Animal Guidance – Bobcat

I am joined up to Pinetree or David Wodtke’s emailing list and he just sent out this wonderful message from bobcat.
It also talks about the snake which I have been having alot of experiences with lately in my dreams.
Even day dreams. I really resonated with this message and wanted to share it.

The feelings of isolation and the feelings of solitude are closely 
linked. Bobcat, my Friend, you have walked beside me in secret all 
these years. I know you are there for me. I Thank You. Do you have 
some words to share?


Yes, I am Bobcat, the solitary One from the Woods. I walk with you 
in Secret only appearing for brief moments because my Power is 
much stronger in Silence.

When I held the Snake and looked into Your Eyes I came with a 
reminder that your Transformation and Healing is accomplished 
only in Silence by the Grace of the Great Mystery.

To feed on Snake is to ingest the energy of the Earth Vibration. 
Earth Changes are now opening in the People new faculties of 
awareness in the Inner Bodies. Many are opening new Eyes. 

This may feel unpleasant when you first see through to the Ugliness 
and Pettiness of Yourself or those around you. Ignorance and 
materialism run rampant in the World. 

But remember when I came to you again last year? I walked before 
you on the Path and patiently waited for you to follow and cross the 
crest of the hill. This is the gift I humbly offer from the Heart of the 
Divine Earth Mother. As you Walk Your Path in Silence through the 
Secrets Within I will Patiently wait and guide each One.

Follow me steadfastly and you will see through the Inner Darkness 
as I do. You will see into the Heart Core of the Mother which 
illuminates each Child of Earth. Then you will know each One is 
even now shining more and more brightly with Love, Gratitude and 
Respect for all Life.


Thank You Bobcat.

Much Love, Pine Tree

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Snake Dreaming

According to my Animal dreaming book snake dreaming represents:

“Snake suggests that we look at our baggage, our burdens and our pain and transmute them into new opportunity, new life and the chance to start our journey over again. She offers us the chance to physically rebirth ourselves by strengthening us emotionally and deepening our relationship with Spirit.”

In my dream I went for a bushwalk with friends and I sat on a rock.  When I was there a Brown Snake (poisonous) came up beside me and I started talking to it like it was a friend. The snake answered back and we had a conversation that I cannot fully remember. It then asked me to pull a metal splinter out of its skin (like a needle).

I pulled the snake onto my lap and tried to pull the metal shaving out but I couldnt do it, so I told the snake I would try and use my teeth. The friends in my dream then started to yell out in fear but I had no fear, the snake was as conscious as I was. There was a sense of oneness or equality. I raised the snake to my mouth and managed to pull the metal splinter out with my teeth. In the process snake blood got in my mouth and smeared across my face.

Once again my friends were worried but I just kept talking to the snake as a friend and then the dream ended.

I am not sure what this dream means to me, I actually feel like it is multi-layered and I  understand some of it but I am missing some of the rest of the knowledge/meaning. I have had dreams of snakes before (I helped one give birth in a dream) and after the dreams there was always times of fast spiritual growth, or something ‘big’ or ‘new’ happening in my life.

Life certainly is interesting at the moment isnt it. I used to only feel energy and intuitively sense things but now I am becoming more visual. I think its because I surrendered and just let whatever happen….happen.

White Feather Shamanism

I came across this information and thought it was interesting enough to share 🙂

The shamanic White Feather Tradition

by Walter Toa-Toa Lübeck, Grandmaster & Lineage Bearer of the White Feather Tradition.

