I offer a recorded reading which can be sent to your email as a .wav or .mp3 file (or via soundcloud if you do not have a listening device) I can also Skype you after the reading but not during, I have found that my computer distracts me to much at I am very sensitive to it at the present moment.

I offer 3 types of Readings

1 – A single card reading – great for general guidance for the day or general flavor of your next step your path is taking.
2 – A three card reading – The situation, actions to take and outcome of a specific question or if you want guidance on what is happening next for you in your life.
3 – Full in depth reading using a full spread, this is great for a very specific question or situation in your life.

I have a number of decks which I use and will intuitively pick the one I feel is right for you. I am currently creating my own deck but this will take a long time as I am working with one card at a time. I will updated this page when I have completed my own deck 🙂

The prices:

1 – Single Card Reading is $11
2 – Three Card Reading is $55
3 – Full in Depth Reading is $120

You will need to email me your full name and preferred contact method (recording or skype session afterwards) you can also send me your question or just ask for guidance. One of my favourite questions to ask is “What does Spirit want me to know about the next steps upon my path”.

Your donation will need to be paid before the reading and in full using the button below. To ask me questions or book a reading email me at – with the word READING in the subject line.


Here is the disclosure:

I believe oracle and tarot cards are Spirits way to communicate to us. If you ask a question but there is something else going on in your life that Spirit wants to answer or give you guidance about – then you will get what SPIRIT wants you to know. I have never had someone say they ‘dont get the message’ – I have had a few people who didnt get their question answered BUT they were very happy with the answer they did receive.  Your donation is non-refundable.




I have readings with Jess both in person and online. I have found her accurate and helpful, she holds a non-judgmental and compassionate space. ~ Amrita Aahnza Celine Liew

Jess is amazing with her card readings. She has done some amazing readings for me ~ Ahana LaRa

Jess is very accurate with her work, I was very pleased with her ability to effortlessly help me piece together dots I currently needed help with at this time.  Thank you Jess and I appreciate your love and presence a lot. Im very thankful for your work and help sistar. xo ~ Eo Jadius.

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