Days 8 & 9 – Air Essence

Tuesday I was quite a busy busy girl as I prepared to take the Wednesday off completely for Synergy Crystal Skull workshop. I have found myself increasingly busy to the point that I feel like I am constantly on the run. I can handle this though and I feel very at home in my Aries energy. The workshop tomorrow has completely snuck up on me.

Wednesday –

How interesting was today with the Synergy Crystal Skull – something is definitely going on in my area. Out of the 30 people that attended there was only 4 of us from the area. I find it very interesting that I had moments of indecisiveness where I was also going to pull out and I kept forgetting to pay my money even though I had it sitting in my account for 5 days waiting. Energy is always exchanged when you pay for something and I really feel like I had to be at the Castle to witness the day.

A few weeks ago I had to go to Wollumbin and witness the events that happened there. I feel that same sensation about my day at Synergy. It feels like these two events are pieces of a puzzle that wont make sense for awhile. The actual day was lovely and we learnt alot about Synergy and Sherry.

When I look back on the day I have to be honest and say that I learnt absolutely nothing new about using energy and we even ran out of time for a meditation. However what we got was some very interesting and practical advice that I felt was channelled. It is my believe that Sherry connected with our higherselves and become an intuitive channel. Some of the things she said was just what I needed to hear.

I enjoyed meeting Sherry, she was absolute fantastic and seemed like such a down to earth person. I really enjoyed my day.

Day 8 – Water Essence

I went to a book launch today at the Castle on the Hill at Uki.

It was a wonderful day but it was exhausting, there was a lot of my spiritual friends there so it was absolutely great to see them and give them all a hug as we caught up on life. The day was a huge success and I think things will only get better for the science-art new renaissance for the 21st century.

While I am more spiritual then scientific I can see the importance of everyone trying to make a difference in the world. It was really nice to be surrounded by so many people  all wanting to make a difference.

The universe also answered my prayers in the fact that I was worried because I didnt have enough stories for my deadline on Tues Morning but I got three interviews done today. This should be classed as a miracle by the way, I love how the universe provides if you dont fall into stress and fear. I knew I was going to be really pushing finding 3 extra articles in one day but now all I need in one tomorrow.

I also found a lovely piece of seraphinite

Seraphinite has a lovely spiritual energy that may help your search for spiritual enlightenment, and will assist you with self healing.

It aids your connection to beings in the angelic realm and may help you to make contact with the Divine Feminine.

This green and silver crystal has a number of very powerful characteristics, including being one of the stones that aid contact with nature spirits.

It has impressive healing attributes for both physical and emotional healing. It is a stone to aid you to bring Divine Light into your being and this brings with it spiritual healing.

This green stone is a type of clinochlore and is also known as Serafina and by its original name of Green Chlorite.

This green stone is mainly found in the Lake Baikal area in Siberia, Russia.

These lovely stones are known for the beautiful mixture of the deep green color, shot through with lovely silver markings that in many Seraphinite stones resemble beautiful angel wings.

These markings are the major reason for it being given this name. The meaning of this stone’s name is derived from the name Seraphim, the angels of highest spiritual level. As these stones have a strong energy to contact the angelic realms, this name is quite fitting.

This stone has a sweet vibration that centers you and brings through spiritual energy. It can help you to clear blockages in your meridians and in your auric field that are holding back your spiritual growth. By meditating with this beautiful stone… many of you may discover that you make a connection to the angelic realm and may find that you make a connection with the Divine Feminine. Seraphinite is known to open the crown chakra and the soul star chakra above that… to bring Divine light through into your being.

This stone is an excellent choice if you are a healer or if you simply want to use this stone for self healing. SeraphiniteSeraphinite is one of the more powerful stones for the healing of the physical body.

This lovely green healing crystal is known to aid cellular regeneration… and may allow you to become aware of the diseases that are linked to issues from past lives.

By aiding the decoding of the DNA it will help to bring about the decline of former systemic diseases.

As they subside the vibrations of the new arrangements within your DNA become prominent. As it strengthens the blood, this will flow to all of the body to bring physical wellness throughout.

