About Me

It is time to update !!

My name is Jess and I have been on the most divinely intense spiritual ride of my life. I like to tell people I got hit by the Spirit Bus in early 2012. The last two years have been so amazing for my soul and I am a million times happier then the person who I was in 2011.

This website is my journey over that time, I started it mid 2012 to document my growth and it is very much like an online diary. I treasure this blog because it shows how far I have come and I truly hope that it helps some people along their path.

I have not posted as often in the last six month because I have reached a level of confidence within myself and because I have also been working on some deeper shadow work. I have been basically digging up all the things in my life which I do not need, observing them and then releasing them.

I have taken on more responsibility on a spiritual level, I have started hosting meditations and have been practicing healings on friends. I am so excited to see where my life leads me now ! I am so happy that I ‘awakened’ and I look around in awe at the beautiful souls around me who are awakening as well.

We have reached the threshold for change and while yes there is still many acts of unconsciousness happening in the world. I truly feel like it is on borrowed time as more eyes are opened every second.

Many Blessings

7 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Yes…thank you for sharing indeed. I feel like this “About” page could be about me, and it is so uplifting to know that it is not…but instead someone else who is just on the same path. Best of wishes on your journey 😉

    • Awwwww Thankyou Seth

      The main reason I started this blog is because I hoped to connect with people who was going through the same experiences/shift that I am.

      When I started my shift I felt an undeniable urge to connect with other spiritual people because I felt so out of sync and alone. I started going to a weekly meditation and joined a goddess group (that celebrates being a woman).

      Your post brings me so much JOY because you help remind me that this global shift is very much happening one person at a time.

      Much love and blessings xoxox

  2. Hi Jess, I loved this page – I opened very spontaneously and although a few years earlier, the Universe ‘placed’ the right people in my path to guide me, otherwise it could have been a very different story today. Isn’t it wonderful how we are so watched over and guided – I look forward to hearing your continued journey. Hugs, Victoria x

  3. Thankyou Victoria 🙂
    I love the name The Blue Temple – I saw a whale film clip today and thought of you. I must go and email it to you.
    I am glad you like my page – I have been as honest as possible about my journey so far and I hope it help people.

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