Lunar Eclipse November 28

Some of my friends had a few uncomfortable experiences with this Lunar Eclipse as it brings up issues that need to be addressed. Insecurities and self doubts seemed to be common. I was strangely comforted by the Moon instead of been being distressed or disturbed by uncomfortable thoughts.

I have always been very connected to the moon and very comforted by it. For years I have made my mother laugh when I say things like ‘Look at the Moon’ over and over when we drive during the night time around the full moon. Whenever I arrive home and its night time I automatically look up and have a smile for the moon. I cant really explain the connection or the love I just accept it as a character trait.

I saw a message about the Lunar Eclipse and I thought I would tell a friend that was on skype. She asked what were my thoughts on what to expect. I was at first really taken back as I am used to reporting things to friends but I rarely give my personal opinion. I think that is something that has changed within me from my trip to Singapore. I am really trusting my own intuition and connecting with my own guides. So I closed my eyes and asked what should I do for the Lunar Eclipse.

I got the word Gratitude and the sense of making a list of all that I am grateful for. I thought what a LOVELY thing to do and I shared this idea with a few friends at meditation and they liked the idea as well.

When I got home from meditation I did some writing and reading so it was nearly 1am before I wrote my list. I was further guided to take out my crystals for recharging and I placed my list under the crystals all night (this was a personal decision). The thing that I thought was most important was acknowledging the beautiful energies of being Grateful.

Yes this Lunar Eclipse did bring up issues for people to work on and I am sure it will continue to do so for millions. However the act of being Grateful can really help people through tough times of self discovery and I feel compelled to share this with everyone. Its such a simple thing but I am sure that it never hurts to have a reminder.

One other interesting thing happened while outside at 1am in the morning.  A possum or some other creature did this hideous growling at me. It was only 3 metres away in the compost pit and it sounded demonic, which is kind of ironic because alot of Australia’s cutest animals sound awful when upset. I turned around and instead of being afraid I apologised to it like it was a human. It would answer each of my words with this guttural yowl/hiss and in the end I told it “I love you” and it stopped. It didnt make another sound and I didnt hear it scurry away so it might have watched me. I turned back and did my moon meditation with my eyes shut and I never felt any fear. To me this is completely awesome and a personal milestone. There has been a few times when I have been out side during a full moon and I hear something that makes me hyper aware and not in a meditative state because of some sense of foreboding or fear.  Its not like I ever expected to get attacked by the possum or other things in the past but still something about being outside in the night pricked some kind of social conditioned fear that I think I have broken now. I smile each time I think of the animal stopping after I told it I loved it…we are one.

Moon Blessings to you all xoxox

The Light is Within You Workshop

What a wonderful workshop this was to attend, I learnt alot and met some awesome people.

Sandra Tonkinson introduced me to Jin Shin Jyutsu. A healing art that I had never heard of before. It very interesting and very relaxing, so relaxing at one point I stuffed up my hand positions and poor Sandra had to correct them. One tip I will share is holding your finger while on an aeroplane. She told me that its such a simple thing that most people are dismissive, I tried it on the trip home and really liked the effects. I tried holding my right forefinger and then right middle finger. Both had a calming effect and I kind of forgot that I was surrounded by hundreds of other people, another strange effect was that I became very aware of the air outside of the plane (it got louder, I imagined its flow and speed) it was wonderfully distracting and I amused myself for ages with it. I can well recommend trying it. Just close your eyes and hold a finger…soooo simple 🙂

Justin Andries talked about elementals and then did an elemental meditation. I knew alot of what he was talking about in regards to the elementals but I still learnt interesting and fascinating things. The meditation was the most interesting for me. When we got to the middle of the meditation Justin said that we could tell an Elf Lord who was there to help us our problems. My thoughts were GREAT I have alot to say haha but the next few minutes are completely blank. I have no idea what I said or if I talked to anyone or thought of anything. I hope to redo this meditation a few times to help connect with the Elf Lords and Elementals in general.

Ahana LaRa was her normal awesome self. Alot of what she talked about I had already heard from my skype sessions with her or my own personal conversations over the last few months. What I enjoyed the most was the passion in her voice and the enjoyment of other people in the room. I felt that there was a few people she didnt know that were touched by her words, and of course comfort for those she knew like me.

Celine Aahnza Liew was amazing as usual. I had got to spend some time with her as she was my room mate. She spoke light language or star speak (I have heard both terms). It was extremely powerful and she even channelled dolphins at one part, it was a lovely mixture of singing and speaking. Very powerful.

There was a camera there that was taking footage and I am going to help edit the film so I hope to have a link to some Youtube footage very soon.

Home Again

I dont even know where to start. There is so much to discuss and some of it is personal so it will not be publicly talked about while other parts I feel can be. So this doesnt turn into a super post I will probably break it up into sections to talk about. First the touristy stuff. After we did the museum and night safari we went to Sentosa Island for 3 nights. It was really amazing the resort we stayed in was Siloso Beach Resort and it was like staying in a giant tree house. I absolutely loved it.

