Life Lesson

I have recently had an injury which has really stopped me in my tracks. I burned my hand and arm – so no touch typing which means no blogs. I am still healing with another 1-2 weeks before I am truly out of the woods and I can go back out into the sun properly. Im at the stage where I have a completely new set of skin which is still pretty fragile – I have to keep it moist and wrapped up when I go out or when I sleep.

I have had some really insightful moments about my injury and other things which have happened to me lately. I will be writing them up and posting them over the next week.

I am at a major cross roads in my life – I have about 4 different directions that my life can now go in. However I am being guided to just spend my next few weeks just being open to what ever the universe wants to show me. So I am really focusing on being in the now.

I hope all of you are well ūüôā

Self Healing

Today I am feeling strangely detached and melancholic. I have spent a week and a half returning to a place where I felt really joyful and back in the flow of life and today has hit me as a very strange experience. I have talked about my crippling fear of lack of abundance flowing in (regular wage) which I discovered while taking Boab Essence. It was such an amazing essence which showed me parts of myself which I never knew existed. By acknowledging these fears I made huge changes in my life and things really seemed to be getting better.

However in the last few days and particularly today I have felt very flat, like something is wrong and I feel adrift. Like I dont have any guidance or goal. I have really looked at the core of the issue and I think I am still struggling with the fear, but this time its not crippling. Instead I think its the fear of the unknown and because I have no other idea on how to act and how to think. It has been drawing into question the big ‘What If’ and also doubting my true spiritual purpose. Now that I own all the Australian Bush Flower Essences I have found it such a luxury because I have looked up the books and found three flower essences which I feel will help – Red Grevillea – Dog Rose – and – Silver Princess.

Dog Rose will help me with my fear and to not let it effect me. Red Grevillea will help me stop feeling stuck and help me push through my problems issues (people reported results from unexpected sources on this flower) and Silver Princess is to help me find the answers about what steps to take next. I am feeling confident that these flowers will help address my new found emotional angst and help me find that perfect feeling of being in the flow. In a nut shell I must not let fear dictate to me and I must trust the universe to provide for me if I am making positive changes, which I am.

I am very excited to be using myself as a guinea pig because I know that six months down the track I am going to be so much more confident with each of the flowers as I work with them.

Boab Australia Bush Flower Essence Group Healing

I have created a facebook event

Here is the information if anyone reading this blog wants to participate.

The Boab Tree is found only in the Kimberley region of northwest Australia. This is one of the most powerful of all the Bush Essences and has brought about profound change.

Boab clears negative emotional and mental family patterns that are passed on from generation to generation. Boab can access and clear those core patterns and all the related ensuing beliefs.

This Essence is very beneficial in helping those who have had experiences of abuse or prejudice from others. Boab will also help clear the negative lines of karma between people. Boab can help break the chains that have been around human consciousness for thousands of years.

Negative Condition:
Enmeshment in negative family patterns
for recipients of abuse and prejudice

Positive Outcome:
Personal freedom by releasing family patterns
clearing of other, non family, negative Karmic connections

I did my level 1 certificate in Aust Bush Flower Essences last year and I have been fascinated with the Boab essence ever since. I have delayed taking it because I was doing the White Light Essence course and the Light Frequency course first.

I have recently decided I would like to take these drops as a group so I can study the effects when taken with a support group and then I will submit my findings to Ian White and the staff at ABFE.

The benefits of taking this essence as a group is having people to talk to when issues arise and its quite fun to talk about experiences that you have.

Reasons to take Boab:
*Releases deep held emotion
*Releases negative thought patterns
*Release past negative action within families, abuse, prejudice.
*You feel you keep repeating past mistakes.
*You feel like you are repeating your parents mistakes.
*You feel like you have karmic patterns that need healing

Warnings –

Every personal handles Australian Bush Flower Essences differently. They are high vibrational and very healing, some are very sensitive while other only have more sedate experiences. You could have vivid dreams, you could get very emotional but know that I am here for support and you could have extremely profound personal growth while taking this essence.

