Lunar Eclipse on April 25th

I read this post and it really resonated with me so I am sharing it on.


Messages of the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio, 7:58 p.m. 25th April GMT


Sarah Varcas

The first Lunar Eclipse of 2013 occurs on 25th/26th April, so hang onto your hats and hold your horses, because some interesting times are ahead! The impact of a Lunar eclipse is more often felt internally, at the level of feelings and emotions, in our soul and spirit. Its shifts can be huge if we allow them to unfold as they must, but they are largely on an inner level. Of course, once the inner changes, the outer is rarely far behind, but for now let’s look at the internal world of this Lunar Eclipse….

In the sign of Scorpio and conjunct Saturn, here we see deep emotional lessons at hand for us. We may find our emotions stirred up in ways that throw us off track for a while. And with Mars in Taurus taking a significant role at the time of this eclipse, those feelings may be powerful and tenacious. We may even find that our usual coping mechanisms or emotional management techniques no longer work, leaving us little choice but to face and feel what may appear to be the general detritus of our unconscious.

At such times it’s easy to feel defeated or discouraged, but this eclipse is best seen as an inner purging, clearing out the dusty corners and rotting matter of our minds and hearts, making them ready to receive something altogether more beautiful and life-affirming in due course. After all, the compost heap may not be the most eye-catching part of a garden, but its input most certainly makes the other parts beautiful and vibrant! At the time of this eclipse we may find ourselves looking at the compost heap with our back to the garden, wondering where on earth all our commitment to our personal and spiritual development has really gotten us if we can still feel this way after all this time and hard work!

But this is a phase we’re in, a process. This is the first eclipse of three (two more next month), and if we want the other two to do their thing with us, we need to comply with the demands and challenges of this one. And the heavens offer a very significant helping hand with this compliance in the form of the Asteroid Pallas teamed up with Venus: Here’s the Warrior Queen hand in hand with the Goddess of Love in the earthy and tenacious sign of Taurus. In this friendship we see natural remedies of the land applied to heal our inner and outer wounds. We see powerful healing energies flowing through the earth with which we can connect deeply now. And in forming a Grand Sextile with Pluto and Chiron, these two goddesses team up with the most profoundly transformational and healing powers in the cosmos to come to our aid.

So, yes, this is a purging, but it is most definitely a healing purge, a cleansing of mind, body and soul, preparing us for the new energies to be brought forth at the Solar Eclipse on 9th/10thMay. However we experience this time, and of course our personal experience will be uniquely ours no matter what the overall picture may be, we can rest assured that none of this is pointless or without meaning. The challenge is to find the meaning, or to live without knowing it and still have the faith to carry on. It is to find the key to our own healing, or to continue without it knowing that when the time is right it will make itself known to us. It is to look our own darkness and pain fully in the face, perhaps for the very first time, and to know that however dark it may be in the there, the tiny stars still break through the night sky to light our way and without the darkness around them we could never appreciate their beauty.

And so it is with us. This lunar eclipse may well bring our shadows into consciousness, but in doing so it reminds us that no shadow can be cast without a light shining close by. This week we can find that light amidst the shadows, and know that it will guide us onward if we will but follow.

With love to everyone in this important and powerful week. And do join me on Facebook if you want more daily updates about the movements of the planets and their messages for us. I’d love to see you there and get to know you better!

Sarah Varcas

Exciting News

I have secured the funding for Mexico 🙂

I am going there for Fire Priestess training next month and a temple tour with Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men.  I don’t think it seems real just yet but I am sure it will sink in soon.

The whole way things unfolded was super interesting and really unexpected. I believe my nightly affirmations have been working and I manifested the whole scenario as my own little miracle.

Sooooooooooo excited !!!

Robbyne LaPlant Workshop

Its been a few days since my last post. I was suppose to make up the next lot of essences which is called Devic Essence and it is suppose to really help you connect with elemental kingdom. However for some reason things kept popping up in all kind of ways to delay me handing them out.

I made them up on the Wednesday and then I left them behind at my friends house. Then one after another I have been so busy or some how forgot. I NOW know why I did lol

During this weekend I went to Robbyne LaPlant’s 2 day workshop and I completely loved it. While we were there she gave us essences that she had created and if I had been on the Devic Essence I think it would have been strange to mix two such powerful and vibrational drops.

I have spent two days wallowing in beautiful and sacred energy. Robbyne is such a wonderful and lovely soul and she has such beautiful things to share. I discovered something really interesting about myself. Last year I attended Robbynes workshop and it was my first real spiritual workshop that I had ever done. I have to admit that I put her up on a pedestal as this amazing person that was so much more evolved then me.

