Say NO to John West Tuna

Dear John West Tuna,

I am saying NO to you. I refuse to buy your tuna till you start listening to your customers and start practising safer fishing methods. In fact I dont think we should have to boycott your brand, I believe you should be ethical and put the rest of the marine life before your profit margins.

This is something I am passionate about. I hate seeing a huge company still practising unsafe fishing methods just to make extra money. You are guaranteed a profit no matter what, but you still use nets that scoops up sharks, turtles, sting rays and baby tuna that you cant use. Other companies have stopped using the harmful nets – why not YOU the biggest company of them all.

It makes more sense – by not killing the baby tuna you guarantee sustainability for your industry – you also dont kill innocent other marine life who might be protected or play a vital role in the marine ecosystem.

John West – its time you starting putting Ethics into your mission statement.