Start: Thursday 4 July – I will get the essences and info sheet to you before this date so we can all start taking the essence at the same time at home.

Duration: one bottle lasts 2-3 weeks and you can continue to buy as many bottles as you feel like you need. This will be part of the study I wish to undertake. I will be taking at least 2 bottles maybe more. I am offering the essence at 1/2 price so that this project will be affordable for everyone and I can help the maximum amount of people I can.

Cost: $5 per bottle. (plus postage if not in area).

Responsibilities: Take 7 drops under the tongue morning and night until the bottle ends (and you can move onto next bottle if you chose to take it for longer). I want encourage group discussion about how you are feeling and any thought/experiences that you have. I will create a facebook group if people will use it. This is not a requirement though if you are shy. I would finally like permission for your name, details and report on your experiences to be submitted to Ian White and ABFE at the end of the project. You can take the essence and request not to have your info submitted to ABFE.

Here is some further information about Boab from the ABFE book:

The Boab Essence is also very powerful in helping people who are experiencing, or have had experiences of, abuse or prejudice, though, inmost cases this too is a pattern that they have repeated many times in the past and are drawing to them again in this life. Once we stop being imprisoned by negative patterns, we have a greater spiritual development, awareness and sensitivity. This Essence is very good for an understanding of our true spiritual origin and can give great strength when undertaking new goals and activities that are very challenging. It certainly makes a successful outcome to this new challenge more likely once we release the negative thought patterns.

Many practitioners not only use Boab to clear emotional and mental traits but also prescribe Boab for illnesses which are genetic in nature. In many cases, wehere an illness passes through a family, it is a consequence of the innocently and passively taking on the same behavious and emotional responses as their parent and that had also led to the cause of th parents or family’s illness. There is no doubt however that some family illnesses are clearly of a genetic rather than being caused through a learnt emotional pattern. Boab, when used in these circumstances, is producing some very positive results, although it needs to be taken for longer that the normal one month period. This appears to be a significant field of research for Boab.

Boab is a very important and incredibly powerful essence that brings about profound personal transformation, it also helps to bring about tremendous positive change on the planet by healing the collective consciousness.

Please email me at and tell me if you are interested in joining this Boab essences group study.

Feel free to ask any questions and if you are not in the Murwillumbah area I can help arrange payment and postage via paypal or direct debt.

My Return from Mexico

My Mexican trip was so epic that I have needed a good week or more to processes it. It was not only spiritually enlightening it was also intellectually expansive.

I was amazed with how awe inspiring the pyramid sites were and just being near so much history was mind boggling. I was equally amazed with Hunbatz Men the Mayan Elder and my times spent with him in both the lecture rooms and at some of the sacred sites.

I have been asked to write an article up about my time with Hunbatz in Mexico for Gabriel who helping Hunbatz expand Lol Be (the learning centre Hunbatz has created).

I will post my article here as well as it will help show how expansive this was for me.

Now on a spiritual front.

I feel like a completely different person and its on a deep cellular level and I think it will take many months before I fully understand the extent of how this Mexico trip changed me.

Upon my return I got a cold but it didnt feel like a normal cold, instead it felt more like a cleanse. For the first 5 days of my return I was in a state of limbo and I felt like I was existing out side of time – watching other people move by. I started to realise that I wasnt coping and needed some support.

I asked my higherself what was wrong and I started thinking about my light body, I felt that I had dug up and shifted so many issues that I was clogged. Like my light body was to heavy.

I started thinking about Heidi who I go to for healing and then I drew one of my Isis cards and it was EVERYTHING that I had just been thinking about. I rang Heidi the next day and booked an appointment and instantly started feeling better because I needed that support.

I am so grateful to Heidi Bartz because she brought me such peace and healing that I have started to instantly feel better.