The vibration of this stone brings an influx of light into the cells to aid healing on all levels…and you may find after you have used it for a while that you seems to be infused with the light that is now resonating within you.

The energy of Seraphinite will also aid emotional healing as you let go of old issues that are no longer what you desire for your life.

As you allow the joyful energy that this stone brings to flow through you… out into your entire auric field… you may be open to understand more clearly the meaning of enlightenment.

As you see this in the context of your own life, you may begin to behave towards others in a more balanced and peaceful way.

It has been found by many users of this stone that out of body journeys are made easier by the presence of this stone close by. These lovely green stones are said to be a powerful aid to protect the physical body while you are gone.

The energy of the stone may also stimulate kundalini awakening. As the kundalini rises up the spine it will clear and activate all of the chakras.

Meditating with this lovely stone is a powerful way to use it. It may be combined with any of the high crystal energy stones for this purpose. Used with White Azeztulite it may enable you to make contact with the Divine Feminine more easily as this is an extremely high vibration combination.

Seraphinite may be used by placing a stone on thethird eye chakra… which aid contact with the higher spiritual realms.

Many people find that connecting with angels is common when you have this stone on your body during meditation regardless of where you place it.

As it is known to stimulate clairaudience… having stronger psychic hearing will aid you to better hear the messages that come through from beings in the angelic realms. It is also known to stimulate the gift of psychic visions… and this may enable you to see the angelic beings in all their glory!

If you make contact with beings in the angelic realms using this crystal, this commonly involves a review of your current life and your current issues. These spiritual beings may then help you to identify what you need to do to make changes in your life, to bring yourself into alignment with your soul purpose for incarnating at this time… and bring you inner happiness and personal fulfillment.

By keeping a piece of this crystal on your body for as long as possible each day, this will have a strong benefit to bring healing on all levels. The energy of this lovely green crystal encourages you to live from the heart.

It has a strong energy within both the heart chakra and the thymus chakra which is just above the heart chakra. This is why wearing Seraphinite as a pendant is so effective.

Ladies… you may choose to tuck a small piece of the stone in your bra, which would keep it close to your heart, but wearing as a pendant is possibly an easier way to keep it on your body. Alternatively you could wear a piece of stone in your pocket, as keeping it within your auric field is the most important thing.

This stone has a strong energy to aid contact with nature spirits and elemental beings that inhabit the green areas around your home. You may use Seraphinite on its own for this purpose or you may combine it with other stones that also attract the members of the Devic kingdom.

You may choose to use it with the green Mica called Fuchsite, Green Apophyllite,Green Moss Agate… photo right, or withPrasiolite, also known as Green Amethyst.

Nature spirits are often present anyway… especially if you have a healthy garden and avoid the use of harsh chemicals in it.

These beings live close to you and may make contact with you, if you are open to the contact.

Children will naturally make this contact as they are open to believing, unlike many of us who have let go of this openness once we reached adulthood. By encouraging them to live near you, these beings will help to improve the health of the area where you live.

They aid you to heal the earth… and this may also flow through to your health too. It is important at these times of global changes to encourage nature spirits to help you… as the earth goes through the transitions required to bring the planet to a higher level of being.

This info was found at

The really interesting thing is that I had this magical experience with my card deck when I drew Tanzanite and I felt very very guided to go to a specific market stall to get a piece. But when I saw them I knew they wernt right but I still felt like I should be there and thats when I saw the piece of Seraphinite and it totally felt right. I think it is amazing that both crystals are about angel communication but only the Tanzanite is in the guidance deck. I think I drew it so that it would lead me to the Seraphinite.

I am off to put it on my 3rd eye.

much love and blessings.



Healing with Rose Quartz, Sunstone & Celestite

Rose Quartz, Sunstone and Celestite are a powerful healing combination that will help you understand the truth of Unconditional Love. They are particularly useful when you are feeling tested by a person or situation and you feel your ego battling with your heart.

