Crystal Dreaming

My friend Ahana LaRa said something very profound to me (she does this all the time lol)

She said that when we receive guidance, ideas or messages from our guides or higherself – it is important to write it all down and put it out there for people to read. She said its a way of honouring the gift and messages that we receive.

I have been thinking about it since she told me and I have thought about it on an energetic level. For example: I have been having some very interesting experiences and dreams about crystals. Part of me says “I must put that up on the blog” but I get distracted by something else and I didn’t do it.

I realised that no…I am no honouring the messages and gifts from my guides. But on an energetic level I am not pouring my energies into the situation so in some ways I am hindering the manifestation processes. If my guides show me something and my instinct tells me that I should share it – – – and then I don’t share it. I am in fact ignoring my guides.

That just proves to my guides that I am not being serious and I am not ready to be shown the next level. I believe this is why the dreams stopped. There has been times that I have had my guides keep drumming me with info until I got it but being human is about having free will.

The lesson is using my free will to follow my guidance and ACT upon that guidance. So in the spirit of honouring my new found experiences with some crystals I will be posting about Rose Quartz, Sunstone and Celestite tommorow when I finish researching one final thing.

The time to ACT is here – no more pussy footing around. My guides will not help me along my path if I don’t put the effort into it.

Love and Blessings

Lessons of Unconditional Love

My perceptions of Unconditional Love have dramatically changed within the last 24 hrs.

I have had many experiences of being in the heart space and total joy. I always felt tremendous gratitude when I was in these moments. I would feel my heart expand and I couldn’t help but smile and feel amazing.

However in the last month since the 21st of December I have really struggled to have these moments of effortless joy. This does not mean that I don’t believe that a shift has happened. I have far to much proof by watching the people around me and talking to my friends, there is definite changes that are happening.

In the last week I have been tested by a situation. Someone has been acting unreasonably towards me and causing me much confusion, anger, hurt, distress, and basically wondering how other humans can be so hurtful or have such a lack of compassion. I have gone through every not so nice emotion there is.

I would tell myself…stop feeding this situation negative thoughts, don’t dwell on it because I am feeding the situation negative energy. I tried sending her love, I tried detaching from the situation. However my ego would not allow me to leave the situation because there was still a lesson to be learned.

Yesterday I went to my local crystal shop and the owner knew that something was wrong just by looking at me. I realised that I had really let this woman effect me energetically and I was feeling very heavy and suppressed. Once I knew things were so wrong I switched my thinking to ‘what is the lesson in this’ and I even said that to the owner of the shop.

I told the shop owner that there had to be some lesson because the situation was not going away and sending her love was not helping. The amazingly gifted crystal owner said to me “well you are open the the answer, I am sure you will soon be shown the lesson in this”. I felt immediately lighter and I bought a hexagonal shaped Pyrite Crystal and left.

The answer to my lesson came far sooner then I ever thought. Only hours later I went to my meditation night at The Castle on the Hill and after the meditation was over one of the other ladies told us of a heartbreaking situation she is in. I wont go into details because it is her personal business but my advice was her. “Don’t let this situation effect you, all you can do is pray and send this woman love. But as hard as it is to think of now but you cannot change that situation, all you can change is you. I even went on to say – I think the lesson might be to not let this woman/situation bring you down and effect your energy.

It should have been obvious that the universe had sent this woman to us tonight (she doesnt attend often) but she is going through an identical situation energetically. I can’t believe I didn’t see her as a mirror for my situation. I drove home and my mind was racing with more negative thoughts and dwelling on my problems. I tried toning and singing while driving just to distract myself but my mind and ego would creep back in and still think about it.

I got home and found yet another email that made the situation I was experiencing even more confusing. I had moments of anger and confusion but then I felt more certain, I knew that the situation had reach a new level of silliness and I vowed to no longer put my energies into this one-on-one interaction. Not long after I drew a card from my new Liquid Crystal Oracle deck and it was Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz ask for forgiveness………….forgiveness for myself and for all others. Forgiveness of the situation and just to return to a place of love. OMG it went *POW* I realised that the lady at the castle was my sign and the answer to the lesson was my advice that I had given her….I cannot control the situation or the other person. But I CAN control how I react and how I feel.

This is when my perception of Unconditional Love changed.

In the past I associated unconditional love as a gift to OTHERS. I thought that by being in the heart space and sending out love I was helping the planet and those around me. But not once did I acknowledge the fact that unconditional love is a gift to ME.

If I am in unconditional love nothing and no one can effect me. If I am having trouble sending the other person love then I don’t concentrate on that. Instead I concentrate on ME on surrendering myself to my heart and letting myself FEEL love for myself. It make the situation insignificant and I know that the situation will unravel how its suppose to, but I will no longer invest my emotions into such a negative way.

I am now going to practice love, joy, laughter and bliss because its for me. Its the ultimate gift to myself and when I am in this space I then help others and the planet…

Love and Blessings to you all xoxox


Donating Cause You Care

I am not someone that has a lot of money. I make enough to live on and enough to pay off my debts slowly. However I don’t mind helping out when someone asks me for genuine help.

