This Year is Flying

I have had some truly amazing experiences on top of my last amazing experiences which means my life is simply amazing lately 🙂

It all started when I read Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012 (I will review this in its own blog post soon).

After reading that book I started asking for more direction/interaction from my guides. I wanted to know more and I asked with good intentions from the heart. I had two experiences soon after that have blown me away in an Awesome way.

1st – I had all these experiences with eagles. First one circled above me very low – it was breathtaking. The next day I saw four of them followed by my most humble experience on the third day. Two eagles circled and hunted near me and my sister as we gardened for hours, I must have looked up at least 4 times with a smile and love. They then moved closer and I looked up to see them hovering or staying motionless very close. I asked my niece to get me some binoculars and moved away from the others to get closer. When I looked up I could see a symbol behind the eagle. It was an eight pointed star in a pale white/blue colour. I looked away in semi shock and doubt but within a second I decided NO I was going to trust in what I was seeing and I looked back up – there it was again.

I was there watching them for a few minutes when I got the urge to text my healer that I go to. That night I went home and drew a picture of what I saw and I took it in to show my healer. She told me to go home and look within to see what that symbol means to me.

2nd- a few days later I was having a philosophical discussion with my friends partner and he was talking about the bible. I had a few internal thoughts which to me were quite profound (but personal, I may share them soon).  When I looked past my friend and there was a shape on the wall. There was a clear square box of light about 40 x 40cms and inside it was the shape of a goblet/chalice. At first I thought it was a chess piece (the castle piece) but after I blinked and stared at it I saw it was a clearly a goblet. After about 5 second of my clearly seeing it and acknowledging what it was it disappeared but the square box of light remained for at least a minute.

Let me be upfront and honest – I was a pretty sceptical person who would have been the first person to dismiss stuff like this but after the last few months I have grown more open minded.

A few days after my goblet experience (about a week from my eagle experience) I got a phone call from my healer and she said she had a book for me, when I get in there the book has an eagle on the front with a star behind it (very similar to what I saw) and below that was a goblet/chalice. There was NO WAY for my healer to know about the chalice and she was pretty amazed when I told her.

So far I am about a quarter of the way into the book and its pretty deep. I will review it once I am finished.

Love and Light to all.


I have had the most insanely amazing time lately and have hardly been on the computer (very rare for me) I didnt even turn the laptop on for 3 days – I think thats a record, which is kind of sad, but I use my laptop to connect with family and friends so its become a part of my every day life.

I have been meditating more and asking the universe for help. I asked for the ability to hear/see my guides. I asked to let go of my extra weight, I dont really eat that unhealthily but I have come to the realisation that I use my weight to keep people at a distance (a literal barrier).

In the last two weeks:

  • I have lost all desire for coffee – I had a hazelnut coffee every morning for 2 years or more. Now they make me feel ill.
  • I have no desire for sugar in my tea – I literally woke up and forgot to put some in and discovered that I liked it without sugar – while only a month ago I told my mum it tastes like dishwater without sugar.
  • I gave up meat – This was something I thought about for months but never got round to starting. I never really loved meat so this has been very easy for me to do.
  • Today I had chocolate for the first time in months, it was pretty yucky I managed 3 squares before leaving the rest for someone else. This REALLY blew me away because I could sit and eat a whole block over the course of a night – chocolate was a real weakness and something I have adored my entire life.
I feel like the universe or the divine is answering my requests in completely new and fascinating ways. By cutting out my few addictions in the world I will become healthier and lose weight but I also have read that meat/caffeine etc can cloud psychic abilities. I do think my intuitions are becoming better and I am learning to trust my higher self.
I read a book that I will write about tomorrow – its a life changer for me!!!!!!!! It was also another reason I have been out of it over the last few days – I had such a powerful reaction to it.
Love and Light to all. I find it SOOOOO easy to love. So  easy to forgive and simply be happy. I have had a few mild moments when I have ‘bitched’ about a person (voiced concerns over their perceived faults) but I have been able to watch myself do it and realise that its a negative thing.
When I come across something really negative or someone saying something negative it really shocks me. I cant believe how much I have changed because 3 months ago I was spewing negativity out into my thoughts, actions and feelings. I was fake happy – people would look at me and think this girls got it together. While I was screaming on the inside because I was miserable.
The more I read the more I realise this is the key to changing the world. Its one person at a time. One by one I believe we will all chose to be happy and full of love because it is that easy. I cant change anyone and I feel no need to anymore, all I can do is show people love and genuine caring.
I am going to start doing more random acts of kindness towards my fellow humans and mother earth. That is my new goal 🙂

I keep getting 2 cards

Over and Over I keep drawing two cards from my favourite tarot guidance deck.