Day 8 -11 – Higher Self Essence

I have felt pretty fantastic the last few days.

Thursday saw alot of cleaning and de-cluttering. But best of all I feel very light again and I believe that I have really learnt my lesson from Monday and Tuesday and about staying in higher vibration.

If I hadn’t witnessed just how much I WAS effected and then how much I effect OTHERS I wouldnt have cottoned on so quick to changing my outlook and enabled me to centre and realign myself.

Friday was a day of MAJOR movement. I got so much done that I had been meaning to do and things started working. I felt this was a mixture of everyone feeling better and my own vibration/emotions being so much more positive and great.

Saturday was epic cleaning day as my aunt and uncle was coming up and I had to have the rooms reorganised and re-cleaned. It was a bit hard because I was cleaning with my mum who I love dearly but really tested my ego. She would be a bit negative about throwing a few things out and being forced to clean (even though we had put it off for weeks) I am happy to say that even though my ego was triggered I was able to not really get to bitch or mean. I accomplished this by mainly ignoring some comments.

That night I had my first ever long distance healing from Patricia Morris Cardona and it was really interesting. I felt like a tickling sensation in my heart and 3rd eye chakra but after about 5-10 mins I felt this pressure on my head and sinuses – to try and put it into words is hard….it was like my head was surrounded by a bubble of air and then there was a pressure on that bubble – pushing it down into my head, so I felt a pressure at the back of my nose…boy that sounds weird haha.

I woke up early and completely energised – it was fantastic, Patricia said:

“I felt your energy field was very light and filled with light. There was not so much to clean up on you. Your thoughts are pretty clean. More centered on healing and love! ¬†Not so much self criticism as most people have. Better connection to the light energies.¬†We cleaned your charkas besides all your bodies and organs and sent energy though all your meridians.¬†We sent in a lot of Golden liquid light and love to heal you and nourish you. ¬†So no wonder you had a lot of energy.”
I think thats lovely cause I often wonder if all my work……….is working haha – I am really trying to raise my vibration, hold as much light as possible and basically be the best human that I can. So its lovely to hear that I my pretty light and filled with light.
Sunday – today I have been up since 6 am and busy cleaning, its interesting because I woke some time after 5am very energised, so I really only had about 4.5 to 5 hrs sleep and then I am up and raring to go. So I thing Patricia really revitalised me ūüôā
Last night I changed the book cover of my ebook and I am SOOOO much happier with it. I am also trying to promote it more which I have been kind of lax in doing. I posted about it on my Facebook page and started a small ad campaign – I am also offering the book for free for 2 days on amazon – I am not sure when that will start I think midnight tonight. I am hoping this will give the book some reviews and boost its ranking.

Day 10 – 13 – Earth Essence

I dont really know where to start.

Tuesday – Was lovely relaxing day and I even went and helped a friend who needed some help. It got a bit dramatic but in the end I thought it turned out perfect.

Wednesday – I couldn’t wait all day to go to Meditation with Heidi Bartz. I knew it was going to be amazing and it was – for myself I found it very healing and relaxing but much more then that I found it amazing to witness. One lady who is new to the meditation groups said to me “Does a woman wearing a white dress and red cloak mean”???? She had a vision of this women and she then went on to explain how this vision stood in front of one lady for ages then walked around the room and stood behind Heidi with arm out¬†stretched.

I thought it sounded like Mary Magdalene who Heidi had been channelling during the meditation. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask the woman who had Mary standing in front of her for so long, if she  had seen/felt anything.

I asked her did she feel like someone was standing in front of her during the meditation and she looked shocked.
“yes, I felt someone” ¬†I then asked, do you know who it was, “It was Mary Magdalene” she hesitantly said to me.
By this stage I had full body goosebumps and I asked her what did Mary look like.
“she wore a long dark veil and robe” (she didnt say white dress) but described the rest.

