Day 1 – 5 – Higher Self Essence

Thursday – Monday

I really dont know how to write all I have done in 5 days into one blog post.

I actually cannot believe that I have been on Higher Self Essence for 5 days because my life just seems to be crazily busy. I joked with my friend that I have about 10 things that I am doing all at once and I am juggling them up in the air. If I think about just one of them then I freak out and drop the ball.

I believe I am having such a tough time because I am an Aries. I absolutely LOVE being an Aries but there is a lot of planets in my Aries house at the moment and I believe I am being pushed pushed pushed like never before. I am looking at the date and its only the 9th of April but in all honesty it feels like the 29th of April.

One thing that I have really noticed in the last few days is that I have so much Animal Guidance happening. I used to see and recognise this all the time but the last couple have months has made me stop looking and listening to the animals. Today I felt like I was really energetically down – work was very hard and nothing was flowing and I felt a bit depressed almost.

I was driving home and I said “why cant I just win the lottery so that I can give up work and do all the spiritual workshops that I have been wanting to do” a egret flew up and swooped on a dead branch in front of the car and stared at me. I then was almost home and I said to myself I really need to remember to read what the egret means…

Then I saw a beautiful eagle flying above my property as I rounded the bend to our house. I felt such relief and such instant release.

Egrets are watchers…their is a few meanings in the book but what stood out was – they wait patiently for the student to ask the right questions. -I asked the wrong question – its not why cant I win the lottery – the question is why am I feeling this way and what can I learn from it?

Eagles mean connection to spirit. So I knew when I saw it just as I was thinking of looking up the egret that it was really important. Spirit wanted me to learn from egret and I did.

I have made myself a list of things that I need to do. It is a bit of an epic list so I am going to do it bit by bit and get things done.

much love and light to all xox

Day 14 – Water Essence

I still have the same feeling of completion so I am very excited to start Earth Essence tomorrow.

Today was interesting, I got up after a restless nights sleep and I felt like I was hung over. I had the headache, the stumbling tiredness, the bleariness and general ugh feeling. I had none of the self pity omg why did I drink so much though haha.

I dont drink alcohol so the hangover feeling was a mystery until I turned on my computer and I found out about the meteor exploding over Russia. I am a HUGE believer in humans being sensitive to the Electromagnetic Grid surrounding the planet and when that grid is impacted by solar flares and solar storms I have witnessed the effects it has on myself and my friends.

I believe this meteor had really interesting symptoms and would  have to have some effects.

*I had strange dreams then exhaustion in the morning.
*One friend had some of the most funniest bazaar dreams I have ever heard of.
*My mum sees specific colours while meditating but last night she couldnt sleep because the colours were so intense and her left ear pulsed/ticked loudly.
*One friend saw alot of galactic activity and had strange dreams – but woke up and was very serene but had balance problems.
*One friend slept like a baby but woke up early went out on her veranda and looked around feeling like something had happened.
*My 8 month pregnant friend was exhausted more then usual and her bub was moving so much inside of her that it was making her sick, she said it was the most active she has been ever.

I cannot wait to find out more about what my other friends have felt and experienced today. One thing that I do find interesting is those of my friends that are more in-tune with ETs or Galactic beings seemed to be more serene while those of us that are more elemental seemed to have been effected more.

On a side note – I saved a baby bird today and rang the wild life carers.

I told them I thought it was a baby bush turkey but they seemed doubting on the phone. My friend taught me to ask questions to my heart. So I said “Sacred Heart show me how it feels if this is a baby bush turkey”. I then felt an expanding light feeling (means Yes) I then asked “Sacred Heart show me how it feels if this is not a baby bush turkey” and I felt this deflating heavy feeling. So my heart was confirming that it was a baby bush turkey.

When I handed the bird over the carer told me it wasnt a bush turkey it wasnt fluffy enough.

I drove home doubting my feelings and heart – I thought I had failed in what my friend showed me. But something told me that I should google the image of a baby bush turkey and there they were about 10 pics all identical to what I saved today. So I then had to apologise to my Sacred Heart for not trusting it when it told me something haha.

