Light Essences

LF Pyramid Pack

Antarctica Essence

Positive Outcome:

  • Allows you to feel tremendous calm, peace and stillness within yourself.
  • Enables you to be aware of and enhances your vision of what is necessary and essential.
  • Helps reveal and dissolve very deep and hidden aspects of yourself.
  • Connects one to both the Wisdom of the Ancients and your ancient past.
  • To trust Spirit and the unfolding of your life and its direction.
  • Assists you to find your own core, pure essence.

The Antarctic Essence allows you to be aware of what is really necessary in your life and in the situations that you are encountering. It enables you to feel tremendous calm, peace and stillness within yourself. This Essence releases those things that are not essential to you and that take you away from your inner peace and being at one with nature. The purity of Antarctica and the Antarctic Essence assists you to find your own pure essence – the very core of yourself – and to let go of whatever takes you from this timeless, clear-centred part of yourself. It allows you to go deeply into things and not get distracted; to see the core of things and what’s important. If you are too distracted it will help to pull you back into harmony.

Another key aspect of the Antarctic Essence is that it will reveal to you aspects of yourself that are very deep and hidden – what are referred to sometimes as ‘old dark crystals’. This Essence will bring the light to them and dissolve these old patterns and beliefs (which may have been formed in ancient times or may be early beliefs developed this lifetime). Their dissolution will support you to trust Spirit, to trust your path and to show you the necessary new steps.

The Antarctic Essence can also help you to connect to the wisdom of the Ancients as well as your own ancient past and the communication of anything needed from that time. It enables you to find the patience to be very still. This will lead you to trust in the unfolding of your life and its direction with openness to these new revelations and willingness to seek and follow them, even when dealing with major change.

There’s a deep stillness that can come with trust in life, nature and God, which when achieved will help you find your own peace and stillness, and allow you to be able to stay in this state more readily. This Essence can help in the clarity of both your vision for what is necessary and essential in your life, as well as your communication of it

Arctic Essence 

Positive Outcome:

  • Brings in and releases pure light energy within the person.
  • Activates suspended pure light energy held within an individual, increasing our spiritual awareness.
  • Balances one’s own electro-magnetic frequency and harmonises one to the earth’s changing             electromagnetic frequency.
  • Addresses issues of separation from self, someone or something.
  • Assists one to see their negative aspects and rectify them.
  • Can repair and return the soul to a state of innocence, purity and peace.
  • Shows what you need to come alive, to flow, to be joyous and light.

The Arctic Essence primarily frees the pure undiluted light potential of the individual. It both brings in and releases pure light energy within the individual, energy which has been held in suspension, waiting to be activated.

What is suspended is not of the physical or Earth, it is of Light. The Arctic Essence allows the thawing and releasing of our suspended Light. This increases our spiritual awareness, which in turn will raise the Light of the planet.

By releasing this Light the individual is also changing and bringing into balance their own electro-magnetic frequency, allowing them to stay in resonance and harmony with all the Earth’s changes. Especially as we move closer to 2012 and the shift in the Earth’s own electro-magnetic energy field.

The Antarctic Essence is for letting go of things that stop you finding and following your path. It allows you to discover what is essential and necessary in your life. In other words, letting go of what doesn’t matter – suspension in matter. It is connected to both the Earth and the Light. The Arctic Essence holds suspension in Light alone. That is the difference.

The Arctic Essence is releasing the Light potential within, which does matter, and is of supreme significance as part of the soul’s evolution and as part of the planetary being’s evolution.

This Essence is also specific in addressing separation, whether that is separation from self, someone or something. It takes you to the depth and purity of your soul, to feel the purity of the Earth and yourself.

It can repair and return the soul to a state of innocence, helping you to hear the voice of reason and purity and assisting you to see your negative aspects. It is then easy to see what needs to be done to rectify it. It is similar to how glaciers grind obstacles in their way, pulverising the impurities and bringing the debris to the surface as very fine particles.

This Essence shows you what you need to come alive, to flow, and to be joyous and light.

Amazon Essence

Positive Outcome:

  • Helps you to be aware of, tune into, understand and prepare for the immensity and totality of the massive changes that are happening in nature.
  • Strengthens our connection to the Elementals and the natural world.
  • Enlists new ways for our senses to perceive afresh, enabling us to comprehend, interpret and align to all the new energies being released.
  • Assists you to read and speak the language of nature.
  • Allows one to access a doorway to consciousness that is beyond matter.
  • Enables you to flow more easily through life, to be effective and active but not attached, building up your aura of love and acceptance.
  • Anchors the divine feminine and masculine within us.