Shamanism is the most ancient and archaic way of healing.
A shaman (“the one who knows” as translated from an ancient Siberian language) is always initiated by Mother Earth, the Great Goddess, which is known by many names all over the world.
Some of them are: Devi, Shakti, Freya, Ishtar, Isis, and Astarte.
Because of this, shamanism is based on female spiritual energies.
It is Earth-Healing in its purest sense.
A shaman is a healer who helps people to understand and respect the nature around them and inside of them.
He or she builds bridges between the material world, the astral underworld and the etheric realms of the sky.
The shaman teaches people how to live according to their spiritual heritage, joining the other beings as brothers and sisters, creating together a paradise again where human beings and angels walk hand in hand.
The shaman is a social, psychological, medical and spiritual healer. In ancient times there were no doctors and no hospitals – so the shaman has to provide to the tribe all these services.
Today the situation mostly is different. That’s why modern shamans focus mainly on spiritual and sometimes psychological healing – which of course has many beneficial effects on any kind of illnesses and is neglected by western medicine nearly completely.
Shamanism uses a lot of different spiritual techniques and tools for helping people, animals and the land to get rid of problems and to regain health and wealth and happiness.

With drums states of trance are created for astral travelling and to tune in into ritual energy work, power spots and for contacting beings of light like angels or power animals.
Rattles are used in a similar way but also for harmonizing both sides of the brain to promote healing and for energetically cleansing.
Often rattles and drums are used together. They produce very archetypical sounds. Doctors found out that a baby in the mothers’ womb hears her heartbeat sounding like a drum and her voices sounding like a rattle. When working with a group of shamanic practitioners, drums and rattles are combined to accompany the singing of mantras and power songs. They add a lot of spiritual power to the songs and bring together the individuals as a group of healers.

Feathers are used to cleanse the aura and chakras of people but also rooms and other shamanic tools energetically. With rituals feathers are used to make energies and messages fly to people, animals, beings of light and places where they should work.
A broad variety of wands are used in shamanism also.
There are fetish wands which represent a very specific healing power of a certain spiritual being, power spot, plant or mineral for example. There are wands which are used to mark and guide a place for magical work.
There are wands that represent personal powers of a shaman; wands created for specific healing uses, sometimes especially made an individual, there are wands as tools for telepathic communication, psychic surgery, for meditation or astral travelling.
And there is a wand who is directly related to its shaman, representing all the wisdom, magical power and spiritual being s which work together with her or him.
With the help of brooms places are cleansed energetically, astral travelling is supported and these tools can also be very powerful guardians.
There is a chalice as a symbol of the presence of the spiritual water element. It is often used to bless water, which then is transformed into a powerful healing remedy. The chalice also helps to bring in fresh life energy (Prana or Ki) when needed.
The cauldron is used for making magical potions but also for scrying and for rituals which need a strong influence of the spiritual element of fire. The cauldron is a symbol for the mothers’ womb where life is created anew with a baby coming to this world. So cauldrons also are often used for supporting the personal development of a shaman or client.

Every shaman uses certain symbols which show hers or his transformation into a spiritual healer like a cloak, robe or special necklaces, rings, chains or talismans. By doing this it is easier to step from the world of daily life into the otherworld quickly and safely and not to be bothered by energetically influences when handling daily life affairs.

A cord is used for knot spells, for banishing (binding) energies, to draw a magic circle and to relate to spiritual beings, plants, minerals, people and animals.

Crystals, especially clear quartz crystals nearly every shaman uses for astral travelling, spiritual communication, to add extra divine power for healings and rituals, to energize potions, to conjure spiritual beings and lots of other topics.

Knives, like the Bolline (white handle) and the Athame are used for a broad variety of uses: The Bolline is a tool to harvest herbs, to inscribe candles, to slice plant offerings. The Athame is used to cut a magical circle, to create an energy focus, to carve runes and other powerful symbols and to stop energies entering the shamans’ area.

The bell is a Goddess symbol.
It calls Her in to participate with a ritual or healing session but also can be used directly for healing. Also it is a powerful block-breaker.
Candles are used to focus spiritual energies to promote a specific healing or to change a certain life structure to the positive. The help to meditate support remote-viewing and are good for some types of astral travelling.

Incense is used for cleansing, adding specific healing energies, to relate to the spiritual element of air, to relate to specific beings of lights.

With Runes divination is made, they are also a book of spiritual wisdom. Runes are used for amulets, talismanic purposes and spiritual energy work of all kind.
Pentacles help to banish energies and to conjure them. They create doors to the otherworld.

Powersongs raise spiritual energy, help to establish communication to spiritual beings and to change the structure of life to the positive, besides others.