While there we did a lot of relaxing and the Luge Ride. That was awesome and I really remembered how fun it is to do stuff like that, I dont have a fear of speed so I pretty much went at maximum speed with little to no breaking. So the Luge helped me to reconnect with the silly fun part of myself that just has pure fun by letting go. I think I need to do more of this, silly little things that are not my usual style lately. This year has been so intense that I  have forgotten to be pure laughter at something silly. I often feel joy, happiness and gratitude but I have not done things that make you laugh for the sheer absurdity of it.

Chinatown – we bought lots of cheap gifts for souvenirs. I had only carry on luggage so I needed to find small things that were super light as my carry on was already heavy. What I did was fill a shoulder tote bag with everything heavy and basically just bought light things like scarves, shirts etc. After our shopping we did some temples – we visited this gorgeous Hindu Temple just near chinatown and we went in, it was amazing. The energies of the place was very serene and calm. The people that visited were very respectful and loving towards their deities and I kind of zoned out. I really felt a soul deep peace for visiting there.

Quan Yin Temple was next. Here I was more uncomfortable, Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and I think there was alot of people there who were desperate. I could pick up on that desperation and it was saddening. Where the Hindu temple was relaxing this one was slightly jarring. I cannot doubt that it was powerful though, at times I felt like people were brushing up against me and when I turned there was no one there. I also felt like something crawl along my shirt but nothing was there. While I had my eyes shut in prayer I experienced something which I will keep to myself but I know it was the reason why I went there. I loved both the Temples and I wish we went into more of them 🙂

Lastly – Universal Studios.

This is not my normal thing to go and do because I find them pretty boring. I had zero intention of going but I woke up on our last morning and my intuition told me I had to go. I admit to grumbling at myself and had to meditate to see if I had to go, my intuition said a firm Yes. So off we went. I had to go for two reasons, one I had to support a friend when they got ill and second I want to find out more about this snake I saw on the side of a box in the Egyptian section.


I would love to know if this is familiar to anyone else?

I will blog tomorrow about my experiences at the workshop.

Singapore Adventures

Day 14 of Mt Pinatubo essence was all about surviving my trip on the aeroplane. The flight went well but it was long and it really started to drag towards the end. I am very happy that I got here and that I have met up with Ahana LaRa.

I have found the energies of Singapore very dense. As soon as I arrived I started feeling really mellow and internal. My friends kept asking me if I was okay and I was always surprised that they were asking because I felt fine. It made me realise that even though I felt fine the energy of the place was making me withdrawn within myself so that I could process and become comfortable.

I still have moments of this – where I become very internal. However I think I am  becoming more comfortable here. We did a few touristy things yesterday and I really enjoyed myself.

The Museum we visited was fascinating and I love going to places like that. I find that history sooths my soul. I know that might sound a bit strange but I just love respecting the past.

We then went to the Zoo for a night safari. Which was both amazing but sad at the same time. There was a few animals that were clearly sad and depressed so I had a few moments of real heaviness in my chest, however I was also aware at the same time that conservation is vital.

Day 13 – Mt Pinatubo

Last night my meditation was very beautiful, I think having my sacred space set up for my meditation makes all the difference. I have alot more cleaning to do in the rest of the house but that particular part is perfect. I called to archangel Michael and I felt his presence, it was like the energy in the room got stronger. I had a crystal in each hand and they started throbbing, I also called upon Isis but I didnt really feel like the energy of the room got bigger. I still think she answered though. I have felt an ‘answer’ like a deep certainty when I have called upon Michael in the past, but this was he first time I felt the energy actually rise in the room. When I think of who I was 8 months ago I am humbled, I was a social lemming and now look at my life. If I can do this, anyone can 🙂

Today I had a moment of feeling really exhausted that lasted from about 11am – 1pm. After that I got better but I only did a tiny bit of cleaning when I should have done alot more. I am not tired so I might do a few more minute before having a shower, its very muggy here so I dont know if the thunderstorm that has been in the distance might actually turn into something bigger. I have noticed this last week that I dont get tired, its 1.20am and I am still fine.

I think that might just be because of the energies of the moment. I have noticed a few people experiencing the same sleeplessness.

I had a lovely conversation with Ahana LaRa Losita. I have mentioned her in past blog posts but once again I feel compelled to say that she is amazing. Its like she is a mirror for my higherself to talk to and she reflects back things that I need to know. She told me some things today that were VITAL for me to hear.

I told her how I have been feeling very different since my sickness and she told me that I had been upgraded and that my mind is trying to recreate a prior experience. So that explains why I feel a bit of distance and like something is wrong when I know there is nothing wrong, Im feeling great. My mind wants to link how I am now to the past but I am different to who I was a few weeks ago.

I have so much to do today I best get going.



Day 12 – Mt Pinatubo

Although I have not really did much today I still feel really happy. It was very very hot here today and it was that sapping heat that really makes a person exhausted. Because of this I decided not to go shopping/visiting friends till the afternoon.

