Apps, HTML & Healing

I am putting on my self employed hat and really trying to do the things which make me happy. Which is helping people understand how to do basic website and also my research in to healing methods. I did one more market recently and helped a few people with my Australian Bush Flower Essence Kit. It was extremely amazing to be of service and I am so grateful for being able to learn and grown in this area.

I was asked about Apps for one of my friends and it got me to thinking about one by one converting my quotes (in my book) into a photo app. It would be a labour of love and take days/weeks – But I am thinking about it haha. Ive discovered a free program which teaches HTML which in turn should help me with the app building.

Onto the Healing part.

I am still taking Boab but this time I am also taking Pink Mulla Mulla which heals ancient wounds. I got goosebumps while reading about the flower essence because it seemed so appropriate to take it after Boab. Pink Mulla Mulla can heal wounds from our very first incarnation – a deep core wounding that leaves a mark on us at our most deepest level.

This wound can often be found in the out layer of our light body. Your aura or light body has seven layers and it is the outer most layer which will bare this original wounding which you carry with you through all of your past lives. Pink Mulla Mulla is also good for any old emotional wounding in this life time as well.

Both my mum and me are taking this as a Boab and Pink Mulla Mulla mix but after this bottle I am going to do a bottle of just Pink Mulla Mulla by itself.

Its really amazing how life turns out and how connected we all are – especially with our families. My brother who was a firm believer in NOT ever having any flower essences has started taking them and he is on his fourth day. I personally believe that he is reacting to both my mum and me taking Boab…we have started clearing patterns and changing/enabling ourselves an he is moving with us in ways we can only watch with love and joy.


Steps Towards My Dreams

Today I placed a very large order for the final Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) which I didnt have.  I also got a few other items to compliment my products and I have done this all on faith. It has been interesting watching my issues with abundance swing wildly from one extent to the other. But I take todays actions as a positive sign that I am taking the true path of abundance.

One of my friends put it best when she said – abundance is not about chasing money its about letting money chase you, she said you should come up with creative ideas and then open yourself up for the abundance to come to you.

I have placed a $700 order on my credit card and my aim is to pay it off within 1 month. Since making this decision a few days ago I have found out that $110 dollars which was owed to me is coming next week, I got my first basic website job which is $222 and I am expecting another payout of some money owed to me in 2 weeks (around $400 maybe more).

I sat here thinking wow are you nuts getting into debt to do this and then one after another I thought of all my abundance which is now coming to me and I realise that it adds up to just over $700. I’ve spent $650 -$700 and I will be getting $700-$750 within the next 3 weeks.

I am completely ecstatic because not only is this a sign that I am following my true path but its also a sign that I am accepting true abundance into my life. I have had a creative idea and I have opened myself up to abundance and it is flowing to me.

If I go and do more markets and get my name out there as a practitioner then who knows how much abundance can flow. Im open to it coming from all different angles.

The other thing is my dreams are expanding. What the Boab Essence (which I am taking now) does is help clear negative family patterns, karmic patterns and helps you find your true destiny. While watching the Level 2 Workshop DVD for ABFE I started thinking – I would love to do this, I would love to become so knowledgeable about each of the essences that I could teach. Now one month ago I would NEVER have had a dream/thought quite that big because I have this self depreciating part of myself that I have worked ALOT in the past 12 months to heal.

I can now have thoughts like this and I dont squash the idea. In fact I believe I would make a great teacher – Im staring at these words in bemusement and a little part of me is saying finally while the ego is still trying to tell me I cant.

life is utterly amazing.