Besides the above mentioned common tools there are a lot of others of course, which are more specific to certain traditions and cultural backgrounds.
To differentiate shamanism from ways and traditions of Natural Magic and Wicca, it is necessary to understand, that a shaman after having learned the basics of The Craft which in many ways is similar or identical to Wicca or Natural Magic traditions, needs to develop her or his own ways of magic within the tradition he or she is initiated. This is always done by working together with a shamanic master and the Teacher Angels of the tradition. Also, the spiritual personal development, the opening of one heart to real love, the decision to work for the good of all creation, to honour the body as a temple and to stick to the law of giving and receiving in a fair, natural way are of extreme importance. Only this enables a shaman to get access to the real power which is guarded by Beings of Light.

About the White Feather shamanic path

The White Feather Tradition of shamanism uses the most effective tools and techniques of shamanism as well as some unique ways of healing. The basic training includes the use of common shamanic tools and techniques but also genuine instruments of the White Feather path. An apprentice to White feather shamanism needs to learn at first five basic things:

To travel to the astral underworld and communicate in a constructive way with the spiritual beings who reside there like elves, dwarfs, brownies and gnomes. These people have a lot of wisdom about earthly matters, which plant can heal a certain illness or what healing properties a certain mineral owns. Some of these kinds of spiritual guides will assist with the energetically cleaning of houses or gardens for example. To travel to the etheric realms of the sky and communicate in a constructive way with the angels and other divine beings of this part of creation. Angels can help to heal with spiritual energetically means. They are able to teach divine wisdom and to understand your personal spiritual vision for example. Also they will assist you in creating a good ritual.How a magical ritual works and how to create a magical ritual.To understand and to work practically with the oracle of the shamans.To produce a personal medicine bag and to work with it properly. This includes the beginning of a conscious relationship with individual power animals and other personal spiritual guides.
Of course there are a lot more things to learn about shamanism. But in the White Feather Tradition we understand these as the fundaments.
Normally a shaman-apprentice studies years before he or she will be able to work with shamanic magic in a safe and effective way. Because for most people today it isn’t possible to take some years of for training – not to talk about the upcoming financial problems in this case – the White Feather path uses initiation to pass on certain shamanic powers, inspiration and contacts to helpful and mighty Beings of Light to the apprentice.
A special kind of meditation also helps the shaman-to-be to understand more easily the ways of shamanic magic. This meditation works with the help of the spiritual guides of trees, the so called dryads. These friendly beings take the apprentice on a journey through space and time and show him or her how to plant a little seedling into the energetically structure of the universe, to charge it with magic and then to help it grow in the right and most effective way to build up the kind of process someone needs to be healed, to get more success or to learn an important topic fast. Besides this, the general way of the development of an individual is more easily understood. By using different kinds of trees and their spiritual guides a vast world of spiritual wisdom enfolds. By using this kind of meditation on a regular basis, a kind of initiation happens to the apprentice and more and more natural healing power accumulates inside his or her energy organs (chakras).
There are no specific deities related to the White Feather path other than the Goddess. But we honour all deities and work together with them if needed in close ways. All deities support the White Feather path.
The White Feather tradition is completely positive: so we don’t curse anyone, do only defensive magic and use spells only with a positive intend which can be expressed in the sentence: May this work to the best of everyone involved!”

There are three spiritual principles which guide the students of the WFT:

