Day 7 – Higher Self Essence

Today I really shifted all my crap and started feeling awesome and fantastic.

I was never really that awful or things to dire but I did know that I was struggling and not happy for the past few days. Then I opened the Course of Miracles to a random page and it was talking about vibrations, then I opened a second book and it was the chapter called The Law of Vibrations….then I pulled a card from my Mayan deck and yep…it was all about vibrations.

Thats when I realise that I would keep having these tests come up because I was not using the right approach. I am always going to be tested by low vibrational situations and people. That is part of our 3D reality. However I CHOOSE if I am going to react in a high vibrational manner or if I am going to react in a low vibrational manner and feel like crap.

I feel fantastic now and I cannot wait to keep going with my new outlook. I shouldnt say new….this are concepts that I have learnt and know. However sometimes the universe likes to pop up and make sure you really have learnt your lesson.

We had a wonderful mediation tonight and the facilitator was awesome. I am pretty sure that I will be learning from her alot.

Day 2 – 5 – Fire Essence

There is so much to say and I dont think I have the energy to write anything up.

Monday and Tuesday was mainly involved in helping my friend out while she gave birth to a most darling new daughter. I had late nights and some stress and just busy busy busy.

Wednesday was more relaxing and then an intensely busy afternoon and then off to Meditation that night. I was soooo happy that I went and we did some Hare Krishna styled rituals and theory based discussion. Afterwards it was lovely to catch up with people but I talked to late again and had a 3rd late night.

Today I woke up and even though I wanted to stay in bed all day I got pushed by my guides to go to Victoria Webby’s mediation in Nerang so it meant travelling an hour but OMG it was worth it. It was funny because I was all set to cancel and go back to bed when I found myself saying to a friend “I will meet you at 10am”. Even after saying it I just kind of shrugged and went along with the urge.

During the channelled messages I got intense fidgety and uncomfortable legs and some strange feelings on skin of my arms and legs. I felt like the entire thing was a deep cellular healing that was pretty amazing. One other lady did another sound healing/channelling and she had us touch our feet up to our head, body part by body part. I regressed to some ancient era by the time I was to the hips.

Its very hard to explain because I felt like a thousands of year old druid and me in the same body touching the same body parts. Almost like I did the exact same things many many moons ago, it was so divine and it made me realise that we dont just appreciate our body for being amazing any more. We dont stop and appreciate ourselves.

I have continued to take the Fire Essence but to tell you the truth I cant really say what is is doing for me. I think it has helped give me the energy to do THREE times the amount of stuff in one week as I normally do. I don’t seem to stop and tomorrow I cant either – I will be gone all day – visit baby, work then Goddess Group.

One final observation – I am extreme sensitive to the Piscean energies that I posted last week. I have thought of why and I am extremely close with both the element of water and the moon. To have 6 planets in the House of Pisces is just amazing and I really wish I could have spent the time just being tranquil. However this just makes me more sure that Fire Essence has helped me stay sane this last week.

I will post more tomorrow night – I am so interested to see what the 10 and 11th will be like when we have SEVEN planets in the House of Pisces…

Day 10 – 13 – Earth Essence

I dont really know where to start.

Tuesday – Was lovely relaxing day and I even went and helped a friend who needed some help. It got a bit dramatic but in the end I thought it turned out perfect.

Wednesday – I couldn’t wait all day to go to Meditation with Heidi Bartz. I knew it was going to be amazing and it was – for myself I found it very healing and relaxing but much more then that I found it amazing to witness. One lady who is new to the meditation groups said to me “Does a woman wearing a white dress and red cloak mean”???? She had a vision of this women and she then went on to explain how this vision stood in front of one lady for ages then walked around the room and stood behind Heidi with arm out stretched.

I thought it sounded like Mary Magdalene who Heidi had been channelling during the meditation. Curiosity got the better of me and I had to ask the woman who had Mary standing in front of her for so long, if she  had seen/felt anything.

I asked her did she feel like someone was standing in front of her during the meditation and she looked shocked.
“yes, I felt someone”  I then asked, do you know who it was, “It was Mary Magdalene” she hesitantly said to me.
By this stage I had full body goosebumps and I asked her what did Mary look like.
“she wore a long dark veil and robe” (she didnt say white dress) but described the rest.

