Transformational Times

I have had a very transformation time over the April/May grand cross alignment. It was not an easy time of it and was at times a bit dark as I faced my shadow self. I really started coming out of my cocoon at the end of may/beginning of June. This past month has seen me grow from one strength to another as I faced different aspects of myself.

Spirit is telling me – no bull shit. Its time to step forward and to start embodying all the things which I have learnt. To take a ‘step up’ in a spiritual sense and to start to live consciously all the time. I am what I call a halfer…….I was half practicing spirituality and half staying in the more ‘comfortable’ old me role.

The amazing lie is….It is not comfortable being the old me, everything in me is saying – its time to step up. I feel uncomfortable STAYING like I have been. Please don’t get me wrong, I know I have shifted alot in the last two years. But I know its time for more action.

I keep getting the words “Its time to fulfill your potential”.

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