Well after a year working very hard on myself so that I break old patterning and learn as much as possible – I was kind of amazed to realise that I no longer have her up on a pedestal. I have read so much about us all being ONE and its true – Robbyne is wise, powerful and certain of herself. But she is no better then me nor do I feel like she is more evolved them me, instead I really feel the oneness.

There was alot of her teachings that I already knew but there was also some really practical stuff that I learnt and I will incorporate into my daily life. The most important thing that I am thankful for is the fact that I gave myself 2 days off from my busy life to just celebrate being me, being spiritual and being surrounded by so many amazing people.

I am feeling far more certain of myself and just so full of light. I feel FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so much going on. I hope to share some exciting news with you all on Tuesday night – if all goes well which I am feeling confident it will – then my life is going to be much easier.

I have also had two ideas for short ebooks to write – I feel that my life will be going more in that direction with me being called to write more. Life certainly is amazing 🙂

Day 14 – Higher Self Essence

Today was pretty blissful and I felt very light and carefree. I even had a few people remark on it which was really nice, I guess I might seem a bit strange to some because last Mon/Tues I was just miserable and now I have completely shifted out of that energy and I feel fantastic.

Today I received 2 acts of abundance which is awesome. One was a donation and the other was my first paying website design – I am super excited because I want to help people to build up their websites and teach them how to market themselves. This way they can do it themselves and dont need to be paying people to constantly update their sites.

My ebook on Amazon is doing well and I made it free for 2 days – this should be finishing soon so grab a copy if you can. I havent received any reviews but I am hoping that of the 100+ copies that have been downloaded for free – a few might leave reviews. I really want to know if the quotes touched anyone’s heart. 

Life is moving super fast but also super amazing 🙂

This is my second last day on this essence and I have to admit that I do feel really connected to my higherself. I went through a not so pleasant lesson last week but I really VALUE my happiness now and its really effortless. I am loving life xoxox

Many Blessings all xoxo

Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Week 15 April 2013 – 15 April 2013

Brilliant predictions – so worth reading

Lucas 2012 Infos

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this Week

Monday: Venus enters Taurus; Tuesday: Ceres square Mercury, Chiron semisquare Mars, Chiron semisquare Sun; Wednesday: Sun conjunct Mars; Thursday: Neptune sextile Venus; Friday: Neptune trine Ceres, Saturn quincunx Mercury, Sun enters Taurus, Jupiter semisquare Sun; Saturday: Uranus conjunct Mercury, Mars enters Taurus, Jupiter semisquare Mars; Sunday: Pluto square Mercury

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Day 12 – Higher Self Essence

WOW what a roller coaster ride of a day. I woke up buzzing and full of energy and had a fantastic morning and then I got to around 12.30pm and go so flat, my energy was pancake flat lol. I decided that I needed food to try and bolster my energy levels and I left for lunch early…it just so happened that I ran into an acquaintance who I ended up giving vital information to. Gotta love the universe at play.

I started buzzing with energy again but right this second I am pancake flat again. I am blaming this wild fluctuations in energy on the solar flare. As I have stated in the past – I am very sensitive to them and a HUGE believer in the global effect they have.

I had some truly beautiful moments tonight that I feel is so worth sharing.

I was driving home and I saw a shooting star (although I did wonder if it was a silver dragon). It dropped in the sky for quite a long distance before flaring silver as it ‘winked’ out. This of course had me totally smiling but what was even more awesome what the moon and my connection to her.

I felt such huge heart expansion. I remember looking up as I am driving and it just HIT me. I am so very very very HAPPY to be alive so that I can FEEL these emotions. I actually spoke to the moon without really thinking about my words. I said something along the lines of  “Oh Grandmother Moon, I love you and I am so grateful to be alive to FEEL how much I love you.”

I then tried to stay on the road and not drive into a ditch. I still cannot really explain it – the feeling was just so amazing – it was just love and such gratitude. I really do believe that as souls we want to incarnate to FEEL. Both the love, the happy, the sad, the angry – every emotion you can think of…….imagine living an without them.

I also had that same reaction a few hours later about my puppy. I am so thankful that she came into my life. I am so thankful to be able to feel such overwhelming love for such an adorable little baby 🙂

So much love to you all xoxox I must go and sleep.



Revealing the New Cover

I am really happy with this new cover that I have created for my ebook. The last one was not as eye catching as I wanted and this one has more colour and looks more elemental and spiritual as well. I have scheduled the book to be free for 2 days and I think it will start tonight at midnight. So please take advantage of this and grab a free copy 🙂




I would love it if you were able leave a review if that is possible as this will help me with future sales 🙂  I am still having issues with the formatting and the quote is at the top of the page instead of in the centre of the page. This is something I am trying to work on and I would really appreciate any feedback you have on if this is to distracting or if you found it easy to read.