Im not a visual person (yet) I would love to see clear visions while in meditation and just hearing these two women’s stories brought me such validation. I have a lot of faith but because I cannot see things I have to trust my sense of knowing and this always leaves room for doubt. I cannot doubt these two women, I know both of them and neither had told each other. To make things more interesting one of them is new to the mediation group and neither of them have been properly introduced. So my logical (annoying) part of my brain cannot deny what happened.


WOW Today was epic and magical and WOW lol. I went for another Transference Healing with Heidi Bartz. This was my 3rd session with Heidi and something I felt ready for. So much happened that I dont even know where to start. Upon arriving I swear that we just started warping time and I felt like we were there for much longer then we were. In my healing it went for about 30 mins of talking then 1 hr of healing with another 30 mins of talking afterwards.

The thing is there is no way that I was only in the healing session for 1 hr it was EPIC. I had a past life wounding that was of Pleiadian origin and I have to admit that this surprised me but I cannot deny the feeling. I don’t know if I am fully ready to talk about it yet but I will say that when she was telling me about it afterwards my body had this weird quivering sensation and I could feel where she had healed my wounding.

Next I started seeing purple dots behind my eyelids and I thought Saint Germain. Not 5 seconds later Heidi thanked Germain for coming forth and she later told me he bathed me in the violet flame after I had my Pleiadian healing. At this stage I had part of my brain saying – this is taking along time and my friend was due to go after me…I was worried she wouldnt have time because I was going over time.

However when you are in such a deep meditative state thoughts like that dont last long. I quickly blanked out and I felt like my chair was vibrating or more likely I was vibrating – almost like I could float away. I had my hands facing down and they started to ache so I turned them over so palms facing up. I later learned that Isis came at that time and took me by the hand.

Heidi had prepared a giant cloth with a Star of David on it and I laid down upon it. So much more happened with Isis which I don’t fully understand yet and I wont talk about it till I know/process it properly. Lets just say that I was completely blown away and Heidi said to me afterwards that she was surprised with how much I am being worked on. She said that different masters and guides are working on so many different levels all at once within me.

Instead of feeling pride in that I feel a tremendous relief. My life is like an insane spiritual roller coaster ride and I sometimes stop and wonder if I am slightly nutty…but this is just confirmation that I am being worked on because A) I have asked for it and I am trying my hardest to process everything  and B) I really feel like I am being prepared for something, as to what I dont know yet.

There is of course more personal things that I dont know if I will ever share – but I just feel that it is important to keep a diary of this.


Today didnt go as expected. I was feeling very strong at work and very competent and then a friend rang. She had a major emotional release and some tough experiences. I really felt honoured to help her but also sadness for her pain. I cant say much more as it is her business.

Its my last day of Earth Essence tomorrow and I have to admit that I am really ready for Fire Essence.

Day 4 – Earth Essence

I have had another wonderful day.

I don’t know if its the essence, the fact that I have been eating more purely the last 12 days then the past 2 months or the new Divine Feminine energies. Probably all of those things make up a lovely combination that has me feeling great.

I have noticed a few male friend that have not been really happy or their usual selves today. I think they are feeling sensitive to the changing and shifting of the energies. It made me realise that woman have to reconnect with aspects that are already within us – we just have to let them blossom and come forth. However I think the men are going to struggle with connecting with the Divine Feminine because it is something that has been almost bred out of them for thousands of years.

I am being very general – there is of course women who are very masculine and men that are very feminine and then there are those lucky ones that are well balanced. But men have been told for hundreds of years that its not manly to show emotion etc – I think the next few years will be a shock as they start to feel the creative and soft energies of the Divine Feminine anchor in.

The most exciting thing to happen today was my weekly meditation. It was Heidi this week who is the transformational healer I have talked about and she it utterly amazing. During the first meditation I completely lost time and as I was laying down I thought someone was up and walking around. I could feel the floor boards move and then I realised that it was my heart beat. I was so deep in meditation that my heart felt massive – like it was making the floor boards vibrate. It was amazing.

