Day 3 – Arctic Essence

WOW what a weird day.

I have felt really bazaar all day and it so hard to try and write about it without sounding like a freak lol. I had a mixture of vertigo and something else. While laying in bed it felt like I had been on a roller coaster ride and then laid down and my body was still going through the gentle movements.  I actually asked a friend if its possible to feel your DNA being reconstructed or changed.

I re-read what to expect while taking the Arctic Essence and one thing stood out. It can ‘Balances one’s own electro-magnetic frequency and harmonises one to the earth’s changing electromagnetic frequency’. I think I could feel that today – I cannot say that I was even thinking about it because I had to go reread the Arctic post again. So I dont think it was my subconscious working on something I was expecting.

I am really amazed at these Essences – they work in ways that I NEVER expected them to.

Divine Spark

I have been using the word Divine Spark in my conversations with my friend for months. I thought I was using a word that I had made up but then I read this post and realised that its far more common then I ever imagined and its probably used by many Archangels and many other lightworkers around the world. I connect with the word and just hearing it makes me smile and feel that love for the Divine I have within. I hope you enjoy this post – I think its beautiful 🙂

“Your Divine Spark Within”

September 2012


Greetings Beloved Ones,


You are continuing to progress rapidly on your path of ascension. Many external circumstances may appear to be shifting, and this presents you with additional possibilities for increasing your frequency.

You are being offered the opportunity to rise above the seeming chaos and confusion that can accompany rapid change and shifts in energy. Although this may seem to be a dichotomy, it becomes much clearer when approached from a different perspective.

As the external energy swirls around you, this is an excellent time to turn inward and operate from a centered focus within. This will allow you to view external events from a more peaceful and higher perspective. It will allow you to know that you are tapping into your inner guidance.

One way to turn inward is to focus on the breath. This is a time-honored technique that has been taught by many Higher Beings over the millennia. It is often overlooked because it may appear simple on the surface, but in reality, it is a gateway for connecting with your Soul. When you focus on your breath for a few moments, this allows you to stop thoughts that lead your attention away from your I AM center, or your Divine Spark within. It allows you to connect with the portion of you that is real and to separate yourself from any external chaos. It allows you to connect with the real you. This is the beginning of reconnecting with your true divinity and your Being as an eternal Soul.

 When you focus on the breath as it flows gently in and out, you begin to relax. Cares and stresses seem to float away. You become still and aware, centered and calm. You tap into your own inner rhythm. A gentle and peaceful flow emerges. You radiate your own energy from your inner Being rather than reacting to external energy that is around you. The longer you focus on your breath, the more in harmony you become with your own center. You realize that you are a spirit inhabiting a body and that your greater connection is as a spark of the Supreme Creator.

You are a Divine Spark of the Supreme Creator, and you have been sent forth to radiate Love and Light. You have all of the inherent qualities of The Great I AM That I AM, or the Supreme Creator. When you focus on the I AM, or Divine Spark, within your Sacred Heart Center, this connection with The Great I AM That I AM becomes even stronger. The more you increase your focus on this connection, the brighter your Light will shine. Your frequency will begin to vibrate at an even higher rate, which can elevate your perspective and help you remain centered during the shifts in energy. You realize that you are part of something much greater than your individual Self and that you are connected with and are a part of the eternal Supreme Creator.

 A natural outgrowth of focusing on the breath and an awareness of your Divine Spark is an increased feeling of love. You may first feel love for the Supreme Creator. This increases your awareness of your Divine Spark, and you realize that you carry within you a part of this great, boundless source of Divine Love. This Divine Love resides in your Divine Spark within your Sacred Heart Center. It is your true Self. It is the eternal you, and it is always there. When you relax and let your attention rest on your Divine Spark, you are able to feel this Love. The more you focus on it, the stronger it becomes. It grows and surrounds your entire Being, and you may feel an increased sense of Love and compassion for yourself. This feeling can then expand to others around you. It is a gentle flowing of Love and is part of your natural Self.