In Animal Messages/guidance  – The bush turkey represent the aboriginal people and their spiritual connection to the land. However on a more personal note my favourite mountain in the whole world (Wollumbin) was named that by the aborigines because it is shaped like a bush turkey. So I feel like I tried to save a baby totem of my favourite mountain and learnt the lesson to trust my heart all in one.

The universe is Amazing.


Animal Guidance – Bobcat

I am joined up to Pinetree or David Wodtke’s emailing list and he just sent out this wonderful message from bobcat.
It also talks about the snake which I have been having alot of experiences with lately in my dreams.
Even day dreams. I really resonated with this message and wanted to share it.

The feelings of isolation and the feelings of solitude are closely 
linked. Bobcat, my Friend, you have walked beside me in secret all 
these years. I know you are there for me. I Thank You. Do you have 
some words to share?


Yes, I am Bobcat, the solitary One from the Woods. I walk with you 
in Secret only appearing for brief moments because my Power is 
much stronger in Silence.

When I held the Snake and looked into Your Eyes I came with a 
reminder that your Transformation and Healing is accomplished 
only in Silence by the Grace of the Great Mystery.

To feed on Snake is to ingest the energy of the Earth Vibration. 
Earth Changes are now opening in the People new faculties of 
awareness in the Inner Bodies. Many are opening new Eyes. 

This may feel unpleasant when you first see through to the Ugliness 
and Pettiness of Yourself or those around you. Ignorance and 
materialism run rampant in the World. 

But remember when I came to you again last year? I walked before 
you on the Path and patiently waited for you to follow and cross the 
crest of the hill. This is the gift I humbly offer from the Heart of the 
Divine Earth Mother. As you Walk Your Path in Silence through the 
Secrets Within I will Patiently wait and guide each One.

Follow me steadfastly and you will see through the Inner Darkness 
as I do. You will see into the Heart Core of the Mother which 
illuminates each Child of Earth. Then you will know each One is 
even now shining more and more brightly with Love, Gratitude and 
Respect for all Life.


Thank You Bobcat.

Much Love, Pine Tree

To join up to his mailing list go to
and look on the right hand side and scroll down.

Snake Dreaming

According to my Animal dreaming book snake dreaming represents:

“Snake suggests that we look at our baggage, our burdens and our pain and transmute them into new opportunity, new life and the chance to start our journey over again. She offers us the chance to physically rebirth ourselves by strengthening us emotionally and deepening our relationship with Spirit.”

In my dream I went for a bushwalk with friends and I sat on a rock.  When I was there a Brown Snake (poisonous) came up beside me and I started talking to it like it was a friend. The snake answered back and we had a conversation that I cannot fully remember. It then asked me to pull a metal splinter out of its skin (like a needle).

I pulled the snake onto my lap and tried to pull the metal shaving out but I couldnt do it, so I told the snake I would try and use my teeth. The friends in my dream then started to yell out in fear but I had no fear, the snake was as conscious as I was. There was a sense of oneness or equality. I raised the snake to my mouth and managed to pull the metal splinter out with my teeth. In the process snake blood got in my mouth and smeared across my face.

Once again my friends were worried but I just kept talking to the snake as a friend and then the dream ended.

I am not sure what this dream means to me, I actually feel like it is multi-layered and I  understand some of it but I am missing some of the rest of the knowledge/meaning. I have had dreams of snakes before (I helped one give birth in a dream) and after the dreams there was always times of fast spiritual growth, or something ‘big’ or ‘new’ happening in my life.

Life certainly is interesting at the moment isnt it. I used to only feel energy and intuitively sense things but now I am becoming more visual. I think its because I surrendered and just let whatever happen….happen.

Animal Meanings & Guidance

I am constantly amazed at how blind I was. Only a few months ago I just plodded through life like a zombie and I never picked up on the universe or the divine trying to communicate with me. I first had a healer then a few weeks later a shaman tell me that I needed to listen to the animal kingdom and the messages they have for me.

