This is all about the area I live in, so much history that I am only now just learning. They say that the Victors write the history……..well I say – truth always finds a way to come to light.

Origine' Cultural Starlore

The Totemic Ngarakbal and Githabal sites are [naturally] named with Ngarakbal and Githabal’s dialect linguistics…This ancient language identifies the names of the totemic ancestral creators…the names of  the ‘Skin’s…the names from the Bootheram [Dreaming Lores] …

Lore, Language and Land are linked…and should never be changed.

“The Birds gave us our language….. We are the Bird Tribes”….Marlene Boyd – Ngarakbal

Oceania Early Discoveries

Claiming by Renaming

Contemporary Academics have stealthily placed the Ngarakbal into an administrative pidgeonholed dialect classification of the ‘Bundjalung’…and refer to it as a Nation….when culturally Bundjalung [proper] was a tribal clan of the Widgibil.

There is NO Evidence within the early Ethno-historical records  to support the contemporary governance concept of a cultural bloc now promoted as ‘BUNDJALUNG NATION’ being associated with this area of Australia,  or of a Tribal group known as the BUNDJALUNG ever having any access or ‘rights’ to either the Ngarakbal or it’s marriage…

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Transformational Times

I have had a very transformation time over the April/May grand cross alignment. It was not an easy time of it and was at times a bit dark as I faced my shadow self. I really started coming out of my cocoon at the end of may/beginning of June. This past month has seen me grow from one strength to another as I faced different aspects of myself.

Spirit is telling me – no bull shit. Its time to step forward and to start embodying all the things which I have learnt. To take a ‘step up’ in a spiritual sense and to start to live consciously all the time. I am what I call a halfer…….I was half practicing spirituality and half staying in the more ‘comfortable’ old me role.

The amazing lie is….It is not comfortable being the old me, everything in me is saying – its time to step up. I feel uncomfortable STAYING like I have been. Please don’t get me wrong, I know I have shifted alot in the last two years. But I know its time for more action.

I keep getting the words “Its time to fulfill your potential”.

FREE Guided Meditation – Connecting with Lady Gaia

Ooooh This looks great 🙂

Elemental Awakening

Hi guys,

Just uploaded a guided meditation I did recently on connecting with Lady Gaia and planet Earth.

Download it FREE here now and see the talk I did prior to it on YouTube here. 

I have also added a new Training products section to the website. Currently there is a workshop I lead that helps you connect to each of the 7 main chakras, the galactic and earth star charkas and more. You can find more details on the Training Products page.  The introduction file is free to download so check it out.

Many of you may have been experiencing the severe energies we’re in currently – all asking us to change, to let go of the past and to move forward.  Lighter and more free.  The more we resist this and cling to the past the more we struggle.  Grow from within, learn how strong…

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My First Market Day

Yesterday I took along my essences, my face creams, natural beauty products and herbal teas to the market and set up a stall. I was nervous because this is something I really want to do. I want to be of service and I keep getting pushed to change my life to fit with my beliefs. I have used the Australian Bush Flower Essences since I was 16 and I have really used them a lot in the last 12 months.

I completely believe we need this vibrational help to help support us emotionally, I think people pick up on my sincerity and they respond because my essences sold well. The market was really slow because we were competing with a music festival and I didn’t know that – however it wasn’t really about the money the day was really about me taking that FIRST step.

I made enough to cover my costs and a tiny profit – but more then that it was a boost to my confidence because I really connected with some lovely people who bought my products. I felt amazing because I was helping people.

I am in the process of updating this website so it showcases my products but I also need to do a Boab Update because some of us have been taking it for 3 weeks now and there has been some amazing growth for some people.


How to Manifest Abundance with Affirmations.

My friend told me about a 14 day affirmation plan which I used successfully to manifest a trip to Mexico.

Firstly you need to create an affirmation that clearly states what you want:

I created this:

I (add full name) will have $4500 by May 30th as I am going to Mexico on May 18th for Fire Priestess training.

See how I clearly stated my name, how much I need, when I needed it and why I needed it.

I was told by my friend to sit down in front of a candle every night for 14 nights in a row (or until you manifest what you want) and you cannot miss a night, if you did you have to start all over again.)

So I got seated comfortably in front of a candle (the same candle I relit each time) and I would quieten my mind and do a brief mediation to just sit in silence. After a few mins or when I felt ready – I opened my eyes and stared at the flame – I would then say my affirmation about 5-10 times.

The key is to trust your intuition on when to stop, I usually found that I grew more confident and certain each time I repeated the affirmation and it was around the 5th time my voice would grow more stronger and sure.

I always ended the affirmations with staring at the flame for a few moments/minutes to stay centred and bask in the feeling that it is going to work.

My friend told me that if the affirmations is working then there will be a sign on the 7th day and I did receive one….well two actually. Firstly someone sent me a $5 donation on paypal for no reason, a complete stranger who never communicated with me and secondly I got my first paying website job.

Now here is the important part – I would often add the words – for the highest good of all when saying my affirmations because you will not manifest something if it hurts another person or is not for your own highest good then things will not work. I felt like I needed to go to Mexico for my spiritual growth and I asked for signs that I should go….and I got them. So think about what you want and what you NEED to manifest.