As you realize that this is your true Self, you may feel an increased desire to focus more and more on your Divine Spark. The more you focus on it, the greater its radiance grows. Because energy follows focus, you may find that this increased awareness of Divine Love begins to allow other concerns to fade when you are constantly aware of your true connection to Source. Focusing on this connection allows you to remain centered in the love of the Supreme Creator and to know that this is an enduring bond that transcends time and space. When this occurs, you are acting from your authentic Self.

As a result of living from your authentic Self, you may find an increased sense of peacefulness. This allows you to view situations from a higher perspective and to see the bigger picture. You are able to see the role that each person plays and to realize that you are securely anchored and centered in Divine Love. Your frequency is one of Love. You are able to return to center much more easily as situations occur around you. The more often you pause, focus on the breath, and tune in to your Divine Spark, the more you will remain centered in Divine Love. You become a living example of radiant Love and Light.

Beloved Ones, this is indeed a time to turn inward and focus on your true Divinity. Allow the Love that resides within your Divine Spark to lift you to higher dimensions and even greater awareness.

Know that you are greatly loved in the Light.

I AM Archangel Zadkiel

…and I surround you with love
And so it is.

All rights reserved Linda M. Robinson, You may copy freely and share. Please copy the message in its entirety, and give credit to Archangel Zadkiel as transmitted through Linda M. Robinson /

Day 2 – Arctic Essence

Today – well I am finally up to date with this blog.

I have had a slight ‘moment’ – it was while watching the ‘The Heart Has its Own Consciousness clip that I reblogged today. It came on top of another realisation that I had yesterday at the Hay House Writers Workshop.

Firstly I met a few very inspirational people yesterday at the workshop who used their blog to change alot of lives. They did it by writing more article based posts which got shared around the world. While today I realised that I only use my blog to share the more amazing and happy things that happen in my life. I dont talk about some of the struggles that I face as I try to live from the heart and not the head.

So I have decided today that I will do a few ‘Article’ based posts if I am passionate about a subject or have something I consider important to share. But I will also add  more of honest struggles I have with my intellect fighting with my emotions or my head with my heart. Basically I want this blog to start connecting with more people instead of being more like a journal of my life and hopefully I can help people by them realising that changing your life for the better is possible.


Day 1 – Arctic Essence

I have had to go back and re-read what to expect while taking these Arctic drops over the next 2 weeks, I thought I would re-copy it here first. Then I will post blow it about my experiences at the Hay House Writers Workshop in Sydney.  So this is going to be a long post – my apologise.

Arctic Essence

Positive Outcome:

  • Brings in and releases pure light energy within the person.
  • Activates suspended pure light energy held within an individual, increasing our spiritual awareness.
  • Balances one’s own electro-magnetic frequency and harmonises one to the earth’s changing electromagnetic frequency.
  • Addresses issues of separation from self, someone or something.
  • Assists one to see their negative aspects and rectify them.
  • Can repair and return the soul to a state of innocence, purity and peace.
  • Shows what you need to come alive, to flow, to be joyous and light.

The Arctic Essence primarily frees the pure undiluted light potential of the individual. It both brings in and releases pure light energy within the individual, energy which has been held in suspension, waiting to be activated.

What is suspended is not of the physical or Earth, it is of Light. The Arctic Essence allows the thawing and releasing of our suspended Light. This increases our spiritual awareness, which in turn will raise the Light of the planet.

By releasing this Light the individual is also changing and bringing into balance their own electro-magnetic frequency, allowing them to stay in resonance and harmony with all the Earth’s changes. Especially as we move closer to 2012 and the shift in the Earth’s own electro-magnetic energy field.

The Antarctic Essence is for letting go of things that stop you finding and following your path. It allows you to discover what is essential and necessary in your life. In other words, letting go of what doesn’t matter – suspension in matter. It is connected to both the Earth and the Light. The Arctic Essence holds suspension in Light alone. That is the difference.

The Arctic Essence is releasing the Light potential within, which does matter, and is of supreme significance as part of the soul’s evolution and as part of the planetary being’s evolution.

This Essence is also specific in addressing separation, whether that is separation from self, someone or something. It takes you to the depth and purity of your soul, to feel the purity of the Earth and yourself.