Im not a visual person (yet) I would love to see clear visions while in meditation and just hearing these two women’s stories brought me such validation. I have a lot of faith but because I cannot see things I have to trust my sense of knowing and this always leaves room for doubt. I cannot doubt these two women, I know both of them and neither had told each other. To make things more interesting one of them is new to the mediation group and neither of them have been properly introduced. So my logical (annoying) part of my brain cannot deny what happened.


WOW Today was epic and magical and WOW lol. I went for another Transference Healing with Heidi Bartz. This was my 3rd session with Heidi and something I felt ready for. So much happened that I dont even know where to start. Upon arriving I swear that we just started warping time and I felt like we were there for much longer then we were. In my healing it went for about 30 mins of talking then 1 hr of healing with another 30 mins of talking afterwards.

The thing is there is no way that I was only in the healing session for 1 hr it was EPIC. I had a past life wounding that was of Pleiadian origin and I have to admit that this surprised me but I cannot deny the feeling. I don’t know if I am fully ready to talk about it yet but I will say that when she was telling me about it afterwards my body had this weird quivering sensation and I could feel where she had healed my wounding.

Next I started seeing purple dots behind my eyelids and I thought Saint Germain. Not 5 seconds later Heidi thanked Germain for coming forth and she later told me he bathed me in the violet flame after I had my Pleiadian healing. At this stage I had part of my brain saying – this is taking along time and my friend was due to go after me…I was worried she wouldnt have time because I was going over time.

However when you are in such a deep meditative state thoughts like that dont last long. I quickly blanked out and I felt like my chair was vibrating or more likely I was vibrating Рalmost like I could float away. I had my hands facing down and they started to ache so I turned them over so palms facing up. I later learned that Isis came at that time and took me by the hand.

Heidi had prepared a giant cloth with a Star of David on it and I laid down upon it. So much more happened with Isis which I don’t fully understand yet and I wont talk about it till I know/process it properly. Lets just say that I was completely blown away and Heidi said to me afterwards that she was surprised with how much I am being worked on. She said that different masters and guides are working on so many different levels all at once within me.

Instead of feeling pride in that I feel a tremendous relief. My life is like an insane spiritual roller coaster ride and I sometimes stop and wonder if I am slightly nutty…but this is just confirmation that I am being worked on because A) I have asked for it and I am trying my hardest to process everything ¬†and B) I really feel like I am being prepared for something, as to what I dont know yet.

There is of course more personal things that I dont know if I will ever share – but I just feel that it is important to keep a diary of this.


Today didnt go as expected. I was feeling very strong at work and very competent and then a friend rang. She had a major emotional release and some tough experiences. I really felt honoured to help her but also sadness for her pain. I cant say much more as it is her business.

Its my last day of Earth Essence tomorrow and I have to admit that I am really ready for Fire Essence.

Do you want to find out what your energies are?

I met Justin in Singapore in November and really respect his opinion and because of this I wanted to share his latest website post. 

I am really prompted to write this after seeing a man today that is the complete embodiment of an elf.

We all carry different types of energy.  This is based on our past lives, what your mission is for this lifetime and what energy you are anchoring to Earth right now.

Myself, I am half Galactic, half Elemental.  This is due to my high volume of lives spent as both.  This enables me to access the higher Realms of Knowledge and Learning via my Galactic self, but also stay very grounded to Mother Gaia, to feel Her and understand Her.

You, carry different energies unique to you ‚Äď energies that are needed for your mission and for Earth at this time.

I initially thought you only got 3 different types:

Galactic, Elemental and Angelic but lately I have been discovering more. Recently I had a client that embodied complete Goddess energy.¬† She has spent most of her lives as a deity and thus that is her main energy.¬† She now has to learn how to embody that energy on a physical plane while still being aware of how powerful she is ‚Äď and how she can help the planet with her gifts.