Personal Responsibility

There are grades of competence within our tradition which are related to the personal development and the practical power of the adept. These grades have two lines: The line of knowledge and the line of love. Both have to be honoured to be able to use more power. The access to power within a basic level is provided by teachings, exercise and initiations. To gain more spiritual power, a student of WFT needs to make proof about her or his commitment to the above given principles and personal competence in shamanic energy work and counselling.
White Feather spiritual energy work is very effective in blocking and harmonising any kind of negative influences. Even the students of the beginners’ class learn extremely powerful countermeasures against the negative techniques of energy work.
A shaman always should act according to the traditional Wicca Rede: “Do what thou wilt. An´it harm none!” To guard the powers of the White Feather Path and to protect its followers the Goddess had set powerful angels at the gates of the well of the magical energies which support our craft. No one will be able to get in if driven by negative thoughts.
The White Feather path has its roots in the spiritual Traditions of the lost continent Lemuria which has been lost in the Pacific Ocean about 12000 years ago.
I remember many of my past lives and from these memories I get most of the energy work and wisdom I teach. But the White Feather shamanism includes also other sources which I integrated or founded through my many lives as a healer and high priest of the Goddess.
Shamanism is always integrating useful things to be most effective – but it always preserves its core: the love and light of the Goddess which is given by Her as a blessing to each shaman who is just and rightful.
May the Great Goddess bless you and guide you on your path to the Light.
Merry meet and merry meet again.

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Amrita Aahnza – Celine Liew – Soul Songs

Last night via Skype I had my soul song sung to me by Amrita Aahnza (Celine Liew).

It is extremely hard for me to put into words just how much this meant to me. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.

I dont think most people would understand the words she speaks. At least not with the logical mind, instead you feel it in your heart and you want to smile and cry at the same time. Im feeling so emotional now just writing about it.

I would physically feel the words in my heart and it was at a vibrational level. Instead of speaking words the beings that Amrita channelled spoke emotions and I was able to understand them on an emotional level. I asked Amrita if most people understand what is being said and she said some do and some dont but everyone feels something special  because it is done at a soul level.

Amrita has been guided to do these Soul Songs on a donation basis. Her words were “It is such a beautiful thing for me to do for a person so I am just wanting a donation from the heart in return.”

Amrita’s email is –

I cannot stop smiling just thinking about my Soul Song. I can highly recommend emailing her and having this experience for yourselves 🙂

Energies leading up to 21.12.12

I had an conversation with a friend that has me thinking about how everyone is coping with the energies of December. I thought I would write about a few of my observations in case it is of benefit to anyone.

I have noticed something similar in family and friends who dont want to know a thing about spirituality (unconscious). Many of them are acting unusually irritated, easy to anger and just plain grumpy. What I believe is happening is that they are picking up on the energies. Their subconscious can sense that something is going to happen or should I say IS happening and they are acting out of fear. Nobody likes to feel a lack of control or feel that there is a puzzle and they are lacking a few pieces.

There seems to be a reoccurring theme amongst myself and friends – it is surrendering our human fears so that we can let our divine self shine through. Our angels, guides and god/goddess have far more spectacular things for us to be doing, things that our human brain refuses to process because its beyond the realms of our human imagination. We simply have to surrender the human mind and trust the divine heart within each one of us.

I have also noticed a few of us that are very much in the heart space. I have surprised myself with how serene I am since beginning of December. I have taken a bit of a break from absorbing so much spiritual stuff and read a few romance books as a break for my brain. This has left me just being in the moment. It is delightful and I have felt my heart expand just by reading something beautiful, someone saying something lovely, meeting someone and seeing them smile. Lots of simple things that has my heart feeling like it is a giant balloon expanding out from my chest.

However I have also noticed a few friends dealing with some deep internal issues. One lady had deep guilt over something and it was holding her back from healing herself and moving forward. Another friend has been battling with their karmic lesson for this life time. It is an lesson that my friend repeats over and over but lately there has been real moments of clarity when they are in ego or in the middle of the lesson. I believe that people are really being made aware of whatever issues they need to shift.

I believe 12.12.12 is going to be another mini shift toward an enlightened world consciousness. It is my personal belief that there has been and will continue to be a series of mini shifts instead of everyone waking up on 21.12.12 and the world is different. I believe the Spring Equinox, Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse were all mini shifts.

From things I have read, people I have talked to and my own personal intuition – I believe 12.12.12 is going to be all about the heart. I am predicting a beautiful day with much heart expansion for all.

My advice to all that are feeling the energies of December and are struggling.

Ask for help from your guides and our diving mother and father. I start meditating so that I am centred  in my heart space and I ask for help. The help will come most likely in ways that you couldnt imagine. I also encourage everyone to try to let go of their human limitation, this is done best by just being content within each moment and if you get any flash of insight….go with it. Not matter how random the thought.

