Writing the Book

WOW I have done a rough draft of my Intro (most likely to change quite a bit over time)

I also compiled all the first essence (Antarctica) into one file and it was soooo fascinating to reread all my experiences and it just seemed to bring some of the magic of that time into my crazy hectic life which is NOW.

I am even more convinced that I need to take some more essences because I did love my life while I was taking them. I also look back on those 2 and half months and realise that I had HUGE spiritual growth – I could really do with some of that right this moment lol

I feel like I am straddling two worlds. On one side of the chasm is the old me, stagnant me and the 3D reality. On the opposite side of the chasm is a greater connection to source, Ancient Wisdom coming back to me and the knowledge of what my life’s purpose is.

I really just want to take my foot out of the old me/stagnant me and place it firmly in the 5D with the me that knows what I am doing, who I am & what I should be doing.

Love and Blessings to All

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