These three crystals are very beneficial to people who are often happy and joyful but then get thrown by an emotional or dramatic situation. They also benefit spiritual people or light workers who are already in unconditional love or heart space but suddenly feel tested by unexpected events.

Rose Quartz is one of the most famous crystals in the world and it is well known for its love and healing energies. What is not as readily acknowledged is that it is also a stone of forgiveness. Working with Rose Quartz during times of high emotion will help you forgive not just the other party and the situation but also yourself. People who feel that they are conscious or awakened know that they should be in the heart space and that love can heal everything. However during often dramatic situations it can be hard to feel love and then self reproach and self doubt will begin. The Rose Quartz is vital for forgiving yourself first because true healing starts with you.

“Forgiveness is a journey of truth, grace and higher peace within self which spills out into the world around us through love filled right action, but it all starts with self-love.”

Sunstone is joyful, radiant and illuminating. After Rose Quartz helps you heal and forgive yourself and the situation then Sunstone takes over to shine divine light directly into you heart. It is fun, joyous and uplifting and it reminds you that love is effortlessness. Of all the frequencies available pure childlike joy is the easiest way to stay in the heart space. While Rose Quartz helps heal the situation it is Sunstone that will make you want to say in Unconditional Love as you continue to be tested.

“The light of the Sun is about to ignite your life, increasing your vital force, expanding your frequency and infusing you with the joy only the sun can deliver.”

Celestite brings a higher knowing to the situation. The Rose Quartz has healed the situation, the Sunstone has provided the vital energy to want to stay in Unconditional Love but then Celestite steps in and lets you look at the situation from a distance. Celestite will help you realise that you cannot change the situation, you cannot change another person – all you can do is control how you are going to react and deal with your lesson. Celestite provides a deep soul knowing that helps you stay outside of the negative emotions that was effecting you.

“Pure knowing is the answer, a form of communication higher and more refined than any of the physical world’s, an action so refined and sacred it is performed through inaction and pure trust in the undercurrent of the process itself. The results of such a space make Calm, Peace, Joy and Love constantly available as a way of existing, the fears and worries of life just melt away.”

Healing with these stones are a three part process used in the order I have shown above.

When you are struggling with an emotional situation or with another person and you feel you are being challenged to stay in Unconditional Love – then call upon Rose Quartz. It is most beneficial to have a piece of Rose Quartz and lay down with it sitting on your heart chakra. Take deep clean breaths and on the exhale pour out all anger, sadness, betrayal, confusion and other emotions. As you start to calm picture the Rose Quarts energy surrounding your heart and helping you forgive yourself and all involved in the situation. This can be brief and only take minutes or you might need to repeat this several times throughout the day. When you feel ready move to the Sunstone.

Place the Sunstone over your heart and lay with it. Feel the beautiful joy that comes from this crystal. It is the stone of Ra, a Sun God and let yourself bask in that warmth. Smile and think of the simple things in your life that bring you joy and thank the Sunstone that is healing you. Feel the relief that comes with this crystal as it helps you realise that you can get away from the negativity of your situation just by shining the bright joyful light of this crystal onto the situation.

The Sunstone can also be placed on the throat especially if you have regrets about voicing something or regret not saying enough. Once again this can be healed quickly or it can take multiple sessions but you will know when its time to move on.

Place Celestite on the third eye and let it bring you clarity. Let it help you step outside the situation and remind you that you have a choice in how you react or more importantly how you don’t react. This stone is powerful in helping you realise that by surrendering to the situation and seeing it as a lesson it is not a negative thing. Try visualising pulling pale blue light down through the Celestite crystal and into your body, feel the cool and calming energy spread throughout every blood cell.

Celestite will help you realise that you dont really care about the situation any longer. What once seemed a huge emotional deal will suddenly mean nothing because you have chosen to be in Unconditional Love for yourself and no one else.

There is another way to use these three crystals together and I suggest doing this after you have connected with them individually.

Place the Celestite on the third eye
Place the Sunstone over the heart
Place the Rose Quartz over the root, sacral or solar plexuses depending on where you feel was tested during the situation
(eg: If you were in a power struggle, place on Solar Plexuses. If you felt insecure, place on root.)