About 3 years ago I bought a book called Animal Dreaming by Scott Alexander King. I promptly put it on my bookshelf and never paid any attention to it since then. I was obviously meant to own the book and it was obviously meant to have a profound effect on my life but I was not ready to read it till now.

It is all about Australian animals and the messages they carry to us from the Divine. I also own an American book that is similar but I have not opened it in years either (might not be time for it yet). Some of my experiences with animals have been truly spiritual and completely fitting to what ever situation I was in.

What I have found is that certain sentences often catch my eye and I cannot look away. The reason I stopped putting off creating this blog is because of an encounter I had with some black cockatoo’s. One stayed behind and I watched it feed but we also had moments of staring eye to eye and I was captivated. When I came back outside and pulled out my SA King book I read the page on black cockatoos and these words reverberated in my head, “She teaches us that whatever is meant to happen will, but only in its own time. Black Cockatoo encourages us to confront our fears, to go with the flow and to embrace all new opportunities as they present themselves”. I had literally been thinking about creating a blog and after reading those words I was filled with a sense of knowing. This is meant to be 🙂

The book retails for $39.95 in Australia and if you can afford to support local bookshops then I always suggest that, but if you are like me and not financially comfortable then is can suggestion this website – it retails for $19.19 with free postage, the only negative is it will take 10-14 days to reach you.

Praying Mantis means Prophecy

Scott Alexander Kings book is like my bible lately.

I talked about why I have been feeling blah in my last post but I just remembered something nice that happened. I went down to visit this tree that I had to prune about a month ago and it has beautiful new regrowth. Visiting it fills me with happiness because a) I didn’t kill the tree and b) there is something about the regrowth that just fills me with hope and love.

Today there was baby praying mantis’s on the tree and I remember thinking I should go and see what they mean in Scotts book – I had forgotten to check till now and it is AMAZING how appropriate they were to my day.

Scott says that praying mantis:

“Coaches us to listen with a meditatively induced and intuitive ear so that we may better understand our transcendental self. Offering no shortcuts or easy paths to enlightenment, Praying Mantis espouses the sacred stillness and sacred prayer as being the keys to receiving of Spirit and its prophetic messages”.

It was only 30 mins after seeing the baby praying mantis’s that I went and said my prayers which is also discussed in last post (I had no idea what they meant till just now) the other interesting this is that I did have a thought to meditate and see if that would help but I was so exhausted and emo that I didn’t even feel like I had the energy to meditate (how silly is that lol).

I think I will go meditate now and see if I can communicate with my Transcendental self :O)

Day 1 – Amazon Essence

Yesterday was pretty intense emotionally and almost surreal.

To begin with from about midnight till 2pm I felt like there was something tickling my hair. Me being me I had to interlectualise everything and I made sure my hair was checked for dandruff and nits LOL It started during my meditation before bed but after I finished I had to get up and look in the mirror cause I thought I had a small spider in my hair or something.

There was nothing. So this is where my brain starts going – okay your crown chakra is doing something just except it – and I could quite easily.I find it easier to trust these days but I still cant stop intellectualising. Just before bed I always draw 3 cards from my Divine Guidance deck and the very first one (the situation card) was Angelic Being.

It says that each person has an angel with them from birth and if I draw that particular card it means that they are wanting to comfort me or trying to communicate with me. They do this by brushing a feather along your skin (the sensation) or tickling you I immediately laughed and went to bed comforted. I also had extreme vertigo while lying down but it was not something that discomforted me – it was also something that is very vague in my brain – I can barely remember the sensation I can only remember the thoughts at the time.

I planned very early on to make my journey to the largest gum tree on our property. A week or so ago I mentioned how I felt that I am suppose to walk there and meditate and I had been very frustrated that I ignored that impulse. While eating breakfast I had the thought that I should go without my jewellery (crystals) but I kind of dismissed it. I also thought of having a nice Himalayas Salt bath and wash my hair, it so happened that I take off all my jewellery and forget to put it on afterwards.