Hear the Ancient Ones & Challenge My Perceptions.

It to much of a coincidence that I keep drawing these cards over the last 3 weeks. Statistically I think it would be impossible but I am no mathematician. I bought a book on aboriginal history, I originally bought it but then felt little connection to it so I kind of dismissed it, maybe I have to go and try reading it again.

My perceptions are being challenged constantly – each and every day.

Life is both beautifully simple and completely confusing at the moment 😛

The Platinum Net Meditation

This Meditation had a profound effect on me when it was read out loud. I hope it touches you as much as it has me.

The Platinum Net by Joshua David Stone

The Platinum Net is a very powerful tool for cleansing and balancing the chakras and the subtle bodies. Platinum is the highest vibrational colour and as such carries the energy of the Divine.

We can invoke the Mighty Ascended Masters: Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Archangel Metatron to combine their healing powers, resulting in a powerful energy that stimulates and energizes and creates a unique healing frequency, experienced by many as feeling very different from other healing energies.

The Platinum Net has the effect of lifting you up and raising your vibrations above the dense realms of your physical ailments, so you function at a higher overall vibration, by-passing the energies of disharmony. It has the power to cauterise and neutralise all sorts of viruses, bacteria and parasites, as well as sweeping through the subtle bodies of the etheric, astral, emotional, mental and even the spiritual layers of your being. Cleansing them of all obstructions.

Meditation to Invoke the Platinum Net

•  Sit comfortably, ground and centre your energies.

•  Invoke the Mighty Ascended Masters: Lord Melchizedek, the Mahatma and the Archangel Metatron.

•  Ask for the Platinum Net to sweep over you, cleansing your chakras and all your subtle bodies:

– Visualise a grid of platinum light descending over you, or as a doorway that you walk through.

– Allow the Platinum Net to pass through your whole being, raising your vibration as its does so, and removing any lower vibrational energy, including any viruses and harmful bacteria.

•  Ask for a second sweep of the grid over your being. This time ask for a finer mesh to be passed over you.

•  Ask for a third, very fine Platinum Net to sweep over you if you wish.

•  Allow yourself to be bathed in the Platinum Net energies as long as feels appropriate for yourself.

•  Give thanks to the Platinum Net and the masters Melchizedek, Mahatma and Metatron

•  Return your consciousness to your physical body, feeling refreshed and energised.

Uses of the Platinum Net

•  Sweep your chakras and subtle bodies as described above at least three times a day.

•  Ask for the Platinum Net to descend over a group that you are working with.

•  Place the Platinum Net over the entrance doors to your home or work place; so every one entering passes through the net, having their vibration raised and bodies cleansed.

•  After sweeping your own body, continue to ask for the whole Earth to be swept: visualising each of the subtle bodies of the earth being influenced by the Platinum Net.

§ Fifty-Point Cosmic Cleansing Meditation ~ Joshua David Stone 

Close your eyes. Let us begin by all taking a deep breath. Exhale.

The meditation we are about to do is quite deep. It will foster an enormous ascension

acceleration, so completely relax and be like a sponge, letting the masters do their divine handiwork.

We call forth the entire Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy for help in implementing this meditation for the entire group.

We call forth a planetary and cosmic axiatonal alignment.

We call forth Lord Michael to establish a golden dome of protection for all present.

We call to Vywamus and the archangels to bring forth their golden hands as a net to cleanse all negative energies in our energy field individually and collectively.

 We call from Melchizedek, the Mahatma and Metatron the anchoring of the Platinum Net to cleanse the energy fields of each person even more deeply.

We now call forth to the Lord of Arcturus and the Arcturians for the anchoring of the prana wind clearing device both individually and in our group body.