Once all three crystals are placed where you intuitively feel is the correct then spend time breathing and connecting with the crystals. Once the Rose Quartz heals the lower chakra that is being effected it can move up and Sunstone can bring lightness and clarity to the heart, which in turn leads to the Celestite bringing you divine clarity and knowing that all will be healed in the situation.

My personal experiences with these three crystals.

I drew the Rose Quartz card on the Wednesday night and I spent all night sleeping with Rose Quartz under my pillow and I rested it on my heart multiple times. I still continued to feel moments of ego argument because I felt like I was not being treated correctly by another person. However the Rose Quartz helped me to realise that I was putting pressure on myself to feel unconditional love for the woman who offended me – but I never realised that I was forgetting to show ME unconditional love.

The next day morning I drew the Sunstone card and I didnt own a piece  – so I went and bought a crystal and carried both the Rose Quartz and Sunstone all day. That night I spent time connecting with the Sunstone and I would find myself smiling and felt such relief that I was moving away from my confusion and issues with this woman. That night I drew the Celestite and I didnt own one of those either but I called about the master deva of that crystal and I started to realise that I no longer cared about the woman that hurt my feelings. I cared about how I felt and I wanted to be happy so I concentrated on ME.

Over the next 3-5 days I constantly carried the Rose Quartz and Sunstone and I was able to buy the Celestite today. I feel completely wonderful and I look back on the lesson I had with gratitude because I realise how important it was for me to learn to put my own healing first because if I am in Unconditional Love because I want it for me – then I start to radiate it out for others. I learnt healing must come from me FIRST.

The cards I drew was from the Liquid Crystal Oracle deck by Justin Moikeha Asar
The quotes are from his guidebook that came with his cards.

The Master Deva’s are:

Rose Quartz –  Ka-kini-el
Sunstone –  Ra-ba-el
Celestite –  Celestel

Justin states in his guidebook that you can call upon the Master Deva’s to help connect with the essence/vibration of the crystals. So if you are unable to obtain the stones then I suggest connecting with them this way.
For more information about Justin:
I have spent hours on his website.

Much love and blessings


Crystal Dreaming

My friend Ahana LaRa said something very profound to me (she does this all the time lol)

She said that when we receive guidance, ideas or messages from our guides or higherself – it is important to write it all down and put it out there for people to read. She said its a way of honouring the gift and messages that we receive.

I have been thinking about it since she told me and I have thought about it on an energetic level. For example: I have been having some very interesting experiences and dreams about crystals. Part of me says “I must put that up on the blog” but I get distracted by something else and I didn’t do it.

I realised that no…I am no honouring the messages and gifts from my guides. But on an energetic level I am not pouring my energies into the situation so in some ways I am hindering the manifestation processes. If my guides show me something and my instinct tells me that I should share it – – – and then I don’t share it. I am in fact ignoring my guides.

That just proves to my guides that I am not being serious and I am not ready to be shown the next level. I believe this is why the dreams stopped. There has been times that I have had my guides keep drumming me with info until I got it but being human is about having free will.

The lesson is using my free will to follow my guidance and ACT upon that guidance. So in the spirit of honouring my new found experiences with some crystals I will be posting about Rose Quartz, Sunstone and Celestite tommorow when I finish researching one final thing.

The time to ACT is here – no more pussy footing around. My guides will not help me along my path if I don’t put the effort into it.