Why Do Healers Hurt Themselves ?

Recently I talked to a few people about my plans to go and see a local healer because I felt like I needed help to process all the information I had learnt in Mexico. As well as shifting all the issues I had dug up, I felt very heavy and like my light body was clogged and like I couldn’t even think.

Some of the reactions I got was really surprising – I was given the impression that they thought I could handle it myself and should try and process it completely by myself. It almost felt like they believed I was not enabling myself by seeking help and healing from another. After my healing I have felt fantastic and I was so happy that I went and received the support that I needed – because if I hadn’t I would still be processing Mexico for weeks.

Last night a healer talked to me about how they had been processing a massive life lesson/issue over the last three months and they had undergone a massive transformation. I suggested going and seeing a healer because it sounded like they needed some support shifting all that they had processed and I was shocked at the reaction. The healers face instantly closed over and their body language also showed me instant rejection of the idea. I was left floundering as to why one healer would not go and seek help from another healer when they needed it?

This is not an isolated experience – it constantly surprises me that some healers I talk to refuse to go and see other healers. To me that is like shooting yourself in the foot, we are all processing so much stuff and so super fast that it makes complete logical sense to go to another healer and have them cleanse your light body and support you. I don’t know if everyone feels the same but I felt like the last three months have been MASSIVE and I did 6-9 months worth of living in just the three months.

I can understand how some healers feel like they HAVE to heal themselves because they can do it. Well of course they can – So can I. I have absolutely zero doubt that I could have processed Mexico and all it means to me but it would have taken me weeks. I am also aware that there is deeper layers and I will be discovering things as the months move on…but at least I can now think because I went and got help in the initial processing stages when things are so dense and emotional.

But my question remains… why do so many healers I know put themselves through weeks and in some cases even months of processing issues when going and getting help can bring you instant relief and clarity.

Lets face it – if you are going through a emotional or spiritual lesson or cleanse – then you are going to be so emotionally invested that it will take you longer to heal/process. Another part of me wonders if the healers feel slightly insecure – like they are promoting themselves as healers so if they have issues and need help maybe they feel they cannot get help because they are suppose to be able to do it themselves?

Most healers I know are so busy healing others they often put themselves last. I hope that one day our healers learn to nurture themselves just as much as they do others and realise that they are allowed to go to another healer for help. In fact by keeping yourself healthy and in as high vibration as possible you will be able to heal more people that if you just constantly have to rely just yourself.

Oneness is about realising we are all one. So if you are in need of support then go get that support because you will be doing the greatest good for the planet if you do. If we are all one and you are feeling bogged down with layers of issues then you actually are giving that feeling and projection to the rest of the planet. However if you seek help, heal yourself and quickly align back with your centre then you are in fact helping the entire planet.

If you need support and healing then please go and seek it. If you are truly suppose to work on the issue by yourself then your higherself will show you clear signs. In the past I have had to work on some issues and when I tried calling my favourite healer she was away or booked out etc.

Remember many life lessons are intellectual and from the heart. We have to process it in the mind then the heart to fully integrate the lesson, however if you are feeling some kind of energetic blockage or heaviness then you should go to a healer to clear it if you are not in the head space to clear it yourself.

My comments are of course not about all healers but I have witnessed enough situation to prompt this post.

Love and Light to All xoxoxox

Insanely Perfect

My life is insanely perfect at the moment.

There is sooooo much to update about but I just have not had the time, I am almost FINISHED my Devic Essences and only just realised that I have not been writing my diary about them.

I am leaving for Mexico in 10 days and I have SO much to do – however I am super calm. I believe this is the universe supporting me because I need to go.

I have learnt interesting life lessons and have new insights into myself.

I also have to write up the affirmation/abundance plan that I followed to manifest my trip – I havent forgotten.

I will try to do some of the above in the next day or to

love you all xoxox

Pam Younghans – NorthPoint Astrology Journal – Week 15 April 2013 – 15 April 2013

Brilliant predictions – so worth reading

Lucas 2012 Infos

PamYounghansHighlighted Aspects this Week

Monday: Venus enters Taurus; Tuesday: Ceres square Mercury, Chiron semisquare Mars, Chiron semisquare Sun; Wednesday: Sun conjunct Mars; Thursday: Neptune sextile Venus; Friday: Neptune trine Ceres, Saturn quincunx Mercury, Sun enters Taurus, Jupiter semisquare Sun; Saturday: Uranus conjunct Mercury, Mars enters Taurus, Jupiter semisquare Mars; Sunday: Pluto square Mercury

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Revealing the New Cover

I am really happy with this new cover that I have created for my ebook. The last one was not as eye catching as I wanted and this one has more colour and looks more elemental and spiritual as well. I have scheduled the book to be free for 2 days and I think it will start tonight at midnight. So please take advantage of this and grab a free copy 🙂




I would love it if you were able leave a review if that is possible as this will help me with future sales 🙂  I am still having issues with the formatting and the quote is at the top of the page instead of in the centre of the page. This is something I am trying to work on and I would really appreciate any feedback you have on if this is to distracting or if you found it easy to read.

Much love all xoxox