See this prana wind clearing device as a fan anchored at the solar plexus, blowing and clearing all unwanted energies out of the etheric body.

Feel the prana wind clearing device now being lifted out of your field by the Lord of Arcturus and the beloved Arcturians.

 We now call forth from Djwhal Khul, the seven chohans, Lord Maitreya, Allah Gobi, Lord Buddha and the cosmic masters to anchor the core-fear removal program.

 See this as a latticework of light anchored into the four-body system, highlighting any negative energies or blockages in your energy fields.

We now call for the removal of all fear programming and blocks from every person in this room so they may achieve their ascension at the highest possible level.

See this fear programming as black roots intertwined in your energy fields, now being pulled out like a vacuum cleaner through your crown chakra by the masters.

Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, please now remove all separative thinking from the four-body system.

Please also now remove all judgemental programming from the four-body system.

Please remove all lack of forgiveness from the four-body system.

Feel these negative aspects again being pulled out of your energy fields and through the crown chakra like unwanted weeds being removed from a beautiful garden.

Planetary and Cosmic Hierarchy, please remove all impatience and negative anger.

Please remove all negative selfishness, self-centeredness, and narcissism.

Please remove any negative thought forms, feelings and emotions and imbalanced archetypes from the four-body system.

Please remove all superiority and inferiority thinking created by the negative ego.

Please remove all aspects of guilt and shame consciousness created by the negative ego.

Please remove all negative-ego and fear-based programming in a generalized sense.

Please cleanse and remove all harmful extraterrestrial implants and negative elementals.

We call forth the cleansing and removal of all unwanted astral entities.

We call to Melchizedek, the Mahatma, and Metatron for the cosmic viral vacuum to remove any clinical or subclinical viruses currently existing in any of our energy fields.

Please also remove all negative bacteria with the cosmic bacterial vacuum program.

We call to the archangels and the elohim to remove all disease energy from the physical, etheric, astral and mental vehicles.

We call forth each person’s personal inner-plane healing angels to now heal and repair any irritations, spots and/or leaks in the aura.

We call forth to Melchizedek, the Mahatma, Metatron, Archangel Michael and the archangels for the removal of all improper soul-fragments.

We also ask for the retrieval of all the soul fragments from the universe that belong to us in divine order.

We call forth each person’s etheric healing team, and we now request that the etheric body be repaired and brought back to its perfect blueprint.

We call forth the anchoring now of each person’s perfect divine monadic blueprint body and/or mayavarupa body, to be used from this moment forward to accelerate healing and spiritual growth on all levels during the rest of this lifetime.

We call forth a complete cleansing and clearing of our genetic line and ancestral lineage.

We call forth the Lord of Arcturus to now bring forth the golden cylinder to remove and vacuum up any and all remaining negative energy in our collective energy fields.

We call forth a clearing and cleansing of all past lives and future lives.

We call forth now the integration and cleansing of our 144 soul extensions from our monad and mighty I Am Presence.

We now call forth a clearing and cleansing of all karma.

(As you know, we need to balance 51 percent of our karma to take the beginning phase of our planetary ascension.)

We ask for the greatest possible cleansing of our karma now.

We call forth Melchizedek, Mahatma, and Metatron to anchor a matchstick worth of cosmic fire to very gently burn away all astral, mental and etheric dross and gray clouds from our fields.

We now request a complete clearing and cleansing of our entire monad and mighty I Am Presence itself.

We now call forth the greatest cleansing process ever known from Melchizedek, Mahatma, Metatron, Lord Michael, the archangels, the Elohim Councils and from God.

We now call forth the ultimate cosmic cleansing and clearing all the way back to our original covenant with God at our original spiritual creation.

 We will take a few moments of silence to receive this blessing and grace.

We now call forth from all the cosmic and planetary masters gathered here a downpouring and light shower of core love and the Christ/Buddha/Melchizedek attributes to replace all that has been removed and cleansed, by the grace of God and the Cosmic and Planetary Hierarchy.

We call on Archangel Sandalphon, Pan, and the Earth Mother to help us become properly integrated and grounded back into our physical bodies.

 We call forth our personal inner-plane healing angels to perfectly balance our chakras and four-body system.

When you are ready, open your eyes and enjoy the sense of well-being and crystal clarity in your energy fields.