So as I start my mini bushwalk to the tree I decide to go barefoot and I realise that I have no crystals on and I am cleansed after a bath. I feel very ‘not of this world’ if that makes any sense.  Its like the me sitting here writing this blog post was not the person journeying through the trees. I carry with me in my hands two crystals, one a large heart shaped selenite crystal and the other a small amethyst as gifts to the tree/Gaia. I was still undecided about what to do with the selenite because it had been gifted to me and I love it, it holds alot of meaning and attachment to giving it up was going to be harder. I guess that was the lesson, trust my guidance even if its hard.

When I had started the walk I could hear black cockatoo’s and I was both delighted and humbled to realise they were up near that tree and didnt fly away the entire time they I was there. They mean “The Void’ we must look into ourselves and look into the void before white cockatoo brings illumination. So I started to meditate and I asked myself why not try and I tried to look into the void within myself. Nothing happened but then I got the impulse to put my hands on the earth and my left hand started to pulse very very strongly and I realised something beautiful – I was feeling the heartbeat of mother earth. I had heard about attuning yourself to the heart beat of mother earth or Gaia but I didn’t get it till then, it was just like when you lay your hand on someones chest the beat was that strong.

The strange thing is that I felt a sense of disquiet – I thought I would be elated, as in ‘finally’ here is some proof that I am on the right track. But if anything I felt a sense of detachment not elation. I buried my amethyst and placed the selenite in the bower of the tree as gifts and I made me journey back home.

One thing that was alot clearer was my sense of trust, I never looked down – I just trusted my feet would not land on any of the sharp rocks, sharp twigs, prickles or animals. I was also very aware of the birds flying around me and one particular tree seemed to attract my eye and I stared at it for awhile.

I still dont know how to describe the experience. I guess I had built my expectations up subconsciously or I am just becoming more detached in all that I do – but I felt that I accomplished what I was meant to and I will most likely go back there again.

An interesting side note is that I brought a tick back with me and it crawled off my clothes and onto the lens of my glasses which were sitting beside me for hours. I looked up what a tick meant and it means that either myself or someone connected to me is feeding off my energy and life force and I need to let it go. Because it was on my glasses I take that as a message from Gaia. SEE that I am the tick and I feed off her without giving back. I send energy to her and love but I dont do anything else, I dont plant trees, I dont do a lot of things that I could for her. Now that I have taken the unpleasant step and realised that I am a tick living off the blood of Gaia I have to take responsibility and give back to her more then I have been.

Final note – while taking out the puppy for its wee at 11pm at night I was staring up at the stars thinking how beautiful they are and for the 2nd night in a row I got almost dive bombed by a bat. Bats mean rebirth – I so so so feel like I am going through a rebirth. I am feeling very tired after writing this, almost like it was cathartic – I think I will go have some lunch and if I am still feeling a bit dopey then I will go have a power nap.

Day 15 – Antarctic Essence

Sunday was odd emotionally. (I am behind on posts)

On one hand I was dead calm on the other hand I was very melancholic. I felt like something was ending and I was saying goodbye to it, it was my last day on this essence. I started having a bit of a sore throat but I wasnt overly worried, I dont feel that I am going to get terribly sick.

I decided that I was going to go and do something fun and something for myself – so I went to the movies and some quick shopping. I bought a gorgeous cornflower blue skirt and a bit of an outrageous blue shirt (Its kind of interesting that I bought blue when I dont normally).

On the way there in the car I had more animal experiences. Wallaby, Butterfly, Crow and Sacred Ibis.

Wallaby – Moving forward in leaps and bounds – I am on the right track and I am moving forward rapidly on my spiritual journey.

Butterfly – Transformation – The butterfly flew beside my car window for ages as I had to go slow on the dirt road.
Crow – my totem animal – As I said the words in my head (I would just have to ask the angels) I went under this tree on the cane flat and about 10-20 crows exploded out from the tree and circled around the car before landing in the cane paddock.
Ibis – Sacred (it was actually the Sacred Ibis variety of Ibis). They ate bugs side by side with the crow.