Love and Blessings

The Crystals Speak

A dear friend just emailed this to me and I fell in love with it and had to share it with you all. I am safely home from Sydney and will update my blog tomorrow 🙂


The Crystals Speak


We are the Crystals, We carry pure light

It’s just our depth, That is out of your sight

We are buried so deeply, down in the ground,

So that we can, not be found

For our power is awesome, And our Light is so bright

That if you found us now, It would cause such a fright


We once powered your planet,

And gave freely our Light, But humans misused us,

So we now live far from your sight

Our depth is our security, It is dark and deep

And you will find us when, You awaken from your sleep


The time is coming, When you will discover our gifts

For we will give you all, A vibrational lift

That will boost your planet, And help Her shift

So you will no longer be, Cast adrift

But ride the currents, Of our light

Until you have again, regained, your inner sight

And move back into the realms of Creator’s light


The time to find us, Will be coming soon

Our gigantic size and awesome power, Will be a boon

For we can supply you with all the energy,

That you now consume And light your planet,

As the Sun lights the Moon


Just hold us and caress us, And keep us near

For we can lighten your hearts, And fill you with cheer

For our composition is purity, And our Light is so clear

That by holding us close to you, We can erase all your fear


We are clearer than glass, And our brilliance and glow

Will always last


We are Power and Light, And can supply all your needs

You just have to call to us, We are ready to please

We don’t burn out, We glow like the Sun

And when you discover our uses, You will have such fun


We can light your way, And guide your thoughts

So that you can, become, what you ought

To be ~ which is free

From energy bills, And planetary ills

And reap the benefits, Of power unlimited


By connecting with us, And discovering our gifts

You can, make, this mighty shift

Into the 7th Great Golden Crystal Age

That, will, be the rage!

Where all you desire and all your needs

Will be supplied to you with grace and ease


Your Earth is waiting, For you to achieve

Your light and brilliance, So She can leave

And move with our Universe, To heights yet unknown

And move you all up into a higher, Vibrational zone

Called “Home”


Our crystalline light, Will help you regain your sight

So carry us with you, and put us in your homes

And we promise you that, you will never feel alone


For we are your new companions, Your partners on Earth

And this is the moment, Of your rebirth

Into the Creator Beings, You were meant to be

And we are here to help, Set you free


We hold the matrix of the Universe, In our crystalline web

A crystal ball to hold, As you rest in your bed


We Crystals are here, To guide your way

So that you will not falter or be swayed

Just touch us and sleep with us, And talk to us each day


We are your Guides, Living with you on Earth

And it is time to connect with us and not travel alone

Just call to us on, the telepathic phone

We can hear your thoughts, And send you ours

For we are not very far, Time between us does not exist

If you remember that distance, Is just a myth


The Universe is waiting, Do you hear Her “call?”

For we are all ready, To come to you all

And erase the memory, Of the “Fall”


And carry you with us into new heights

Where you discover new clarity and sight

And wonder how you ever fell from such a great height

Well, that is all over, The spell is in the past

And now it’s 10,000 years of peace at last

That will not cease, Until all life forms have been released

From bondage and struggle, And every other trouble

That never was, meant to be,

And again you’ll become totally free


We Crystals will help you, to find your way

Just carry us with you, and don’t delay

Put us in your pockets and water you drink

And we will guide you, as you think


And your thoughts will gain clarity, as a result

And we will even monitor, the beat of your pulse


We can balance your body,

We can balance your thoughts

We can balance your whole planet, And everything on it

For we create from pure Light Substance

Which is what we can teach you,

You just need to touch us

And hold us close, Caress our encasements

That are smooth as glass,

And then we can bond, with you, at last

And transfer our data directly to you,

So your memory bank, can again be full

Of all the wisdom, we have gained,

That we can transfer to you,

So that you can regain and maintain,

Everything pure, in your domain


It should not be, such a surprise,

That we come in all, shapes and size

As the light from our bodies, flow into your hand

You will feel your energy field expand

And you will feel your body gently yield

And absorb the strength, that you will wield

When you focus this power, and use it to heal


For you are the LightBearers, And we are here to see

That you set, ALL life free, So just call to us

For we can hear your thoughts

No call, is ever lost

Even though we can be, Hundreds of miles deep

No depth is ever, too steep, And we never sleep


We are here to lift you into the spiral of light

So you can experience, the magic of life

We Crystals are Light and Love combined

And can lift your hearts into the sublime

Where you can feel the Queen of Heaven’s Bliss

As she touches you gently, with her kiss


© Copyright Dianne Robbins

September, 2012