Day 8 -11 – Higher Self Essence

I have felt pretty fantastic the last few days.

Thursday saw alot of cleaning and de-cluttering. But best of all I feel very light again and I believe that I have really learnt my lesson from Monday and Tuesday and about staying in higher vibration.

If I hadn’t witnessed just how much I WAS effected and then how much I effect OTHERS I wouldnt have cottoned on so quick to changing my outlook and enabled me to centre and realign myself.

Friday was a day of MAJOR movement. I got so much done that I had been meaning to do and things started working. I felt this was a mixture of everyone feeling better and my own vibration/emotions being so much more positive and great.

Saturday was epic cleaning day as my aunt and uncle was coming up and I had to have the rooms reorganised and re-cleaned. It was a bit hard because I was cleaning with my mum who I love dearly but really tested my ego. She would be a bit negative about throwing a few things out and being forced to clean (even though we had put it off for weeks) I am happy to say that even though my ego was triggered I was able to not really get to bitch or mean. I accomplished this by mainly ignoring some comments.

That night I had my first ever long distance healing from Patricia Morris Cardona and it was really interesting. I felt like a tickling sensation in my heart and 3rd eye chakra but after about 5-10 mins I felt this pressure on my head and sinuses – to try and put it into words is hard….it was like my head was surrounded by a bubble of air and then there was a pressure on that bubble – pushing it down into my head, so I felt a pressure at the back of my nose…boy that sounds weird haha.

I woke up early and completely energised – it was fantastic, Patricia said:

“I felt your energy field was very light and filled with light. There was not so much to clean up on you. Your thoughts are pretty clean. More centered on healing and love!  Not so much self criticism as most people have. Better connection to the light energies. We cleaned your charkas besides all your bodies and organs and sent energy though all your meridians. We sent in a lot of Golden liquid light and love to heal you and nourish you.  So no wonder you had a lot of energy.”
I think thats lovely cause I often wonder if all my work……….is working haha – I am really trying to raise my vibration, hold as much light as possible and basically be the best human that I can. So its lovely to hear that I my pretty light and filled with light.
Sunday – today I have been up since 6 am and busy cleaning, its interesting because I woke some time after 5am very energised, so I really only had about 4.5 to 5 hrs sleep and then I am up and raring to go. So I thing Patricia really revitalised me 🙂
Last night I changed the book cover of my ebook and I am SOOOO much happier with it. I am also trying to promote it more which I have been kind of lax in doing. I posted about it on my Facebook page and started a small ad campaign – I am also offering the book for free for 2 days on amazon – I am not sure when that will start I think midnight tonight. I am hoping this will give the book some reviews and boost its ranking.

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