It can repair and return the soul to a state of innocence, helping you to hear the voice of reason and purity and assisting you to see your negative aspects. It is then easy to see what needs to be done to rectify it. It is similar to how glaciers grind obstacles in their way, pulverising the impurities and bringing the debris to the surface as very fine particles.

This Essence shows you what you need to come alive, to flow, and to be joyous and light.

My Sydney trip to The HayHouse Writers Workshop.

I learnt some very valuable things while attending the workshop. Firstly that if I really want to get my book on grieving published then I am going to have to dedicate a shit load of my time and effort in creating a platform or basically a fanbase first. I dont really want to be doing that I dont feel that its my core message.

If I was 100 percent passionate about delivering my message to the masses then yes I think I could successfully write and publish a book with Hay House. I have the Media Skills background that they are looking for and I have some amazing ideas on how to build and grow myself (as an author) via social media. But its more then that, if I want to be successful in the Self Help genre then I need to be doing grieving groups, writing articles, looking for people to interview me, basically anything and everything I can think of to keep my name out there.

I asked for Divine Guidance and got it in the form of a fellow workshop attendee who just happened to sit beside me in the airport. While talking with her she asked ‘why not just write fiction and incorporate your message/beliefs about grieving in the books’. Boy is that such a simple question but its something I never considered. I would reach a much larger audience as well. So that is what I decided on while flying home, I dont know how/when/where/why or what I will write about but I will incorporate my beliefs on grieving naturally into one or more stories.

As for the Arctic Essence – I have had only one dose and I cannot say that I have had any real reaction – except pondering how/what my life purpose is.

Day 15 – Antarctic Essence

Sunday was odd emotionally. (I am behind on posts)

On one hand I was dead calm on the other hand I was very melancholic. I felt like something was ending and I was saying goodbye to it, it was my last day on this essence. I started having a bit of a sore throat but I wasnt overly worried, I dont feel that I am going to get terribly sick.

I decided that I was going to go and do something fun and something for myself – so I went to the movies and some quick shopping. I bought a gorgeous cornflower blue skirt and a bit of an outrageous blue shirt (Its kind of interesting that I bought blue when I dont normally).

On the way there in the car I had more animal experiences. Wallaby, Butterfly, Crow and Sacred Ibis.

Wallaby – Moving forward in leaps and bounds – I am on the right track and I am moving forward rapidly on my spiritual journey.

Butterfly – Transformation – The butterfly flew beside my car window for ages as I had to go slow on the dirt road.
Crow – my totem animal – As I said the words in my head (I would just have to ask the angels) I went under this tree on the cane flat and about 10-20 crows exploded out from the tree and circled around the car before landing in the cane paddock.
Ibis – Sacred (it was actually the Sacred Ibis variety of Ibis). They ate bugs side by side with the crow.

My interpretation:

I am moving forward in leaps in bounds, transforming spiritually and I just have to trust my guides and angels as I connect with spirit/god and discover my higher purpose.

So even though I had a somewhat emotionally sad day – it was still magical 🙂

Living from the Heart Space – Are you doing it?

This post is just what I needed today. I asked for Divine Guidance last night and I just got it. I have been trying to live from the heart since my spiritual awakening in April. I am only just acknowledging how much courage it is taking on my part just to trust. I am an Aries so I have always felt that I have the ability to self analyse myself and then WORK on what I find is a fault.

This is not always the easiest thing to do but it is something that makes sense to me. Why feel awakened and feel that I am receiving Divine Guidance and then ignore that advice and do nothing to change my life?

I have felt a real challenge and struggle with surrendering to my heart. My head is still to far in control but this blog post was JUST what I needed to hear, so thankyou guides for having a friend send it to me.

Chemtrails – Do you know what they are?

I feel the need to share this. It seems a high quality documentary that I think the world needs to take the time to watch. I am only 15 mins into the film and I am completely stunned at how dumb our governments or whoever makes these decisions. I cannot believe that they are acting for the good of the planet and its people. I can only think that there is some kind of added agenda behind the decision to pump these minerals and chemicals into our ozone.