Much love all xoxox



Day 8 -11 – Higher Self Essence

I have felt pretty fantastic the last few days.

Thursday saw alot of cleaning and de-cluttering. But best of all I feel very light again and I believe that I have really learnt my lesson from Monday and Tuesday and about staying in higher vibration.

If I hadn’t witnessed just how much I WAS effected and then how much I effect OTHERS I wouldnt have cottoned on so quick to changing my outlook and enabled me to centre and realign myself.

Friday was a day of MAJOR movement. I got so much done that I had been meaning to do and things started working. I felt this was a mixture of everyone feeling better and my own vibration/emotions being so much more positive and great.

Saturday was epic cleaning day as my aunt and uncle was coming up and I had to have the rooms reorganised and re-cleaned. It was a bit hard because I was cleaning with my mum who I love dearly but really tested my ego. She would be a bit negative about throwing a few things out and being forced to clean (even though we had put it off for weeks) I am happy to say that even though my ego was triggered I was able to not really get to bitch or mean. I accomplished this by mainly ignoring some comments.

That night I had my first ever long distance healing from Patricia Morris Cardona and it was really interesting. I felt like a tickling sensation in my heart and 3rd eye chakra but after about 5-10 mins I felt this pressure on my head and sinuses – to try and put it into words is hard….it was like my head was surrounded by a bubble of air and then there was a pressure on that bubble – pushing it down into my head, so I felt a pressure at the back of my nose…boy that sounds weird haha.

I woke up early and completely energised – it was fantastic, Patricia said:

“I felt your energy field was very light and filled with light. There was not so much to clean up on you. Your thoughts are pretty clean. More centered on healing and love!  Not so much self criticism as most people have. Better connection to the light energies. We cleaned your charkas besides all your bodies and organs and sent energy though all your meridians. We sent in a lot of Golden liquid light and love to heal you and nourish you.  So no wonder you had a lot of energy.”
I think thats lovely cause I often wonder if all my work……….is working haha – I am really trying to raise my vibration, hold as much light as possible and basically be the best human that I can. So its lovely to hear that I my pretty light and filled with light.
Sunday – today I have been up since 6 am and busy cleaning, its interesting because I woke some time after 5am very energised, so I really only had about 4.5 to 5 hrs sleep and then I am up and raring to go. So I thing Patricia really revitalised me 🙂
Last night I changed the book cover of my ebook and I am SOOOO much happier with it. I am also trying to promote it more which I have been kind of lax in doing. I posted about it on my Facebook page and started a small ad campaign – I am also offering the book for free for 2 days on amazon – I am not sure when that will start I think midnight tonight. I am hoping this will give the book some reviews and boost its ranking.

Day 7 – Higher Self Essence

Today I really shifted all my crap and started feeling awesome and fantastic.

I was never really that awful or things to dire but I did know that I was struggling and not happy for the past few days. Then I opened the Course of Miracles to a random page and it was talking about vibrations, then I opened a second book and it was the chapter called The Law of Vibrations….then I pulled a card from my Mayan deck and yep…it was all about vibrations.

Thats when I realise that I would keep having these tests come up because I was not using the right approach. I am always going to be tested by low vibrational situations and people. That is part of our 3D reality. However I CHOOSE if I am going to react in a high vibrational manner or if I am going to react in a low vibrational manner and feel like crap.

I feel fantastic now and I cannot wait to keep going with my new outlook. I shouldnt say new….this are concepts that I have learnt and know. However sometimes the universe likes to pop up and make sure you really have learnt your lesson.

We had a wonderful mediation tonight and the facilitator was awesome. I am pretty sure that I will be learning from her alot.

Day 6 – Higher Self Essence

Today I have been emotionally up and down more then I thought possible. It was like I was a yo-yo and I was going from tired to happy tired to happy all day. The morning started with me being gloomy but then things started to flow easily and I felt great. Friends called me and we went out to Wollumbin and played in the creek that runs from the base of the mountain.

I felt fantastic and free while I was there and then afterward I got a phone call from work and a problem had arisen so then I have to once again go back to work at put in more unpaid work. I guess the universe is just showing me what is not flowing and what is making me utterly miserable – so I have to change my life really soon because I am just not happy.

I have also wondered if there was something strange going on Monday energy wise because everyone was just so busy when I talked to them. They all became flustered and slightly overwhelmed because they felt light they were running all day.

I am an Aries…I love being an Aries and I have alot of Aries in my chart so I can cope. I know that I am not anywhere near breaking but today I felt a slight bend haha. Tomorrow is the New Moon and it is suppose to be about really setting rock steady intentions and I really have to think of what I want.

I know what I want.

I want to Manifest $4000 to go to Mexico for Fire Priestess training.