One of the main aspects of the Amazon Essence is its ability to help you to be aware of, tune into and prepare for the immensity and the totality of the massive changes that are happening in nature.

The Amazon Essence is helping to activate our brain to function in new ways and for our senses to perceive afresh, enabling us to comprehend and interpret all the old, primordial energies being unleashed and coming up from the rocks, the water, the trees and from deep within the Earth. This remedy enables us to re-align to these very strong energies which are very different to what we are used to as they are a link back to the time before humans, before life.

Now is also the time for sacred sites and portals on the Earth, which have been closed down for a long time, to open and be released, along with a releasing of the very ancient beings’ memories that have been held in nature. This is liberating a great deal of stored knowledge, energy and information as Gaia is releasing the next level of wisdom. This is what the new children are tapping into and will bring through as well. The Amazon Essence assists us to read and speak this new language of nature.

Ever since the Atlantean time the Elemental Kingdom has been withdrawn from humanity, resulting in very little energetic connection, at a conscious level, with humanity. This has been a missing link in a natural cycle of the Earth. Gaia is now once again allowing the elemental energies to be felt, heard and sometimes even seen. She is giving us stimulation to bring our focus back towards nature. The Amazon Essence strengthens our connection to the Elementals and the natural world.

The Amazon Essence allows one to access a doorway to consciousness that is beyond matter, to be in the world but not of the world. When you go beyond matter then you step into the expansion of all that is, you can feel it, be activated by it and hold it, all of which expands your own light. This Essence can aid a person move through the dimensions but not be attached to the dimensions of matter. It allows you to flow more easily through life, to be effective and active but not attached on the emotional or mental level to the appearance of what is, but rather, to understand the significance of what is. In this state one builds up an aura of love and acceptance and this is where humanity is moving towards.

The Amazon Essence anchors within us the divine feminine, bringing in the stillness and calmness, and the divine masculine, which is the celebration of life itself, the joy, vitality and enthusiasm of being alive. This remedy activates the built-in will to appreciate, respect and protect all life; to live in community with the benefit of all in mind. This Essence can be particularly effective to help you work constructively and creatively to bring about environmental balance and harmony, connecting us back to the energy and wisdom of Gaia.


Positive Outcome:

Positive Outcome:

  • Restores balance back into your life between the busy-ness of the world and the deep stillness of contemplation within yourself.
  • Brings the gift of feeling peaceful and calm
  • Helps you deal with karmic overload in this life allowing you to forgive yourself, which will help let go of guilt and karma
  • Allows you to tap deep within your psyche into your inner knowing, which leads to a trust in the grand cosmic scheme of things and a sense that all is right in the world
  • Strengthens your connection to Nature and the Earth

Both the Amazon and China Essences take you beyond matter and integrate the divine masculine and feminine.

The China Essence addresses not only the massive destruction, degradation and the pollution of the environment that is occurring in China, but also the cultural pollution – the loss of the old cultural ways, of the ancestry and the lineages. There is also the loss of the connection with Spirit and disconnection from the land, as so many Chinese are taken away from their land and their ancestral roots. There is a deep sadness in the Earth in China. These problems are particularly extreme in China but prevalent throughout all cultures.

This Essence is a heart-opening remedy that can heal, on a deep soul level, your own grief arising from this loss of connection that is held in the collective consciousness.

China traditionally is a country of great peace and it best represents the divine feminine energy which has a profound stillness to it that is literally beyond matter, but it has been overlaid with layers of conquest, of endurance, and now the current layer of materialism and busy-ness. This Essence helps you to attain peace and calm, aligns you back to the feminine spirituality of the Earth and strengthens your connection to Spirit.

We come into balance when both the divine feminine and masculine are present. When the divine feminine is absent, humanity loses its connection to the natural rhythms of life and the divine masculine cannot hold the balance. Without the peace and stillness of one, the other becomes more active, busier – dashing all over the place creating anything and everything trying to make up for what is missing and so both are lost.

The frequency of the Earth is changing. Consequently many people are now feeling that they can’t keep up and that they are pressured beyond belief, as if it is all too much. This is only likely to intensify as time goes on, especially for those who have a karma that requires them to claim old pain and suffering. The China Essence is a balm for anxious souls and will also help these people forgive themselves, which will help them let go of guilt and karma. Karma is an attitude that can be melted and evaporated with real love.

