My Return from Mexico

My Mexican trip was so epic that I have needed a good week or more to processes it. It was not only spiritually enlightening it was also intellectually expansive.

I was amazed with how awe inspiring the pyramid sites were and just being near so much history was mind boggling. I was equally amazed with Hunbatz Men the Mayan Elder and my times spent with him in both the lecture rooms and at some of the sacred sites.

I have been asked to write an article up about my time with Hunbatz in Mexico for Gabriel who helping Hunbatz expand Lol Be (the learning centre Hunbatz has created).

I will post my article here as well as it will help show how expansive this was for me.

Now on a spiritual front.

I feel like a completely different person and its on a deep cellular level and I think it will take many months before I fully understand the extent of how this Mexico trip changed me.

Upon my return I got a cold but it didnt feel like a normal cold, instead it felt more like a cleanse. For the first 5 days of my return I was in a state of limbo and I felt like I was existing out side of time – watching other people move by. I started to realise that I wasnt coping and needed some support.

I asked my higherself what was wrong and I started thinking about my light body, I felt that I had dug up and shifted so many issues that I was clogged. Like my light body was to heavy.

I started thinking about Heidi who I go to for healing and then I drew one of my Isis cards and it was EVERYTHING that I had just been thinking about. I rang Heidi the next day and booked an appointment and instantly started feeling better because I needed that support.

I am so grateful to Heidi Bartz because she brought me such peace and healing that I have started to instantly feel better.




Exciting News

I have secured the funding for Mexico ūüôā

I am going there for Fire Priestess training next month and a temple tour with Mayan Elder, Hunbatz Men. ¬†I don’t think it seems real just yet but I am sure it will sink in soon.

The whole way things unfolded was super interesting and really unexpected. I believe my nightly affirmations have been working and I manifested the whole scenario as my own little miracle.

Sooooooooooo excited !!!

Day 6-9 of Fire Essence

I dont know about everyone else but I feel like I have not had a moments rest in over a week. I am getting that urge to go hermit for a day or two to recharge my batteries and just nurture myself.

Friday – was actually lovely. I felt very in control and organised in the morning and then spent a few hours with my best friend and her newborn at the hospital (My new cosmic God Daughter). I walked back into work and got inundated with messages and other things that had to be done THEN so I ended up being late for Goddess Group.

I go monthly to a Goddess Gathering which celebrates being a woman. I at first had NO idea what to expect but I have really come to love all the other women who are quite a bit older then me and I just love being in such a nurturing and feminine space for a few hours.

The night was lovely and we had a Greek Goddess theme which was lovely because we dont usually have a theme.

Saturday – was visit day. I took my mum and we went and visited the baby, then visited a friend then went shopping. While I was very busy and we were gone all day – I still felt really happy and charged.

Sunday – I was very tired in the morning but I had work to do for my job, so I interviewed a few people then went to the Castle at Uki to watch a few scientist talk about spirituality and how we are in CONTROL of our bodies every moment of the day. It was fascinating and I am thinking that I will do a little researching into some issues I learnt and do up a proper post doing them justice.

The day got even more interesting when I drove home. I came round a bend  and it started pouring rain and I saw this huge double rainbow, I hadnt seen a double rainbow in years and I decided to pull over and just appreciate the majesty of the moment. I sat there for about 3 mins and just felt amazing but the rain eased and the rainbow started to fade. I started driving again and I rounded the bend only 200 metres away and there had been an accident in those 3 mins I was sitting there.

It wasnt a bad accident but I ran over some plastic or glass from when the two cars hit and then went off into the grass. I saw that people had stopped to help them so I kept going and it started to really hit me that I could have been in that accident and if I was there then it could have been a much worse accident. As I was thinking this an ambulance went past and I said a quick prayer for them but I think they should have been okay.

If  my rainbow miracle wasnt already amazing enough I got a very clear message from my guides. The other day I randomly emailed these people about a Mayan Temple Tour that is in May. There is no way I can afford it and I seemed to write a query off before I knew what I was doing.