Mitch Battros is someone who spends countless hours writing articles about earth and solar events. I receive his newsletters and really appreciate them. Mitch asked for help and I sent him $10 – I wish I could do more.

This has made me think about the shift that is happening. In the past I would have had cynical thoughts, I would have not donated and told myself that there is the chance that is a scam. But that mentality has changed and I dont think it is just in myself that is has changed. Now when I read about Mitch I feel his need and I want to help him, because that is what oneness is about. His pain is my pain and his relief will be my relief when he is helped.

I am seeing more and more people in my community starting to care about each other where months ago they wouldnt have. People seem to be helping others and then kind of wondering why they did so. I cannot wait to see the next few months unfold. Change is definitely happening and its faster then we think 🙂

Love & Blessings to all.

Click here if you want to Help Mitch Out

Writing the Book

WOW I have done a rough draft of my Intro (most likely to change quite a bit over time)

I also compiled all the first essence (Antarctica) into one file and it was soooo fascinating to reread all my experiences and it just seemed to bring some of the magic of that time into my crazy hectic life which is NOW.

I am even more convinced that I need to take some more essences because I did love my life while I was taking them. I also look back on those 2 and half months and realise that I had HUGE spiritual growth – I could really do with some of that right this moment lol

I feel like I am straddling two worlds. On one side of the chasm is the old me, stagnant me and the 3D reality. On the opposite side of the chasm is a greater connection to source, Ancient Wisdom coming back to me and the knowledge of what my life’s purpose is.

I really just want to take my foot out of the old me/stagnant me and place it firmly in the 5D with the me that knows what I am doing, who I am & what I should be doing.

Love and Blessings to All

Australian Bush Flower – Light Essences

I blogged nearly every day that I was on the two and a half month long Light Essence course. I have been noticing lately and increase in people searching google for specific essence. I just had someone yesterday search for ‘Antarctic Essence’ and they found my blog.

I realise that all the information is a little scattered and hard to find mixed in with all my other posts and ponderings. I think over the next month I will compile all the info into a pdf file and put it up for free. This will make it alot easier for people to discover what the essences can do for them.

I am really feeling guided in this. I know with a deep certainty that these essences are of high vibration and do help us in ways beyond our knowing. So I think I will do this as a gift to everyone and help others by being of service.

Predictions for 2013

I found this really REALLY accurate with what I have been experiencing. Especially just within the last few days. I am feeling alot more confident 🙂


Day 3: What I’ve been hearing most from Lightworkers is that they thought the year would start a little more slowly, but BAM! 2013 is HERE! You are probably noticing that you are manifesting quite rapidly. Things that are not in alignment with you are falling away. Your astute work is to determine where you are in or out of alignment with integrity (Love, Service to All, the Greater Good…) and adjust. Do you need to take responsibility for something? Do you need to stand for your beliefs? Do you need to let go of something? Change directions? Take a risk? Shine your Light? Forgive? Taking the high road can be a tiring climb – but what a view! 2013 is a 6 numerologically (balance), so it should be a little easier than 2012.
Time Warp

Have any of you noticed that it seems like time has slowed down even though things are happening fast? It’s not a phenomenon that I’m accustomed to lately, but there it is. The 12/21/12 alignment is about a shift in time as we begin our earnest mastering of Time, one of many facets of Ascension. We are still within the cycles of time, we are just operating from a more creative position. While we will still notice linear time, we will have increased ability to access multi-time. While we are still beholden to our Soul Progression, we are benefitted by the solar activity and magnetics of the alignment that we have not only passed, but are moving through ongoing. Time will be more malleable as we experience multiple timelines and locations. Focus becomes pertinent.
Brain Games

In 2013 our brains will be going through some wonderful upgrades. We will be processing information much faster. I’m shown it as ‘multi-tracking’ which is the ability to scan through multiple potentials. Your intuition, discernment and deduction will increase. Much of this will occur in the first quarter, so trust your body’s guidance about water, rest and food. Stretch your mind like you stretch your body. Stretch your compassion, your forgiveness and your focus. When you are able to ‘multi-track’ into an imagined future, your electro-magnetic brain is magnetizing the building blocks for it. Your focus shifts your energy field and The Field of Life responds to you. Focus, Lightworker. You’re a powerful creator.
January 2013

There are 2 main directives as we begin the year. Ending separation and unlocking the throat. No small tasks! This year is a year of focus as we balance further into the Golden Age. Unity consciousness is a deep, loving state of detachment that appreciates the value of diversity and fosters individuality within a nurturing collective. As you forgive, you are opening flow in your energetic field that results in flow into new possibility, new dimensional awareness. As you appreciate, you are opening a flow of new energy that ushers movement into new possibility. Everything is connected. If you are wanting connection with your mastery, with your multi-dimensional nature or even with another; you connect with your full flow. No resentment, no guilt, no blame. Oh my! ;o)

Unlocking the throat has more to do than with just words, the throat also represents manifestation (word!). Unlocking the throat is about expression. Are you clear on when speaking up is beneficial to a moment, just as not speaking up can be beneficial to another moment? Observe your impulses and the results they bring in your life. Not all communications are pleasant, but all have the potential to be beneficial. See the gift in your challenges. Are you expressing your talents, your unique Light? Are you expressing your desires into your life – not always through words, but also with thoughts, actions and emotions? Don’t mistake being honest with your emotions for spewing unnecessary pain, and don’t mistake spewing unnecessary pain for a break from forgiveness. You must be honest with yourself about how you’re feeling, forgive (yourself and/or another) and move into more mastery as soon as you can. Focus and stretch. It’s a new dawn!