Day 14 – Antarctic Essence

Today was kind of all over the place, I was suppose to go start a new workshop with a new teacher that I have never even met. Because of the pup I am still quite tired so when my new teacher called to cancel I was relieved. I have a had a few things happen that were kind of annoying me. Firstly I have had this urge to go and meditate under this amazing tree on our property. I could have gone and I almost did except little things kept distracting me and then it was to late. (these are all excuses I know)

Then I had another animal experience – Two yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo’s flew over me calling out and they were so low and close to me that it was majestic. It was one of those moments that I felt very connected to spirit and I went directly inside to look up the animal meanings book.

Black Cockatoos mean – The Void – they ask us to surrender and demonstrate the patience that comes when we realise we cannot know everything at the beginning of any journey and that wisdom will present itself at the right time. Black Cockatoos helps us take control of our life by letting us grow at our own pace and learn what we need to learn in our own time. She encourages us to just sit in contemplation and wait for life’s mysteries to unfold without consciously seeking answers. She teaches us to trust that whatever is meant to happen will, but only in its own time. Black Cockatoos ask us to confront our fears and go with the flow, embracing all new possibilities as they present themselves.

After having this wonderful experience I was both reassured but also made me aware that I should have gone and done the meditation.  It reassured me that I am on the right path and that I can go at my own pace however I need to surrender and trust my instincts.

Today is the last day of my Antarctic Essence. I was initially going to keep taking this essence till Wednesday (an extra 4 days) so that others that started late could catch up to me. However I have a feeling that everything I have learnt from this Essence is finalising itself and my brain/instinct is readying itself for the next one.

I will still do it one more day and then start the Arctic Essence on Monday. It feels like it was a month instead of only 14 days, I had also thought that I would take a few days break inbetween my essences but I feel that I should move straight onto the Arctic – I dont know why – like the beautiful Black Cockatoo said…go with the flow 🙂

Day 13 – Antarctic Essence

This post is a day late – yesterday I started out very tired because our new puppy was a bit unhappy being away from its mummy and siblings. I had intended to go bushwalking with some friends but I was barely functioning after only a few hours sleep. I did however wake up enough to keep my other appointments.

At 3pm I met two friends to go to Mt Warning – my friend was going to show me a ley line they had found by accident years ago and we were going to visit all the trees that Robbyne LaPlant had shown my friend. Now as much work I have done at surrendering to spirit/god/gaia (whatever people like to say) I found out that I still have a preconceived expectation of doubt/failure.

I told myself to have no expectations but still a secret part of my brain (the lovely ego) was preparing me for feeling nothing. The awesome news is that I could feel it, it made my hands throb a tad uncomfortably and the divining rods works instantly as soon as I picked them up. I have a feeling that I have more to learn about ley lines soon. The threes were amazing and I loved listening to the meanings behind each one.

After our Mt Warning adventure it was onto the Goddess Group – a wonderful bunch of ladies who meet once a month for food, friendship and dancing. By dancing I mean tradition old dances – Brazilian, Celtic, Russian etc they are beautiful. After arrival I found that two friends from meditation were there and I was so delighted to see them and find out what they were up to. After some delicious food we went out onto the grass and danced under the stars, wow the stars were so magical and delightful.

There is 9 of us all doing the Antarctic Essences together (with 2-3 about to start in a second group) – I heard from one lady who I hadnt talked to and she has had some truly extraordinary experiences. I am so happy for her 🙂

Day 12 – Antarctic Essence

A very short post tonight.

I had a pretty off day today – I had all these plans to help a friend and then something threw a spanner in the works and I just fell to pieces. Looking back its kind of interesting to analyse just how out of sync I felt but also just how scattered my brain went – I did calm down and things sorted themselves out. Looking back I can also say that I was way over dramatic in some aspect but I didnt feel melodramatic during the ‘episode’.

I am now calm and happy and over my ‘episode’ lol it only lasted 2-3 hrs. We got a new puppy so I dont think there is any way someone could be sad or confused around them.