I told my guides and divine mother/father that if I was suppose to go then could I please have a clear sign that I cannot argue with.

I expected a reply the next day or some other kind of sign but nothing happened for a few days. Meanwhile the latest Drunvalo book I was waiting for was late, it arrived Friday and I didnt start reading it till Sunday. I am reading away about these Mayan Elders in the book and I wondered about them. Then I see that I have got a reply from this lady finally and in it she talks about the Hunbatz Men who was just in the book I was reading.

When I saw the name I thought……no way. So I went and got Drunvalo’s book and flipped right to a page with Hunbatz’s name. I was filled with a deep¬†certainty¬†and I also thought….I cant deny that as a sign. It was to quirky how I never got a reply until AFTER I knew the significance of who the Mayan Elder is.

The issue now – I am 100% certain that I have to go to Mexico in 2 months time and I have no money – so I am seeing this as a test. Is my trust in the Divine big enough????? I have been told if we are suppose to be doing something and we trust then the universe provides. I see this as an opportunity to learn something so that I can be of benefit to others…so there is no selfishness involved.

Lets see if I can manifest 3000 dollars in 2 months.

Monday РI cannot stop thinking about Mexico I am even more convinced that I have to go  РI came home and finished my Drunvalo book Рits as fantastic as ever but I have to admit that I had more of a reaction to Serpent of Light. I have been feeling off all day. Kind of grumpy from about 3pm onwards and once again I am late with my articles so I will have to get up early to finish them.

I know that I am doing good work and that I am being of service to my community but at the same time. I am not really happy – its a conundrum that I am sure I will work out eventually.

Home Again

I dont even know where to start. There is so much to discuss and some of it is personal so it will not be publicly talked about while other parts I feel can be. So this doesnt turn into a super post I will probably break it up into sections to talk about. First the touristy stuff. After we did the museum and night safari we went to Sentosa Island for 3 nights. It was really amazing the resort we stayed in was Siloso Beach Resort and it was like staying in a giant tree house. I absolutely loved it.

While there we did a lot of relaxing and the Luge Ride. That was awesome and I really remembered how fun it is to do stuff like that, I dont have a fear of speed so I pretty much went at maximum speed with little to no breaking. So the Luge helped me to reconnect with the silly fun part of myself that just has pure fun by letting go. I think I need to do more of this, silly little things that are not my usual style lately. This year has been so intense that I  have forgotten to be pure laughter at something silly. I often feel joy, happiness and gratitude but I have not done things that make you laugh for the sheer absurdity of it.

Chinatown Рwe bought lots of cheap gifts for souvenirs. I had only carry on luggage so I needed to find small things that were super light as my carry on was already heavy. What I did was fill a shoulder tote bag with everything heavy and basically just bought light things like scarves, shirts etc. After our shopping we did some temples Рwe visited this gorgeous Hindu Temple just near chinatown and we went in, it was amazing. The energies of the place was very serene and calm. The people that visited were very respectful and loving towards their deities and I kind of zoned out. I really felt a soul deep peace for visiting there.

Quan Yin Temple was next. Here I was more uncomfortable, Quan Yin is the Goddess of Mercy and I think there was alot of people there who were desperate. I could pick up on that desperation and it was saddening. Where the Hindu temple was relaxing this one was slightly jarring. I cannot doubt that it was powerful though, at times I felt like people were brushing up against me and when I turned there was no one there. I also felt like something crawl along my shirt but nothing was there. While I had my eyes shut in prayer I experienced something which I will keep to myself but I know it was the reason why I went there. I loved both the Temples and I wish we went into more of them ūüôā

Lastly – Universal Studios.

This is not my normal thing to go and do because I find them pretty boring. I had zero intention of going but I woke up on our last morning and my intuition told me I had to go. I admit to grumbling at myself and had to meditate to see if I had to go, my intuition said a firm Yes. So off we went. I had to go for two reasons, one I had to support a friend when they got ill and second I want to find out more about this snake I saw on the side of a box in the Egyptian section.


I would love to know if this is familiar to anyone else?

I will blog tomorrow about my experiences at the workshop.