Sending you much love and blessings.

Major Face Lifts

Hello All,

I have just given my blog a major facelift and taken out some pages. Those pages I have turned into blog articles/entries so that they are not just deleted.

I have been told by an increasing amount of people that I should start giving readings to the public and I have finally followed their urgings and my own guidance. I feel like it is time and I am ready.

To start with I am just asking for a donation for my readings.

I am just starting out and gathering my confidence but I also want to do this for the spiritual fulfilling aspects. I am more interested in helping others then making alot of money.

Much love


Living Naturally

This is so much easier then I ever thought it would be. Its something that I have thought of for years but have put off. There are still a few foods that I am fading out (finding substitutes for) but I am about 90% organic and would love to get to the 100% soon.

I make my own face creams, I have have organic and natural shampoo/conditioner, handmade soaps, earth friendly cleaning products. So I feel that the cleaning product side of my life is almost perfect. I learnt that our skin is an organ – I didnt know this – I think of all the stuff I used to touch and put on my skin and I cringe.

My diet is undergoing a revolution. I have given up meat and I am sourcing my vegies from local famers markets until our vegies become ready (we have one garden planted and making a second). The only place our diet needs improvement is swapping our refined flours for spelt and trying new legumes, pastas, etc.

I encourage everyone to make changes like I have in their lives. For Mother Earth and for our health, I cannot stop thinking about my great grandparents generation – they had hardly any of the issues that our society is facing, because their diet was more simplistic and healthier.

Tomorrow I am visiting a biodynamics vegetable farm and I might be sourcing my food from there soon. I have also noticed that I have started craving more fruit. I think the key to living is paying attention to what the body wants/needs.

Benefits of Horstmann Technique

Below I will list the treatments that are available. There are some that are meant more for sports injuries and others that are for spiritual release. I was interested in the Self-Sabotage and Genetic Self-Sabotage but I had such an amazing experience that I went back for the Aura Drainage and Point 8, Seven Golden Points and Thymus Release and finally the Karmic Release.

The Horstmann Technique completely changed my life. During March I went through a profound misery that is in some ways unexplainable. I was so unhappy with myself and my attitude.

The lady who gave me the treatment also used Energy and Shaman tools on me. I can recommend this as a great healing modality to try.


The Horstmann Technique is a simple, non-invasive bodywork that helps release physical, emotional and mental blockages.

Ileo-Sacral Release

Ileo-Sacral Release is an effective therapy that often produces rapid results for pain relief from structural problems and energy blocks, lower back pain and stiffness. It realigns tendons and ligaments of the hip area.

Arm- Shoulder Release

The Arm-Shoulder Release technique helps relieve common pain and stiffness in the muscles, tendons and joints of the shoulder girdle. It is especially good for releasing structurally based headaches. Symptoms such as upper back muscle spasm, misalignment of the vertebrae, ricked neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and RSI can be successfully treated.

Foot Release

The Foot Release technique is a unique, simple and effective approach for releasing blocked energy patterns in the structural, vascular, muscular, nerve and meridian systems. Generally used in combination with other Horstmann Techniques.

Self-Sabotage Release

Self-Sabotage Release addresses emotional and psychological patterns that can form in early years or pre-birth, and sabotage our lives as adults, preventing us from achieving our goals and aspirations. This release is credited with life changing experiences for many people. It is especially good for anyone with lower back pain or sciatica.

Aura Drainage and Point ‘8′

Aura Drainage releases sclerotic energy accumulated in the emotional subtle body. Point ’8′ is a form of ’spiritual surgery’ to help align the subtle energy bodies. The treatment creates healing on both a physical and emotional level.

Genetic Sabotage Release

Genetic Sabotage Release addresses genetically inherited self sabotage patterns. This method can clear really old memories from the past which normally is perceived with a great relief.

Karmic Release

Karmic Release is a finer energy clearing process which helps release ancient genetic information coded in the body’s cellular memory and chakras. This blocked energy releases from unconscious sources via the physical body/mind. Sometimes very old memories and unusual sensory awareness emerges. It is a gentle but very strong process. Clients have reported of deep experiences under and after the treatment.

