.

If a person has removed themselves from the predilection for illness, they can put themselves right back into it if they are involved with an organisation, philosophy or religion which is full of rigid dogma that tells them how to think and behave, and discourages questioning, learning and exploration.

Removing the predilection for disease creates a sacred inner space of peace, harmony and balance, giving you a perfect state of alignment from which all things are possible so you can choose whatever you want to, without conditioning. This removal clears the lower three chakras enabling an easier transfer of energy to the higher chakras. This will assist you to become at one with your divine essence and activate the highest possibility of every aspect of you.

Day 10 – 14 – Lake Baikal

I have been in semi hibernation for the past few days. I have felt really tired and just not in the mood to do things, I’ve been lazy you could say. There has only been two things that are of any interest to discuss, dancing on Friday night and the Storm on Sunday night.


I have had some pretty clear messages and guidance to go dancing at the local GLOdance at Uki. I did some research about about the event and it is an event this guy set up to celebrate dancing. Its a none alcoholic and none judgemental place where people can just go and dance. I loved the concept but I have to admit that I was also drawn to the band they were called Deya Dova  I then got to the day (Friday) and I was really sleepy because I had a bit of an epic morning, running into about 4 of my spiritual friends in really unique ways.

I rang my friend and said I dont really feel like going – do you think this is my negative ego trying to stop me OR do you think I should just go back to bed lol…I then told her this day about my amazing connections and I realised that my day had been special and that I have been telling everyone if they get the urge to do something creative they should because it will honour the Divine Feminine. So I went.

I was suppose to go – it was so amazing and I need to see something about myself. I believe the universe doesnt just give us hard lessons, sometimes we are given nice lessons so we can see how far we have come. I immediately felt comfortable and just started dancing, I danced for 3 hrs and over half that time I would have had my eyes shut. I was completely just honouring my body, the music and just feeling the energy around me. The big lesson for me is that I DIDNT CARE about what people thought, I probably looked like a radioactive chicken dancing. Even more amazing is I didn’t care what men thought (one of my hang ups).

The Storm

After feeding the dogs I walked near the edge of the veranda and my hands had that achy/tingly feeling they got when I stood in the leyline near Mt Warning. I had never noticed it before on the top of my sisters hill so I was a bit confused until about half an hour when I watched the storm come closer and then hit. It was utterly amazing and the beauty of it made me nearly cry twice, I dont fully understand the significance and I dont think there really needs to be one. I pulled up a chair and watched the show that Father Sky showed me, it was primal and sacred and utterly beautiful.

I felt very connected to the Divine and so grateful 🙂 I have never felt a storm before (energetically) I do not know if this is something that will continue to happen now that I am aware or if there was just something special about that storm. Either way I blessed to have felt it.

Tomorrow I start my next lot of drops. Madagascar – I am very excited and once again I have completely forgotten what to expect from it – I will repost a refresher 🙂

Day 9 – Lake Baikal

Yesterday was a strange day.

I picked up a friend to take her to her reiki session out at Uki and time seemed to just play weird games with us. We must have been there or at least 2hrs 15 mins, however there is no way that it FELT that long. While at the cafe having chia tea (best chai tea around) I started to feel really restless and uncomfortable. I do not know if this is was myself reacting the my friend beside me or if it was just a energetic thing that alot of people seemed to be feeling. It turned out my friends back was really hurting so I might have been sensitive to her which is entirely possible. Secondly I noticed alot of people feeling the same so maybe it was something energetic like a download etc

Last night I finished reading Drunvalo Melchezidek’s book – Living in the Heart – I put the the CD in and went into a meditation, the author warns to put an alarm on or have someone come wake you up for your first time. I have to admit I dont know if it worked or if I fell asleep haha…I kind of felt really drawn into the meditation but then I just went ….somewhere or to sleep. All I can remember afterwards was this annoying noise which was the car horn alarm on my ipod going off. It must have honked for over a minute before I realised that something was wrong and I woke up.

You are suppose to be able to ask things in the sacred part of your heart. I was near unconscious so I dont know if just feel asleep or if I just had a strange/deep exploration my first time.

I am thinking that I might give it another go right now and see what happens, I might ask for rain in the sacred place.

Life is Amazing