My First Market Day

Yesterday I took along my essences, my face creams, natural beauty products and herbal teas to the market and set up a stall. I was nervous because this is something I really want to do. I want to be of service and I keep getting pushed to change my life to fit with my beliefs. I have used the Australian Bush Flower Essences since I was 16 and I have really used them a lot in the last 12 months.

I completely believe we need this vibrational help to help support us emotionally, I think people pick up on my sincerity and they respond because my essences sold well. The market was really slow because we were competing with a music festival and I didn’t know that – however it wasn’t really about the money the day was really about me taking that FIRST step.

I made enough to cover my costs and a tiny profit – but more then that it was a boost to my confidence because I really connected with some lovely people who bought my products. I felt amazing because I was helping people.

I am in the process of updating this website so it showcases my products but I also need to do a Boab Update because some of us have been taking it for 3 weeks now and there has been some amazing growth for some people.


Lions Gate 2013 Predictions

Dear Ones,

We have called this time New Life Awakening – your spiritual journey through human birth into Homo Luminus – becoming an awakened being of Light in the fullness of your human form. You are in the process of incorporating your Divinity and your human-ness as a co-creator in the evolution of consciousness on the Earth.

As with all spiritual journeys, there are initiations, portals through which the devotee must pass in order to incorporate the next level of spiritual awakening. And so it is now as you approach the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 through August 12 – a two-week portal with extreme waves of Light that will activate the coding within your DNA to the next level. This will assist your integration of the 5D imprint that is a part of your Soul’s Destiny, if you are the one reading this work.

When we look at the Earth we see the sparks and flares igniting as the awakening codes are firing within each open heart on the planet. By the12th of August there will be a fireworks display the likes of which we have never seen. The Heavens are celebrating you and honoring your commitment to assist in this planetary awakening.

The Gyroscope within Your Being

To integrate and ground these new light codes, you will need to strengthen the Gyroscope in the heart of your being so you can stay in True Balance. You do this with your preparation and intention, as well as with the assistance of the Masters and Archangels working with you. As you let these Waves of Light clear the last vestiges of old energy from your mental/emotional fields, you will awaken higher frequencies in your physical body while anchoring the power of Light on the earth. Consider the fact that you do this work not only for your own spiritual evolution, but for that of all humanity, even though they may be currently unaware of this opportunity.

As you hold and anchor the new frequencies on the great interconnecting Web of Life, you become a magnetic Beacon of Light. You are attracting your soul community who resonate with the vibration of your being. As you come into contact with these people, you have never felt so at home, and these new frequencies will also have that familiar quality of Home as well. It will nourish you at a whole new level. There are many hundreds of thousands of souls walking with you through the Lion’s Gateway from July 26 – August 12.

The collective consciousness will take a quantum leap into Love as the pure feminine energy expands throughout the world.

A Gift for You: A New Partnership for Your Life

When these codes are fired within your being, a true Spiritual Activist will commit to a designated interval in life that allows the integration of the new frequencies. In ancient times, devotees were required to create an “anusthan” – a special time where they did a specific spiritual practice, through the beginnings and endings of an initiation period to integrate the new teachings. Living in the world has now become a vast spiritual ashram in which your life reflects the ceremonies of initiation. As with ashram life, you are never alone in this process.

Your Soul Community is with you in ever-strengthening numbers, offering boundless support on every level. The Archangels are orchestrating this awakening, and your Angelic teachers and Masters are available to you in a real and personal way as never before. And now there is a new partnership being offered – the nurturing presence of Nature is opening to you in a way you have never experienced.

This Gift from Nature is being offered as a reward for your willingness and intrepid spiritual warriorship. This Gift is from the Universal Presence of Nature – the forces who constitute the Earth’s evolution, this great Presence is offering to be your Partner in Life. With the assistance of the elemental forces of Nature, you will be able to walk through the fires of your initiation with Gracious Assistance. The Realms of Awakening Light and the Presence of Nature offer you a powerful Nurturing and Grounding Force to ease the process of this powerful Initiation into Awakening Life.

There are many levels that can be utilized simply and gracefully. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Spend as much time as you can with trees, flowers, gardens, flowing waters and let Nature soothe and nourish your delicate nervous system that has been so over-stimulated by the forces of Awakening Light.

2. Keep live plants and flowers in the place where you live so you can continue to receive from the over-lighting Angels within each plant.