During the second meditation I felt like the Ascended Masters and Angels in the room where touching my hair. I also got cold and I asked for help in keeping warm and then my legs got this sudden glowing warmth and I was no longer freezing. The whole things was sooooo good and I feel fantastic, I am so relaxed.

Its. 12.22 am – I think that is a perfect time for bed lol

blessings xoxox

Lessons of Unconditional Love

My perceptions of Unconditional Love have dramatically changed within the last 24 hrs.

I have had many experiences of being in the heart space and total joy. I always felt tremendous gratitude when I was in these moments. I would feel my heart expand and I couldn’t help but smile and feel amazing.

However in the last month since the 21st of December I have really struggled to have these moments of effortless joy. This does not mean that I don’t believe that a shift has happened. I have far to much proof by watching the people around me and talking to my friends, there is definite changes that are happening.

In the last week I have been tested by a situation. Someone has been acting unreasonably towards me and causing me much confusion, anger, hurt, distress, and basically wondering how other humans can be so hurtful or have such a lack of compassion. I have gone through every not so nice emotion there is.

I would tell myself…stop feeding this situation negative thoughts, don’t dwell on it because I am feeding the situation negative energy. I tried sending her love, I tried detaching from the situation. However my ego would not allow me to leave the situation because there was still a lesson to be learned.

Yesterday I went to my local crystal shop and the owner knew that something was wrong just by looking at me. I realised that I had really let this woman effect me energetically and I was feeling very heavy and suppressed. Once I knew things were so wrong I switched my thinking to ‘what is the lesson in this’ and I even said that to the owner of the shop.

I told the shop owner that there had to be some lesson because the situation was not going away and sending her love was not helping. The amazingly gifted crystal owner said to me “well you are open the the answer, I am sure you will soon be shown the lesson in this”. I felt immediately lighter and I bought a hexagonal shaped Pyrite Crystal and left.

The answer to my lesson came far sooner then I ever thought. Only hours later I went to my meditation night at The Castle on the Hill and after the meditation was over one of the other ladies told us of a heartbreaking situation she is in. I wont go into details because it is her personal business but my advice was her. “Don’t let this situation effect you, all you can do is pray and send this woman love. But as hard as it is to think of now but you cannot change that situation, all you can change is you. I even went on to say – I think the lesson might be to not let this woman/situation bring you down and effect your energy.

It should have been obvious that the universe had sent this woman to us tonight (she doesnt attend often) but she is going through an identical situation energetically. I can’t believe I didn’t see her as a mirror for my situation. I drove home and my mind was racing with more negative thoughts and dwelling on my problems. I tried toning and singing while driving just to distract myself but my mind and ego would creep back in and still think about it.

I got home and found yet another email that made the situation I was experiencing even more confusing. I had moments of anger and confusion but then I felt more certain, I knew that the situation had reach a new level of silliness and I vowed to no longer put my energies into this one-on-one interaction. Not long after I drew a card from my new Liquid Crystal Oracle deck and it was Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz ask for forgiveness………….forgiveness for myself and for all others. Forgiveness of the situation and just to return to a place of love. OMG it went *POW* I realised that the lady at the castle was my sign and the answer to the lesson was my advice that I had given her….I cannot control the situation or the other person. But I CAN control how I react and how I feel.

This is when my perception of Unconditional Love changed.

In the past I associated unconditional love as a gift to OTHERS. I thought that by being in the heart space and sending out love I was helping the planet and those around me. But not once did I acknowledge the fact that unconditional love is a gift to ME.

If I am in unconditional love nothing and no one can effect me. If I am having trouble sending the other person love then I don’t concentrate on that. Instead I concentrate on ME on surrendering myself to my heart and letting myself FEEL love for myself. It make the situation insignificant and I know that the situation will unravel how its suppose to, but I will no longer invest my emotions into such a negative way.

I am now going to practice love, joy, laughter and bliss because its for me. Its the ultimate gift to myself and when I am in this space I then help others and the planet…

Love and Blessings to you all xoxox


12.12.12 Activation Skype Class

I have met both Ahana and Amrita – I can say that they are both genuine and profound souls. Ahana’s wisdom comes from the heart and Amritas songs come from the stars.

