“Phi, The Golden Mean – Finding the Universe in You!”.

Two friends of mine have just debut their new radio show and I would love to share it with all of you.


Why is a pine cone shaped like our heart? We are part of the universe, part of the collective grid – so how does the phi express in the human body, in our DNA and in our evolution of our consciousness?

Power Disk: Phi Code 2  by Jain 108

Power Disk: Phi Code 2
by Jain 108

In this show, we interview world-renown vedic mathematic expert from Australia, Jain 108 on the divine proportion of the universe, the golden mean, or the phi ratio. Jain, who has written several books on vedic mathematics and sacred geometry, spends some time in explaining the mathematics of nature so that we may fully understand our interconnectedness to our universe. To take a look at Jain’s work, visit his website at www.jainmathemagics.com.

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