Self Healing

Today I am feeling strangely detached and melancholic. I have spent a week and a half returning to a place where I felt really joyful and back in the flow of life and today has hit me as a very strange experience. I have talked about my crippling fear of lack of abundance flowing in (regular wage) which I discovered while taking Boab Essence. It was such an amazing essence which showed me parts of myself which I never knew existed. By acknowledging these fears I made huge changes in my life and things really seemed to be getting better.

However in the last few days and particularly today I have felt very flat, like something is wrong and I feel adrift. Like I dont have any guidance or goal. I have really looked at the core of the issue and I think I am still struggling with the fear, but this time its not crippling. Instead I think its the fear of the unknown and because I have no other idea on how to act and how to think. It has been drawing into question the big ‘What If’ and also doubting my true spiritual purpose. Now that I own all the Australian Bush Flower Essences I have found it such a luxury because I have looked up the books and found three flower essences which I feel will help – Red Grevillea – Dog Rose – and – Silver Princess.

Dog Rose will help me with my fear and to not let it effect me. Red Grevillea will help me stop feeling stuck and help me push through my problems issues (people reported results from unexpected sources on this flower) and Silver Princess is to help me find the answers about what steps to take next. I am feeling confident that these flowers will help address my new found emotional angst and help me find that perfect feeling of being in the flow. In a nut shell I must not let fear dictate to me and I must trust the universe to provide for me if I am making positive changes, which I am.

I am very excited to be using myself as a guinea pig because I know that six months down the track I am going to be so much more confident with each of the flowers as I work with them.

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