Robbyne LaPlant Workshop

Its been a few days since my last post. I was suppose to make up the next lot of essences which is called Devic Essence and it is suppose to really help you connect with elemental kingdom. However for some reason things kept popping up in all kind of ways to delay me handing them out.

I made them up on the Wednesday and then I left them behind at my friends house. Then one after another I have been so busy or some how forgot. I NOW know why I did lol

During this weekend I went to Robbyne LaPlant’s 2 day workshop and I completely loved it. While we were there she gave us essences that she had created and if I had been on the Devic Essence I think it would have been strange to mix two such powerful and vibrational drops.

I have spent two days wallowing in beautiful and sacred energy. Robbyne is such a wonderful and lovely soul and she has such beautiful things to share. I discovered something really interesting about myself. Last year I attended Robbynes workshop and it was my first real spiritual workshop that I had ever done. I have to admit that I put her up on a pedestal as this amazing person that was so much more evolved then me.

Well after a year working very hard on myself so that I break old patterning and learn as much as possible – I was kind of amazed to realise that I no longer have her up on a pedestal. I have read so much about us all being ONE and its true – Robbyne is wise, powerful and certain of herself. But she is no better then me nor do I feel like she is more evolved them me, instead I really feel the oneness.

There was alot of her teachings that I already knew but there was also some really practical stuff that I learnt and I will incorporate into my daily life. The most important thing that I am thankful for is the fact that I gave myself 2 days off from my busy life to just celebrate being me, being spiritual and being surrounded by so many amazing people.

I am feeling far more certain of myself and just so full of light. I feel FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have so much going on. I hope to share some exciting news with you all on Tuesday night – if all goes well which I am feeling confident it will – then my life is going to be much easier.

I have also had two ideas for short ebooks to write – I feel that my life will be going more in that direction with me being called to write more. Life certainly is amazing 🙂

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