Seven Golden Points

Seven Golden Points is a deep energy process that can allow us to reach beyond our ego/personality and find connection with our own soul. This is a process for those who want to go further with their personal growth.

Thymus Release

Thymus Release is a very necessary follow up to the Seven Golden Points as it helps a person to integrate the spiritual awareness that may have resulted from the Seven Golden Points with the practical aspects of life.

For more information here is the website

Animal Meanings & Guidance

I am constantly amazed at how blind I was. Only a few months ago I just plodded through life like a zombie and I never picked up on the universe or the divine trying to communicate with me. I first had a healer then a few weeks later a shaman tell me that I needed to listen to the animal kingdom and the messages they have for me.

About 3 years ago I bought a book called Animal Dreaming by Scott Alexander King. I promptly put it on my bookshelf and never paid any attention to it since then. I was obviously meant to own the book and it was obviously meant to have a profound effect on my life but I was not ready to read it till now.

It is all about Australian animals and the messages they carry to us from the Divine. I also own an American book that is similar but I have not opened it in years either (might not be time for it yet). Some of my experiences with animals have been truly spiritual and completely fitting to what ever situation I was in.

What I have found is that certain sentences often catch my eye and I cannot look away. The reason I stopped putting off creating this blog is because of an encounter I had with some black cockatoo’s. One stayed behind and I watched it feed but we also had moments of staring eye to eye and I was captivated. When I came back outside and pulled out my SA King book I read the page on black cockatoos and these words reverberated in my head, “She teaches us that whatever is meant to happen will, but only in its own time. Black Cockatoo encourages us to confront our fears, to go with the flow and to embrace all new opportunities as they present themselves”. I had literally been thinking about creating a blog and after reading those words I was filled with a sense of knowing. This is meant to be 🙂

The book retails for $39.95 in Australia and if you can afford to support local bookshops then I always suggest that, but if you are like me and not financially comfortable then is can suggestion this website – it retails for $19.19 with free postage, the only negative is it will take 10-14 days to reach you.

12.12.12 Activation Skype Class

I have met both Ahana and Amrita – I can say that they are both genuine and profound souls. Ahana’s wisdom comes from the heart and Amritas songs come from the stars.

A SKYPE class by Ahana La-Ra and Amrita Aahnza (Celine Liew)

There are many versions about the shift of the 21st December, 2012 as well as several movements and events to mark this momentous alignment of our Earth to the central Sun. It is indeed a time for celebration for the collective on Earth as we tilt towards a more positive experience for all and a higher state of consciousness.

However, before we can harness the opportunities and energies of the shift, we have to understand and embody the power of neutrality that the 12-12-12 brings for us. Source is neutral and the universe is always in balance. It is important to understand that creation rising from balance, instead of flux, endures and is supported by the light forces.

As we shift into the new gear, our perceptions will manifest into our experiences very quickly as we move into a high creative mode. To create the right experiences for us, we need to utilize the secrets and the power of neutrality to direct our lives towards our desired experiences.In this trigger session, we will explore the following:

■The forces that we will experience as a result of this shift
■What is neutrality and why is it a true power in this shift
■How do our decisions impact our lives in the new paradigm
■How do we create or co-create in the new paradigm
■Tools and techniques to stay centered and stay at the root of our power
■The universal truths behind unity consciousness and how does it affect our individual livesWe will be conducting this SKYPE class through small groups (3-5 participants). The session will last 60-90 minutes. At the end of the session, 10 minutes will be allocated for personal questions and channeled answers by Ahana and Amrita.

Amrita will also perform a soul song for each participant to help merge or embody the higher aspects of their soul. This can be done at the session or can be arranged separately, as guided.

Registration: Please write to and pay via the PayPal by clicking on this link –

We will send you a few time slots, depending on where you are located worldwide for you to choose and confirm.

Abundance Exchange: Minimum USD$15 donation or more

Please Email  if you have any questions