A SKYPE class by Ahana La-Ra and Amrita Aahnza (Celine Liew)

There are many versions about the shift of the 21st December, 2012 as well as several movements and events to mark this momentous alignment of our Earth to the central Sun. It is indeed a time for celebration for the collective on Earth as we tilt towards a more positive experience for all and a higher state of consciousness.

However, before we can harness the opportunities and energies of the shift, we have to understand and embody the power of neutrality that the 12-12-12 brings for us. Source is neutral and the universe is always in balance. It is important to understand that creation rising from balance, instead of flux, endures and is supported by the light forces.

As we shift into the new gear, our perceptions will manifest into our experiences very quickly as we move into a high creative mode. To create the right experiences for us, we need to utilize the secrets and the power of neutrality to direct our lives towards our desired experiences.In this trigger session, we will explore the following:

■The forces that we will experience as a result of this shift
■What is neutrality and why is it a true power in this shift
■How do our decisions impact our lives in the new paradigm
■How do we create or co-create in the new paradigm
■Tools and techniques to stay centered and stay at the root of our power
■The universal truths behind unity consciousness and how does it affect our individual livesWe will be conducting this SKYPE class through small groups (3-5 participants). The session will last 60-90 minutes. At the end of the session, 10 minutes will be allocated for personal questions and channeled answers by Ahana and Amrita.

Amrita will also perform a soul song for each participant to help merge or embody the higher aspects of their soul. This can be done at the session or can be arranged separately, as guided.

Registration: Please write to and pay via the PayPal by clicking on this link –

We will send you a few time slots, depending on where you are located worldwide for you to choose and confirm.

Abundance Exchange: Minimum USD$15 donation or more

Please Email  if you have any questions

The Light is Within You Workshop

What a wonderful workshop this was to attend, I learnt alot and met some awesome people.

Sandra Tonkinson introduced me to Jin Shin Jyutsu. A healing art that I had never heard of before. It very interesting and very relaxing, so relaxing at one point I stuffed up my hand positions and poor Sandra had to correct them. One tip I will share is holding your finger while on an aeroplane. She told me that its such a simple thing that most people are dismissive, I tried it on the trip home and really liked the effects. I tried holding my right forefinger and then right middle finger. Both had a calming effect and I kind of forgot that I was surrounded by hundreds of other people, another strange effect was that I became very aware of the air outside of the plane (it got louder, I imagined its flow and speed) it was wonderfully distracting and I amused myself for ages with it. I can well recommend trying it. Just close your eyes and hold a finger…soooo simple 🙂

Justin Andries talked about elementals and then did an elemental meditation. I knew alot of what he was talking about in regards to the elementals but I still learnt interesting and fascinating things. The meditation was the most interesting for me. When we got to the middle of the meditation Justin said that we could tell an Elf Lord who was there to help us our problems. My thoughts were GREAT I have alot to say haha but the next few minutes are completely blank. I have no idea what I said or if I talked to anyone or thought of anything. I hope to redo this meditation a few times to help connect with the Elf Lords and Elementals in general.

Ahana LaRa was her normal awesome self. Alot of what she talked about I had already heard from my skype sessions with her or my own personal conversations over the last few months. What I enjoyed the most was the passion in her voice and the enjoyment of other people in the room. I felt that there was a few people she didnt know that were touched by her words, and of course comfort for those she knew like me.

Celine Aahnza Liew was amazing as usual. I had got to spend some time with her as she was my room mate. She spoke light language or star speak (I have heard both terms). It was extremely powerful and she even channelled dolphins at one part, it was a lovely mixture of singing and speaking. Very powerful.

There was a camera there that was taking footage and I am going to help edit the film so I hope to have a link to some Youtube footage very soon.

Solar Eclipse Message

Remembering who you are is the single most important thing in life,
It is the reason we are reborn over and over again.
Its the final lesson.
Know who you are,
Feel it in your core being and feel yourself embrace your true destiny.

I received these words while meditating during the total solar eclipse and felt I should share.
Something else I want to share is something a wise woman just told me.Remember the Moon today.

