Automatic Writing

I have been doing some automatic writing during meditation. The night before my first attempt I had drawn a Divine Guidance card that was all about creativity and how I should do some each day. It was late and just before bed and I realised that I had not taken that advice when  a thought popped into my head that said – why not now then. I went with the flow and did some writing of whatever popped into my head, some of it was pretty weird I don’t feel like I channelled anything – by that I mean I felt no single presence that identified itself to me. In the wording I do use words like brother and sister etc – but I think that was cause I had been reading channelled messages in the past few days – basically I am saying I don’t know. Its not that I dont think that I am good enough to receive messages its more that I dont feel like theses messages came from someone else or anyone specific… now I am confusing myself…here are the words.

Thursday Night:

There comes a time when you must awaken. Live not in fear for we are with you. Love is not an iceberg forever frozen as it marches across the face of Mother Earth. Instead love is like honey, its fast flowing once its warmed up.

March is a time of the year when deals can be made, deals with your self, your soul and your karma. Fear has no place during these negotiations and your physical bodies don’t even know that the higher self have signed a contact. Once signed a soul contract cannot be broken.  A lesson cannot be unlearned and cannot be forgotten. Fear is an absence of love. Just like cold is an absence of heat and darkness an absence of light. Hasten now my brothers and sisters for you are living in a time of revolution.

Monday Night:

Heavenly possibilities are but words on a page, when the truth lies within the heart. Awaken.

Notes – last night was clearer and faster then Thursdays attempt at automatic writing. Both seem to be about Awakening which now sounds even more interesting because that was the card I drew last night after the meditation and I didn’t even realise. Life is very interesting at the moment. In retrospect I am thinking that these words are my higher self to ME – but I am more then happy to share them with you all because I hope to inspire people to try different things. BUT most of all trust your intuition 🙂

Feel free to share my rambles but please link back to this post 🙂