The Amazon and China Essences work hand in hand. Both take you beyond matter, anchor and integrate the divine feminine and masculine and help strengthen our connection to Nature and the Earth. The effect of one Essence is enhanced by the other.

Lake Baikal 

Positive Outcome:

Positive Outcome:

  • Engenders faith and trust in life and a calmness and acceptance of unfolding change.
  • Connects you to the stillness of your heart and to a source of pure oneness with the Divine.
  • Helps you to be in the world but not of it, and to be less influenced by mass consciousness.
  • Develops a level of understanding and deeper opening of the heart.
  • Accelerates understanding and opening to the new energies of unity, co-operation and co-creation around you.
  • Assists you in finding a balance between the divine masculine and feminine within yourself.
  • Restores your sense of self, purpose and joy.
  • Allows for extremely deep inner healing.

When Lemurian civilization chose to abandon spirituality for sensuality and pleasure, the energy on the planet dropped and became denser. Lake Baikal holds that original energy prior to the density developing when the Earth and humanity flowed fully and clearly from the stillness of their hearts that was at one with the Divine. The Lake Baikal Essence allows you to access this pure uncorrupted peacefulness and pure ‘at onement’.

The remedy, by capturing the pristine, energetic essence of Baikal engenders faith and trust in life and a calmness and acceptance of unfolding change. This Essence is timely as it can accelerate understanding and opening to the new energies of unity, global oneness, balance and harmony – all of which will greatly help us with the changes that are starting to happen around us on all levels. It is very important if you want to move smoothly through any upcoming changes that you start to really spiritually nurture yourself and open to a deeper level particularly within your heart center, which this Essence will assist in.

The Lake Baikal Essence helps one to find and balance the Divine masculine and feminine within themselves. The male emotional body has, over time, become compressed and non-elastic. Basically the mental body took over in order for men to feel ‘in control’. With this emotional suppression has come violence, sexual perversion and heart dis-ease.

This Essence can connect a man to his intuitive power and help him to feel and express emotions without him becoming feminine. The Essence acts as a tap allowing the release of pain, anger and self judgement. The remedy transmutes these poisons and replaces them with a sense of stillness and belonging.

For a woman, the Lake Baikal Essence helps her to find her Yang, her power and to understand that she has always had that power. Her Divine Yang is the power of Love, the power of creation. She won’t find her Yang by imitating the out-of-balance masculine or trying to be like a man. The more the woman goes into the feminine the more she will naturally reach her masculine.

Mass consciousness is comprised of the mental and emotional energies of every member of humanity. The Lake Baikal Essence maintains your ability to be in the world but not of it. It enables you to be in that pure still energy of being at one, so you are less influenced and invaded by mass consciousness and so less likely to make judgements and react.

Madagascar Essence

Positive Outcome:

  • Allows you to detach from mass consciousness and its predilections for disease.
  • Helps you find the freedom to choose whatever you want to without conditioning.
  • Creates a sacred inner space of peace, harmony and balance.
  • Clears the lower three chakras enabling an easier transfer of energy to the higher chakras, thereby assisting you to become at one with your divine essence.
  • Enables you to focus on essentials, make sense of your life and thus know exactly what to do.
  • Removes alienation, not only from each other but also from animals and the land, replacing this with a connected gentleness and harmony.
  • Activates the highest possibility of every aspect of you.

The most important healing quality of the Madagascar Essence is its potential for the eradication of disease and the removal of limiting beliefs around our health and wellbeing that we absorb from mass consciousness. Examples of this is the conditioning and belief that as we get older our minds and bodies will deteriorate and that we only have 70 years of life, the three score and ten syndrome. These have become concrete limitations firmly embedded in mass consciousness. Humanity has forgotten, and needs to be reminded, that living 70 years is only half of man’s natural life cycle.

Everyone is influenced by and part of mass consciousness as soon as they incarnate. Disease, whether physical, emotional or mental, occurs as a result of incarnating into the mass consciousness of humanity. Our thoughts, emotional responses and beliefs, all of which can create disease, are primarily coming from and/or greatly influenced by our connection to mass consciousness.

Humanity veered away from the original blueprint of being in balance and harmony with nature, animals and other people, and instead created disease, alienation, mass consciousness and being out-of-balance.