My interpretation:

I am moving forward in leaps in bounds, transforming spiritually and I just have to trust my guides and angels as I connect with spirit/god and discover my higher purpose.

So even though I had a somewhat emotionally sad day – it was still magical 🙂

Day 14 – Antarctic Essence

Today was kind of all over the place, I was suppose to go start a new workshop with a new teacher that I have never even met. Because of the pup I am still quite tired so when my new teacher called to cancel I was relieved. I have a had a few things happen that were kind of annoying me. Firstly I have had this urge to go and meditate under this amazing tree on our property. I could have gone and I almost did except little things kept distracting me and then it was to late. (these are all excuses I know)

Then I had another animal experience – Two yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo’s flew over me calling out and they were so low and close to me that it was majestic. It was one of those moments that I felt very connected to spirit and I went directly inside to look up the animal meanings book.

Black Cockatoos mean – The Void – they ask us to surrender and demonstrate the patience that comes when we realise we cannot know everything at the beginning of any journey and that wisdom will present itself at the right time. Black Cockatoos helps us take control of our life by letting us grow at our own pace and learn what we need to learn in our own time. She encourages us to just sit in contemplation and wait for life’s mysteries to unfold without consciously seeking answers. She teaches us to trust that whatever is meant to happen will, but only in its own time. Black Cockatoos ask us to confront our fears and go with the flow, embracing all new possibilities as they present themselves.

After having this wonderful experience I was both reassured but also made me aware that I should have gone and done the meditation.  It reassured me that I am on the right path and that I can go at my own pace however I need to surrender and trust my instincts.

Today is the last day of my Antarctic Essence. I was initially going to keep taking this essence till Wednesday (an extra 4 days) so that others that started late could catch up to me. However I have a feeling that everything I have learnt from this Essence is finalising itself and my brain/instinct is readying itself for the next one.

I will still do it one more day and then start the Arctic Essence on Monday. It feels like it was a month instead of only 14 days, I had also thought that I would take a few days break inbetween my essences but I feel that I should move straight onto the Arctic – I dont know why – like the beautiful Black Cockatoo said…go with the flow 🙂

Day 4 – Antarctic Essence

I am posting this a day late because I have been pretty busy.

Yesterday I drew multiple tarot cards that were telling me to journey alone to a sacred place. I spent half the day umming and ahhing on where to go and then I thought about the large tree at Mt Warning/Wollumbin where there is a shrine/plaque to Aunty Milly (aboriginal custodian to the land who past away). As soon as I thought about the tree I was very certain that was where I was meant to go. I left with a flower and a rock to take to Aunty Milly, I dont know what made me take them I just went with the instinct.

I climbed to the tree barefoot because I wanted to be grounded. When I got there I found a little vase that was attached to the plaque and I was able to give Aunty Milly the flower I had brought. I then sat amongst the roots of the tree and meditated.

After a few minutes I remembered something I also read about asking for what you wanted. So I talked out loud to Aunty Milly and I felt a lot calmer. I returned to my meditation when I heard a noise and I opened my eyes. Things were a little blurry and it took a few moments for my eyes to focus on the bush turkey that appeared in front of me. It walked right up to the roots of the tree I was sitting on and it was only about half a metre away from me. It picked up a leaf and threw it towards me and then pottered around for a few minutes.

I should have just went back to meditating but I just wanted to know what the Bush Turkey meant. I have to laugh because I know some people who are confident enough that they would have just had a conversation with the bird. The beautiful thing is that when I walked up to the lookout point I ran into the Bush Turkey again and it walked in front of me all the way down the rainforest steps.  I felt like it was seeing me off or leading me out of the forest. It was very beautiful.

For those that dont know Mt Warning is the shape of the Bush Turkey and the Aboriginals refer to it as Wollumbin (meaning bush turkey, please note the spelling might be Wollumbini). So I kind of felt like the spirit of the mountain was acknowledging me.

I guess I dont know what to really say/think all I can tell you is that I felt very blessed by my experience.