Also,¬† I have a good friend that is complete crystalline being.¬†¬† You could put her under Elemental, but she is basically the human embodiment of a crystal.¬† It is very easy for her to communicate with crystals and in past lives she was almost the ‚Äėambassador‚Äô for them, relaying messages, shifting energies and crystals all around the world.¬† Now, she is in human flesh, but she still has the incredible ability to communicate with them and offer assistance that way ‚Äď being their voice once more.

Now don‚Äôt get me wrong ‚Äď we are all Galactic beings ‚Äď but that can be overwritten with the other energies if need be ‚Äď so that you carry that kind of frequency and power with you now.

Different energies also have certain behavioral patterns, much like Star signs.

Angelic beings have HUGE hearts, they are the most loving and have great compassion for all beings.  I do however, find them the most damaged, they have been deeply hurt by humankind and thus need to  heal past wounds before they can help heal the rest of the planet.

Galactic beings are more cold, they are calculated and have access to great amounts of knowledge and skills.¬† Some Galactics have spent many lifetimes here, and for others, it is their first time here.¬† They are here for a purpose, a very specific one ‚Äď and thus they are orientated towards achieving that more so than anything else.

Elementals are those who have had lives as Elves, Dragons, Fairies, Giants and more.  Alternatively, they have lived extremely close to Mother Gaia (like myself), serving Her for many lifetimes.  When you carry Elemental energy, your connection with the planet and beings within it intensifies.  You have great innocence, mischievousness and playfulness.  Your presence is light, carefree and you are always ready for another adventure.

By understanding your energy better, you know where to connect to and what energies are most conducive for you.  Almost like knowing your blood type, what food is good for me and what isn’t. Likewise, you might be trying desperately to connect to certain Angelic energies but it just does not seem to work, you can never really fully attain the required frequency.  That is because you are not  meant to, as it is not your realm.
Instead, connecting with Earth and the Elementals comes easy to you.  We are each unique, we each have our own task, our own mission, our own gifts.  Be grateful for them and use them as best you can for the Greater Good!

If you would like to know what energy you carry, and a brief overview of which masters you can draw on ‚Äď send me a picture of yourself and I will do this free of charge.¬†My contact details can be found here.

It is one of the most important things you could ever know ‚Äď as it outlines the rest of your life, allowing you to have more focused energy and directive.

With honor is servitude

Original Article Here:

Healing with Rose Quartz, Sunstone & Celestite

Rose Quartz, Sunstone and Celestite are a powerful healing combination that will help you understand the truth of Unconditional Love. They are particularly useful when you are feeling tested by a person or situation and you feel your ego battling with your heart.

These three crystals are very beneficial to people who are often happy and joyful but then get thrown by an emotional or dramatic situation. They also benefit spiritual people or light workers who are already in unconditional love or heart space but suddenly feel tested by unexpected events.

Rose Quartz is one of the most famous crystals in the world and it is well known for its love and healing energies. What is not as readily acknowledged is that it is also a stone of forgiveness. Working with Rose Quartz during times of high emotion will help you forgive not just the other party and the situation but also yourself. People who feel that they are conscious or awakened know that they should be in the heart space and that love can heal everything. However during often dramatic situations it can be hard to feel love and then self reproach and self doubt will begin. The Rose Quartz is vital for forgiving yourself first because true healing starts with you.

“Forgiveness is a journey of truth, grace and higher peace within self which spills out into the world around us through love filled right action, but it all starts with self-love.”

Sunstone is joyful, radiant and illuminating. After Rose Quartz helps you heal and forgive yourself and the situation then Sunstone takes over to shine divine light directly into you heart. It is fun, joyous and uplifting and it reminds you that love is effortlessness. Of all the frequencies available pure childlike joy is the easiest way to stay in the heart space. While Rose Quartz helps heal the situation it is Sunstone that will make you want to say in Unconditional Love as you continue to be tested.

“The light of the Sun is about to ignite your life, increasing your vital force, expanding your frequency and infusing you with the joy only the sun can deliver.”

