Spontaneous Creativity

I have done these weird abstract doodling for years but I usually have all these half done pieces all over the house. Last night I got this manic urge to draw or doodle and this is the finished bookmark. I got a bit manic and had to finish it even though it was super late. I don’t even know how long I was creating it, I think it would be about around the 2 hr mark.

There has to be some kind of cosmic creative energy coming down or something.

Poetry – what the?

I have never in my life even attempted poetry or song writing.

I have always told myself – you cant do that, so dont even try. This obviously was my negative ego at work as my self critic was out of control.

Well lately I have been humming/singing and I just wrote my first two paragraphs. Heres the thing though…I dont know if I have created a poem or song lol

I am just going to let the words come when they are ready – but I will post it here once I feel like it is completed.

I have to wonder = Is anyone else going through this spontaneous creative urges???