FREE Guided Meditation – Connecting with Lady Gaia

Ooooh This looks great 🙂

Elemental Awakening

Hi guys,

Just uploaded a guided meditation I did recently on connecting with Lady Gaia and planet Earth.

Download it FREE here now and see the talk I did prior to it on YouTube here. 

I have also added a new Training products section to the website. Currently there is a workshop I lead that helps you connect to each of the 7 main chakras, the galactic and earth star charkas and more. You can find more details on the Training Products page.  The introduction file is free to download so check it out.

Many of you may have been experiencing the severe energies we’re in currently – all asking us to change, to let go of the past and to move forward.  Lighter and more free.  The more we resist this and cling to the past the more we struggle.  Grow from within, learn how strong…

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Life Lesson

I have recently had an injury which has really stopped me in my tracks. I burned my hand and arm – so no touch typing which means no blogs. I am still healing with another 1-2 weeks before I am truly out of the woods and I can go back out into the sun properly. Im at the stage where I have a completely new set of skin which is still pretty fragile – I have to keep it moist and wrapped up when I go out or when I sleep.

I have had some really insightful moments about my injury and other things which have happened to me lately. I will be writing them up and posting them over the next week.

I am at a major cross roads in my life – I have about 4 different directions that my life can now go in. However I am being guided to just spend my next few weeks just being open to what ever the universe wants to show me. So I am really focusing on being in the now.

I hope all of you are well 🙂