Here we are, Lightworker Family! Beyond the magnificent 12/21/2012 into the new year. While our work is not over, it becomes more joyful with your focus and the magnetics around us are supporting our evolution ever more strongly. Take a moment to breathe in the new you and appreciate all the support you’ve had and all the benefit you’ve had from cultivating your inner power. You are changing the world around you, feeding The Field with your intent and Life responds. Enjoy the challenges, the resolutions and the surprises yet to come. Life begins anew each moment. Focus your Love and stretch your arms out to embrace Life. Thank you so much for being YOU. Happy 2013!

For full article:

What is the Divine Feminine?

This is one of the best explanations I have read in awhile.

What is the Divine Feminine?

We hear so much about the incoming Divine Feminine energies but what does this mean for contemporary women from all walks of life, and in the various stages of womanhood?

The “Divine Feminine”, “Return of the Feminine”, the Sacred Feminine ” are all metaphors for the return to higher consciousness. We seek balance between the male and female aspects of the Self and when we find that balance we come into our power. The return of the feminine, is not about women ruling society; that would create imbalance. It is about the return to nature, to masculine/feminine aspects in harmony, yin and yang re-united so both hemispheres of the brain are working in balance leading to higher levels of consciousness.

When we take an overview of the changes taking place on a cultural level right across the globe we can begin to see that there is a subtle energy shift, in wake of the GFC, that calls for a slow-down of the galloping pace of life and a move towards co-operative rather than competitive relationships at home, in the business world and in the community.

This is an expression of the Divine Feminine whose values include co-operation, net-working, process-orientated, conservation, and support. The values we have been operating under are competitive, hierarchical, linear, expansion, and dog-eat-dog. The incoming Divine Feminine is ushering in a change in the way that society functions as well as a shift in the way that women perceive themselves and men relate to them.

Women are being called on to acknowledge these powerful energies within themselves and align with the vital primary forces of life that drive both their physical functioning and their psychology.

When a woman is empowered through this alignment she becomes exactly what nature intended her to be: sexy, articulate, intuitive, playful, feeling and healing. As the bearer of children, she carries the baton of life force energy through to the next generation. And because she is compelled to seek compassionate quality connection with those in her intimate circle, she is the connector, creating and re-creating the web of life that sustains us all. Her primary drive is to conserve, nurture maintain and support. With the planet teetering at the brink of exhaustion, it is the feminine principle that is now needed to redress the imbalance and heal.

When, as a woman, you tune into your female biological underpinning, you will learn how to listen to the whisperings of your own truth. You will then be open to the immense source of power that comes from acknowledging and living in alignment with your feminine core.

When, as a man, you understand the essential nature of the woman in your life, you will more easily dovetail into the soft undulations of the feminine psyche whilst retaining, upholding and engaging your own potent masculine spirit.

Are people really disillusioned with the 21st December???

I have to ask myself this question after reading a few post on Spirit Library and on Facebook.

After some thought I have to say that NO I am not sad, disappointed or disillusioned. I think that there was much attention and confusion about the date and in the months before hand I didnt know what to expect. However by early December I moved into a more centred place of divine love and oneness.

I am not saying that it has been easy, from 13-18 of December I was an emotional Yo-Yo. One moment sad, the next confused, the next calm, the next happy. But on the 19th I just surrendered to whatever was going to happen and went with the flow. I personally had some magical things happen on 21st of December because I made the effort to gather and celebrate the day with others. When there is more then one focused intention there is always going to have something happen.

We were blessed with over 30 dolphins swim past the moment our meditation was over and then a few come and play right in front of us. We were also blessed with fine weather when 10 mins away they had 2 thunderstorms and rain. I count these are confirmations that the elementals and our guides were blessing us because we were sending out our blessing to the rest of the world. So much love and relaxation that day.

In the week following Dec 21st I have experienced moments of extreme detachment. I have 2 things that I need to do but keep putting them off. I dont care about them when I normally would/should. I feel like my reality and priorities are shifting and it is hard to do thing when my heart/mind feels torn in different directions.

Through everything I have done/felt seen or experience lately I feel confident in saying that I have ZERO doubt that there is a shift happening. That Dec 21st made a huge difference and that all we have to do is surrender to the flow and let our higher selves come out and play.

Anyone reading this, know that I feel such love at times that my heart feels as big as the room. At this moment I am bursting with joy, love and contentment. Love – such a simple thing is effortless when we consciously choose to stop living how we used to and choose how we are going to react/live in this very MOMENT.

Love and Blessings to you all xoxox