3. Hold the Sacredness of the Earth in your heart and mind. Speak and more importantly, listen to what Nature is offering to you at this time. You are being gifted from the most gracious, nurturing arms of the Mother of all Life. She is offering to hold you and nourish you through your awakening. You are being gifted a sense of Safety in your heart that will assist you in your Earth life.

4. Consider the use of Essences of Flowers, Gem Elixirs and energetic Essences of Light that can bring you into harmony with the essence of Nature. If appropriate, use Aroma Therapy and other supportive natural systems of healing, balance and stability. If you have used them in the past, you will find they have taken on a new frequency of Awakening Light.

5. Most of all, keep Hope, Faith and Trust alive as you walk thorough yet another initiation portal into new life awakening in the 5th Dimensional Realms where you now live. You are so loved and cared for in this process. As Beacons on the Web of Life, you are the ones who are bringing the awakening Light into manifest consciousness, and it is Good.

Stand in the truth of your Heart. Let Beauty, Harmony and Love permeate to the very cellular structure of your being and step boldly through the Lion’s Gateway into the new patterns of Awakened Life that await you. And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel

Copyright: July 15, 2013


Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others.



The Universe is Pushing Me

And the push is at times confronting and at other times exciting.

I am taking the Boab Essence as part of a group healing with around 30 other people. It is definitely pushing me to look honestly at my family patterns, my own patterns and even social patterns. While I sometimes feel the urge to run and hide I am also very supported by Boab to stay strong. If I am being totally honest I don’t know if I would confront my fears/patterns like this without Boab, its very humbling to realise that some patterns I had thought I had faced are still there.

The biggest is my fear based around my abundance. I am getting clear guidance to move beyond my current job and do something that makes me happier – I am getting REALLY pushed to start healing with herbs and flower essences. I make medicinal face creams and I am in the process of learning face scrubs, body oils, ointments, infused oils and many many more. So my head feels like its going to explode at times.

I have so much going on that I am finding it really hard to stay centred, I have moments of bliss and then moments of chaos internally. I have just emailed my favourite healer Heidi Bartz….she works on me energetically and cleanses my lightbody. I know I can cleanse myself but it would take weeks when Heidi can do it in 2 hrs and I feel so fantastic, light and free afterwards.

Boab Update

My first boab essences were delivered today and the majority of people will be starting them tomorrow morning. I am so excited to be taking theses essences as a group and everything is being Divinely Guided. I mean everything!

There is about 25 people participating so far in this group healing journey. I am getting the push to move more into my healing creams, oils and essences and I will be doing my first markets this month at Tyalgum and hopefully Uki.

I spent over 3 hours today making the Boab essences as well as two lots of face creams and four parcels that needed to be sent overseas. Life is pretty amazing at the moment when I let myself stop and be still.

How to Manifest Abundance with Affirmations.

My friend told me about a 14 day affirmation plan which I used successfully to manifest a trip to Mexico.

Firstly you need to create an affirmation that clearly states what you want:

I created this:

I (add full name) will have $4500 by May 30th as I am going to Mexico on May 18th for Fire Priestess training.

See how I clearly stated my name, how much I need, when I needed it and why I needed it.

I was told by my friend to sit down in front of a candle every night for 14 nights in a row (or until you manifest what you want) and you cannot miss a night, if you did you have to start all over again.)

So I got seated comfortably in front of a candle (the same candle I relit each time) and I would quieten my mind and do a brief mediation to just sit in silence. After a few mins or when I felt ready – I opened my eyes and stared at the flame – I would then say my affirmation about 5-10 times.

The key is to trust your intuition on when to stop, I usually found that I grew more confident and certain each time I repeated the affirmation and it was around the 5th time my voice would grow more stronger and sure.

I always ended the affirmations with staring at the flame for a few moments/minutes to stay centred and bask in the feeling that it is going to work.

My friend told me that if the affirmations is working then there will be a sign on the 7th day and I did receive one….well two actually. Firstly someone sent me a $5 donation on paypal for no reason, a complete stranger who never communicated with me and secondly I got my first paying website job.

Now here is the important part – I would often add the words – for the highest good of all when saying my affirmations because you will not manifest something if it hurts another person or is not for your own highest good then things will not work. I felt like I needed to go to Mexico for my spiritual growth and I asked for signs that I should go….and I got them. So think about what you want and what you NEED to manifest.