There are many methods of healing specific illnesses, but before any method can be totally successful there has to be the eradication of the predilection for disease. The Madagascar Essence will not cure every disease; it is curing the predilection for disease. You would then use another remedy for whatever the specific energetic situation is that needs rebalancing or realigning.

If a person has removed themselves from the predilection for illness, they can put themselves right back into it if they are involved with an organisation, philosophy or religion which is full of rigid dogma that tells them how to think and behave, and discourages questioning, learning and exploration.

Removing the predilection for disease creates a sacred inner space of peace, harmony and balance, giving you a perfect state of alignment from which all things are possible so you can choose whatever you want to, without conditioning. This removal clears the lower three chakras enabling an easier transfer of energy to the higher chakras. This will assist you to become at one with your divine essence and activate the highest possibility of every aspect of you.

Mt Pinatubo

Positive Outcome:

  • Heightens your intuition to the inner pulsing of the Earth and future events so you know where you should be and what is safe
  • Allows you to be grounded and in the centre of your power
  • Assists you in aligning to and coming into the flow of the cosmic forces
  • Allows you to drop the mask of conformity, and to reveal who you truly are, your true loving “I Am” state
  • Anchors into your being the unique quality that you came here to be
  • Helps you on your journey from innocence to wisdom enabling you to rise to your highest frequency

Mt. Pinatubo Essence gives you the confidence to take away the masks of fear and conformity and to stand and shine totally in who you truly are and be willing to fully share your uniqueness with everyone and contribute. It allows you to reveal your true “I Am”, state which is at the heart of everything. If you know who you are, you know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

A mask is worn as a shield because the world is perceived as dangerous. If you wear a mask, you are not being who you are incarnated to be. Removing the mask is a consequence of knowing who you are. That knowledge then gives you the confidence to say, “This is who I am”, “This is what is important to me”, “This is where I will focus”. From that comes new creation and this is how worlds are changed.

Mt. Pinatubo Essence is about creation and co-creation and it completes the Individualised Flame’s or Divine Essence’s journey from innocence to wisdom that takes you to the highest frequency of who you truly are.

There is an inner pulse arising from deep within the Earth, a cosmic movement affecting the entire Universe, which is aligning to create vast karmic shifts for our planet. Large tracts of the Earth have absorbed and taken in massive destruction and pollution along with energies of human conflict and negativity. So there are many places within the Earth that need to release that charge and are doing so. This inner pulsing is gradually building up speed and will need to be released. Already it is moving and destabilising some of the tectonic plates, which is why certain disasters or catastrophes are happening and will continue to occur. Though as the Earth raises its vibration, a lot of heaviness will drop away.

Mt. Pinatubo Essence will help you tune into the Earth’s inner pulsing as well as future events, to know where you should be and what is safe. It also assists you to be grounded and in the centre of your power within yourself. The remedy creates a willingness to let go of your blocks and defences and to stay in balance with the incoming flow of cosmic forces entering the Earth.


I started my Light Essence Journey in the beginning of August 2012 and it was very much a journey. I was guided to take them as part of a group and that I had to take them before December to help integrate with the powerful energies. Around 20 people in total completed the Essences with me last year and we each had extremely different experiences.

There was some people who responded to some essences more then others. There was some that resisted the essences a little and didn’t follow through with what spirit or their higher selves showed them. There was some that surrendered to them completely and used them as a tool to help raise their vibration and release a lot of patterning that was holding them back. No matter who experience what I had positive feedback from all 20 people.

Once again I have to warn that you really need to trust your instincts and intuition about starting these essences because you need to feel ready for them. Last August there was two people who took the first essence and decided not to go on with the rest because they didn’t really believe in them. For these essences to work you have to be open to the thought of them working. Some people think that they are to enlightened for them to help you. But I have to remind people that these are high vibrational healing tools that were brought forth by Ian White to support everyone – from long term healers to those just starting their spiritual journey.

I am in the process of writing a short ebook about my Light Essence Journey which will give my thoughts on each essence and then include my diary. Alternatively you can search through the archives and read my posts here on my blog. I have hopes for the ebook to be ready by early March.


A dose bottle is made by mixing top quality spring water, quality brandy and drops from the Original Essence stock bottles. The brandy is needed as an old fashioned preservative and the taste is very watered down.


$70 for all 7 essence + postage

Postage is $10 within Australia and $30 for International.



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