My Return from Mexico

My Mexican trip was so epic that I have needed a good week or more to processes it. It was not only spiritually enlightening it was also intellectually expansive.

I was amazed with how awe inspiring the pyramid sites were and just being near so much history was mind boggling. I was equally amazed with Hunbatz Men the Mayan Elder and my times spent with him in both the lecture rooms and at some of the sacred sites.

I have been asked to write an article up about my time with Hunbatz in Mexico for Gabriel who helping Hunbatz expand Lol Be (the learning centre Hunbatz has created).

I will post my article here as well as it will help show how expansive this was for me.

Now on a spiritual front.

I feel like a completely different person and its on a deep cellular level and I think it will take many months before I fully understand the extent of how this Mexico trip changed me.

Upon my return I got a cold but it didnt feel like a normal cold, instead it felt more like a cleanse. For the first 5 days of my return I was in a state of limbo and I felt like I was existing out side of time – watching other people move by. I started to realise that I wasnt coping and needed some support.

I asked my higherself what was wrong and I started thinking about my light body, I felt that I had dug up and shifted so many issues that I was clogged. Like my light body was to heavy.

I started thinking about Heidi who I go to for healing and then I drew one of my Isis cards and it was EVERYTHING that I had just been thinking about. I rang Heidi the next day and booked an appointment and instantly started feeling better because I needed that support.

I am so grateful to Heidi Bartz because she brought me such peace and healing that I have started to instantly feel better.