I have been so focused on the energies of the Sun during the solar eclipse that I forgot the energies of the Moon. It is the moon that is passing in front of the sun and baring the brunt of the Suns energies and that is why I want to acknowledge both the Sun and the Moon today.
The Moon represents the Feminine and the Sun represent the Masculine.
Now more then ever it is important to acknowledge the Divine Feminine in all things.
Life is Amazing

Day 11 to 13 – China Essence


I had the most strange and amazing dreams that I only half remembered. After my spirit doctor healing the night before I thought all was going to be good but in this instance I was amazed. I only ever remember 1-2 dreams a month but this whole night was completely out of body strange. I actually think some of it might have been astral or other dimensional – it was very exciting for me, I rang my friend up who had went and she had similar experiences.


Soooo Hot, I dont know where summer came from but its 2 months to early. Energetically I was very drained from the heat but I was still very excited and full of joy. I think that is what happened on the Wednesday night meditation. I think it swept/cleaned alot of useless energy out of my lightbody/aura – I felt like it was almost a total cleanse or a rebirthing.


Did some much needed cleaning around the house for my sister. So I was physically tired but still happy. Then tonight I went to a Dream Drone ( it was pretty amazing but totally not what I was expecting I was thinking it would be relaxing but instead I felt it on a very intense almost cellular level. They say that sound is suppose to be very healing and I really felt like it was, I could feel the vibration from the didgeridoo in my body, not just my bones but it felt like individual organs were being worked on. it was utterly amazing. I feel energy more then see things and I really found this so intense, I am very glad I did it and would go back a second time in a heart beat.

Tomorrow is my last day on China, I have decided not to take it any longer then the 14 days. I am getting that completed feeling that I tend to get toward the end of most of the essences.

Day 10 – China Essence

I am getting a lot more certain about what the China Essence seems to be doing for people.

I have now talked to 4 of the people on China and they have all had issues about wounding to their Divine Feminine. For myself it was body image and self worth, another had worries about being judged, one felt unappreciated and the other realised the sacredness of their sexuality and how it is linked to the divine feminine in a beautiful way.

The lessons are not that pretty and by that I mean OUCH they are not nice lessons to learn. However I really believe that China Essence is bringing up things that we need to work on NOW. I personally feel that mine is part of my karmic patterning and one of my major karmic lessons for this lifetime. The other thing I have noticed is that it is VERY VERY easy to work on the issue. I am not wallowing in the self pity or the doubt, I am asking for help and getting – I feel wonderful and great. I see that there is things that I can work on and I am actively meditating and praying as well as verbalising my issue with close friends.

Tonight was very special as it was Meditation night and I didn’t even know what to expect. We had a lady talk to us and bring through the energies of the spirit doctors. This was not something I had ever heard about but WOW was it amazing. The lady put her hands at my crown and heart chakra and then I fell backwards, a man ‘caught’ me and gently lowered me to the ground. In all truth I was very sceptical because I am very self conscious and I was worried that my skirt would flip up etc. But when she touched me I went out like a light, my brain was going whirl whirl whirl but I couldn’t really move my body. I felt the spirit doctors working on my feet and hands as well as the odd twitch on leg etc

Its hard to describe the feeling, its like when you have something full of electricity and you make the hairs on your arms stand up… that’s the feeling only it was on my hands and feet. I still don’t understand why they worked on my hands and feet of all places but I am just accepting it as a good thing. After that I tried to sit up and I couldn’t, I immediately felt them working on my third eye and it was very unusual and to hard to describe (not painful in any way). After that I sat up and moved to the side, I was still VERY tired but it was such an amazing experience. I am going to call on the spirit doctors more often, they come but its not as powerful (usually) when its just one on one.

I am booking a healing session with a transformational healer for next Thursday. I am really looking forward to it because I think it is something that I need to do just to help clear all the stuff that I have brought up recently. I am thinking that I might take this China Essence for longer then the 14 days I might take it for 16 if I have enough drops left, this has been the most powerful for me out of all 4 essences so far, its not been the most pleasant but its doing the most good for me on a larger level.