Celestite brings a higher knowing to the situation. The Rose Quartz has healed the situation, the Sunstone has provided the vital energy to want to stay in Unconditional Love but then Celestite steps in and lets you look at the situation from a distance. Celestite will help you realise that you cannot change the situation, you cannot change another person – all you can do is control how you are going to react and deal with your lesson. Celestite provides a deep soul knowing that helps you stay outside of the negative emotions that was effecting you.

“Pure knowing is the answer, a form of communication higher and more refined than any of the physical world’s, an action so refined and sacred it is performed through inaction and pure trust in the undercurrent of the process itself. The results of such a space make Calm, Peace, Joy and Love constantly available as a way of existing, the fears and worries of life just melt away.”

Healing with these stones are a three part process used in the order I have shown above.

When you are struggling with an emotional situation or with another person and you feel you are being challenged to stay in Unconditional Love Рthen call upon Rose Quartz. It is most beneficial to have a piece of Rose Quartz and lay down with it sitting on your heart chakra. Take deep clean breaths and on the exhale pour out all anger, sadness, betrayal, confusion and other emotions. As you start to calm picture the Rose Quarts energy surrounding your heart and helping you forgive yourself and all involved in the situation. This can be brief and only take minutes or you might need to repeat this several times throughout the day. When you feel ready move to the Sunstone.

Place the Sunstone over your heart and lay with it. Feel the beautiful joy that comes from this crystal. It is the stone of Ra, a Sun God and let yourself bask in that warmth. Smile and think of the simple things in your life that bring you joy and thank the Sunstone that is healing you. Feel the relief that comes with this crystal as it helps you realise that you can get away from the negativity of your situation just by shining the bright joyful light of this crystal onto the situation.

The Sunstone can also be placed on the throat especially if you have regrets about voicing something or regret not saying enough. Once again this can be healed quickly or it can take multiple sessions but you will know when its time to move on.

Place Celestite on the third eye and let it bring you clarity. Let it help you step outside the situation and remind you that you have a choice in how you react or more importantly how you don’t react. This stone is powerful in helping you realise that by surrendering to the situation and seeing it as a lesson it is not a negative thing. Try visualising pulling pale blue light down through the Celestite crystal and into your body, feel the cool and calming energy spread throughout every blood cell.

Celestite will help you realise that you dont really care about the situation any longer. What once seemed a huge emotional deal will suddenly mean nothing because you have chosen to be in Unconditional Love for yourself and no one else.

There is another way to use these three crystals together and I suggest doing this after you have connected with them individually.

Place the Celestite on the third eye
Place the Sunstone over the heart
Place the Rose Quartz over the root, sacral or solar plexuses depending on where you feel was tested during the situation
(eg: If you were in a power struggle, place on Solar Plexuses. If you felt insecure, place on root.)

Once all three crystals are placed where you intuitively feel is the correct then spend time breathing and connecting with the crystals. Once the Rose Quartz heals the lower chakra that is being effected it can move up and Sunstone can bring lightness and clarity to the heart, which in turn leads to the Celestite bringing you divine clarity and knowing that all will be healed in the situation.

My personal experiences with these three crystals.

I drew the Rose Quartz card on the Wednesday night and I spent all night sleeping with Rose Quartz under my pillow and I rested it on my heart multiple times. I still continued to feel moments of ego argument because I felt like I was not being treated correctly by another person. However the Rose Quartz helped me to realise that I was putting pressure on myself to feel unconditional love for the woman who offended me – but I never realised that I was forgetting to show ME unconditional love.

The next day morning I drew the Sunstone card and I didnt own a piece  Рso I went and bought a crystal and carried both the Rose Quartz and Sunstone all day. That night I spent time connecting with the Sunstone and I would find myself smiling and felt such relief that I was moving away from my confusion and issues with this woman. That night I drew the Celestite and I didnt own one of those either but I called about the master deva of that crystal and I started to realise that I no longer cared about the woman that hurt my feelings. I cared about how I felt and I wanted to be happy so I concentrated on ME.