Two things happened today that I feel is worth talking about:

* Disappearing Acts

I was washing my hair and I hung the conditioner up by its nozzle of the washer rack. As I did so I remember thinking, thats going to fall down. But I kind of did a mental shrug and then continued to wash my hair (with eyes shut). When it came time to condition my hair I reached for the conditioner and it was gone. Confused I looked on the ground but I hadnt heard it bang on the floor…there was nothing. Turning around I saw the condition on the outside of the shower on the side of the bath. Now I am not claiming some helpful fairy sprite helped me out. I know its far more likely that I moved it but what is kind of freaky is that I have zero and I mean ZERO recollection of picking it up, opening the door, putting it outside & closing the door again.

So I have these disappearing acts lately where I must do things but are unaware of them. Its weird because I knew that if I left the shampoo hanging it would have fallen but I shrugged and left it there initially. It has happened more then once, thing missing turn up without me stressing over them but the way I looked in the most random places is interesting.

* New Me

Today for the first time I had a real moment of feeling NEW. I know that sounds strange but I have spent nearly two weeks isolated away from all my friends because of my sickness. But the sickness itself was very interesting as I have talked about, it was a massive clearing out – and while I still have a few ear problems I am 90% healed.

So when I met my friends and talked to them – I felt new. I felt lighter and happier and full of energy and excitement. It was a lovely sensation and I am sure I will continue to feel this way.

Life is awesome.

Day 11 – Mt Pinatubo

Manic Cleaning.

Today I have felt completely energised. In the past I am one of those people that hates cleaning. I put it off for months (or years) – I am talking massive cleaning with furniture being moved, stuff thrown away and things found that were lost for ages.

In the past when I do these massive cleans it take days, there is a lot of self guilt (how could I let myself get this way) oh and dont forget my favourite (how can I keep repeating this mistake). Well today was such an eye opener for me, I started out like normal and did a bit of cleaning.

However this time there was no real negativity. The good old negative ego was silent and things just seemed so easy. I said that I was only going to do a bit, have lunch then do an hour or so more cleaning and call it quits for the day. However the cleaning was so easy that I did epic amounts. I moved every single bit of furniture that needed doing (5 pieces moved around) but I didnt stop there, I threw out stuff and miraculously found the two things I need to take to Singapore (there was no angst I just stumbled across them hahaha). To make things even funnier I scrubbed the window, vaccumed, dusted, washed my hair and fixed a necklace.

In the past I would have never done half what I did today because I would talk myself out of it (or my ego would). I would complain about aches and pains and make up 20 different excuses to stop. I can honestly say I feel fantastic and I have zero aches and pains and I could probably keep going but I know I need sleep so that I can finish it tomorrow.

That most exciting thing – I have created my meditation alter. I have been wanting to create a sacred space for MONTHS but have been procrastinating and then today it just all worked.

I think this new found attitude is a number of things. I think the essences have helped, I think the solar eclipse has helped and we are all in a place where we can finish our projects. Lastly I think it was just the fact I went with the flow, I didnt interlectualise it and I never let negative thoughts come into it. What a truly awesome day.

I am off to meditate in front of my crystals and candles. Tomorrow is alot more work but the hard parts are done.

Day 10 – Mt Pinatubo

Today was surprisingly delightful. I have to admit that I was expecting to have alot of energetic interference, I was expecting to have moments of tiredness or maybe light headedness. Instead I felt almost serene most of the day and a buzz of energy at other times. I got an assignment finished and also did a few other things on the computer that needed doing.

Actually looking back I did go to sleep.

It took me forever to get to sleep last night it would have been a bit after 2am. So I set my alarm for 7.28am so I could get up and meditate for the Eclipse. (My previous blog post talks about that Meditation) after my meditation I went back to bed and I slept for ages, I don’t think I got up till 10.30 ish. This is unusual for me so I guess I did get sleepy from the energy

Something I have been thinking about is what my dear friend said:

She told me not to forget the Moon. It is the Moon and the Feminine energy that is putting itself in front of the Sun which is Masculine energy. I think this is why I had such a beautiful day. As I said I was prepared for light headedness and tiredness but instead I felt serene for most of the day and as soon as I read her words I really felt that Today was all about the Divine Feminine.
I actually believe today was a pivotal astrological and cosmic marker for the Divine Feminine. I think that the Spring Equinox was the first, this eclipse is the second and there will be more. The Divine Feminine is shifting in stages, not one big shift at the end of the year.
Do you know what – Last night I asked for Guidance from my fave Tarot deck. I usually pull out 3 cards but this time I just felt like having 1 – I said “please guide me to the card I need the most tonight” – it just so happened to be The Divine Feminine card lol

Solar Eclipse Message

Remembering who you are is the single most important thing in life,
It is the reason we are reborn over and over again.
Its the final lesson.
Know who you are,
Feel it in your core being and feel yourself embrace your true destiny.

I received these words while meditating during the total solar eclipse and felt I should share.
Something else I want to share is something a wise woman just told me.Remember the Moon today.

I have been so focused on the energies of the Sun during the solar eclipse that I forgot the energies of the Moon. It is the moon that is passing in front of the sun and baring the brunt of the Suns energies and that is why I want to acknowledge both the Sun and the Moon today.
The Moon represents the Feminine and the Sun represent the Masculine.
Now more then ever it is important to acknowledge the Divine Feminine in all things.
Life is Amazing