Over the next 3-5 days I constantly carried the Rose Quartz and Sunstone and I was able to buy the Celestite today. I feel completely wonderful and I look back on the lesson I had with gratitude because I realise how important it was for me to learn to put my own healing first because if I am in Unconditional Love because I want it for me – then I start to radiate it out for others. I learnt healing must come from me FIRST.

The cards I drew was from the Liquid Crystal Oracle deck by Justin Moikeha Asar
The quotes are from his guidebook that came with his cards.

The Master Deva’s are:

Rose Quartz Р Ka-kini-el
Sunstone Р Ra-ba-el
Celestite Р Celestel

Justin states in his guidebook that you can call upon the Master Deva’s to help connect with the essence/vibration of the crystals. So if you are unable to obtain the stones then I suggest connecting with them this way.
For more information about Justin:
I have spent hours on his website.

Much love and blessings


Benefits of Horstmann Technique

Below I will list the treatments that are available. There are some that are meant more for sports injuries and others that are for spiritual release. I was interested in the Self-Sabotage and Genetic Self-Sabotage but I had such an amazing experience that I went back for the Aura Drainage and Point 8, Seven Golden Points and Thymus Release and finally the Karmic Release.

The Horstmann Technique completely changed my life. During March I went through a profound misery that is in some ways unexplainable. I was so unhappy with myself and my attitude.

The lady who gave me the treatment also used Energy and Shaman tools on me. I can recommend this as a great healing modality to try.


The Horstmann Technique is a simple, non-invasive bodywork that helps release physical, emotional and mental blockages.

Ileo-Sacral Release

Ileo-Sacral Release is an effective therapy that often produces rapid results for pain relief from structural problems and energy blocks, lower back pain and stiffness. It realigns tendons and ligaments of the hip area.

Arm- Shoulder Release

The Arm-Shoulder Release technique helps relieve common pain and stiffness in the muscles, tendons and joints of the shoulder girdle. It is especially good for releasing structurally based headaches. Symptoms such as upper back muscle spasm, misalignment of the vertebrae, ricked neck, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow and RSI can be successfully treated.

Foot Release

The Foot Release technique is a unique, simple and effective approach for releasing blocked energy patterns in the structural, vascular, muscular, nerve and meridian systems. Generally used in combination with other Horstmann Techniques.

Self-Sabotage Release

Self-Sabotage Release addresses emotional and psychological patterns that can form in early years or pre-birth, and sabotage our lives as adults, preventing us from achieving our goals and aspirations. This release is credited with life changing experiences for many people. It is especially good for anyone with lower back pain or sciatica.

Aura Drainage and Point ‚Äė8‚Ä≤

Aura Drainage releases sclerotic energy accumulated in the emotional subtle body. Point ’8′ is a form of ’spiritual surgery’ to help align the subtle energy bodies. The treatment creates healing on both a physical and emotional level.

Genetic Sabotage Release

Genetic Sabotage Release addresses genetically inherited self sabotage patterns. This method can clear really old memories from the past which normally is perceived with a great relief.

Karmic Release

Karmic Release is a finer energy clearing process which helps release ancient genetic information coded in the body’s cellular memory and chakras. This blocked energy releases from unconscious sources via the physical body/mind. Sometimes very old memories and unusual sensory awareness emerges. It is a gentle but very strong process. Clients have reported of deep experiences under and after the treatment.

Seven Golden Points

Seven Golden Points is a deep energy process that can allow us to reach beyond our ego/personality and find connection with our own soul. This is a process for those who want to go further with their personal growth.

Thymus Release

Thymus Release is a very necessary follow up to the Seven Golden Points as it helps a person to integrate the spiritual awareness that may have resulted from the Seven Golden Points with the practical aspects of life.

For more information here is the website