Healing with Rose Quartz, Sunstone & Celestite

Rose Quartz, Sunstone and Celestite are a powerful healing combination that will help you understand the truth of Unconditional Love. They are particularly useful when you are feeling tested by a person or situation and you feel your ego battling with your heart.

These three crystals are very beneficial to people who are often happy and joyful but then get thrown by an emotional or dramatic situation. They also benefit spiritual people or light workers who are already in unconditional love or heart space but suddenly feel tested by unexpected events.

Rose Quartz is one of the most famous crystals in the world and it is well known for its love and healing energies. What is not as readily acknowledged is that it is also a stone of forgiveness. Working with Rose Quartz during times of high emotion will help you forgive not just the other party and the situation but also yourself. People who feel that they are conscious or awakened know that they should be in the heart space and that love can heal everything. However during often dramatic situations it can be hard to feel love and then self reproach and self doubt will begin. The Rose Quartz is vital for forgiving yourself first because true healing starts with you.

“Forgiveness is a journey of truth, grace and higher peace within self which spills out into the world around us through love filled right action, but it all starts with self-love.”

Sunstone is joyful, radiant and illuminating. After Rose Quartz helps you heal and forgive yourself and the situation then Sunstone takes over to shine divine light directly into you heart. It is fun, joyous and uplifting and it reminds you that love is effortlessness. Of all the frequencies available pure childlike joy is the easiest way to stay in the heart space. While Rose Quartz helps heal the situation it is Sunstone that will make you want to say in Unconditional Love as you continue to be tested.

“The light of the Sun is about to ignite your life, increasing your vital force, expanding your frequency and infusing you with the joy only the sun can deliver.”

Celestite brings a higher knowing to the situation. The Rose Quartz has healed the situation, the Sunstone has provided the vital energy to want to stay in Unconditional Love but then Celestite steps in and lets you look at the situation from a distance. Celestite will help you realise that you cannot change the situation, you cannot change another person – all you can do is control how you are going to react and deal with your lesson. Celestite provides a deep soul knowing that helps you stay outside of the negative emotions that was effecting you.

“Pure knowing is the answer, a form of communication higher and more refined than any of the physical world’s, an action so refined and sacred it is performed through inaction and pure trust in the undercurrent of the process itself. The results of such a space make Calm, Peace, Joy and Love constantly available as a way of existing, the fears and worries of life just melt away.”

Healing with these stones are a three part process used in the order I have shown above.

When you are struggling with an emotional situation or with another person and you feel you are being challenged to stay in Unconditional Love – then call upon Rose Quartz. It is most beneficial to have a piece of Rose Quartz and lay down with it sitting on your heart chakra. Take deep clean breaths and on the exhale pour out all anger, sadness, betrayal, confusion and other emotions. As you start to calm picture the Rose Quarts energy surrounding your heart and helping you forgive yourself and all involved in the situation. This can be brief and only take minutes or you might need to repeat this several times throughout the day. When you feel ready move to the Sunstone.

Place the Sunstone over your heart and lay with it. Feel the beautiful joy that comes from this crystal. It is the stone of Ra, a Sun God and let yourself bask in that warmth. Smile and think of the simple things in your life that bring you joy and thank the Sunstone that is healing you. Feel the relief that comes with this crystal as it helps you realise that you can get away from the negativity of your situation just by shining the bright joyful light of this crystal onto the situation.

The Sunstone can also be placed on the throat especially if you have regrets about voicing something or regret not saying enough. Once again this can be healed quickly or it can take multiple sessions but you will know when its time to move on.

Place Celestite on the third eye and let it bring you clarity. Let it help you step outside the situation and remind you that you have a choice in how you react or more importantly how you don’t react. This stone is powerful in helping you realise that by surrendering to the situation and seeing it as a lesson it is not a negative thing. Try visualising pulling pale blue light down through the Celestite crystal and into your body, feel the cool and calming energy spread throughout every blood cell.

Celestite will help you realise that you dont really care about the situation any longer. What once seemed a huge emotional deal will suddenly mean nothing because you have chosen to be in Unconditional Love for yourself and no one else.

There is another way to use these three crystals together and I suggest doing this after you have connected with them individually.

Place the Celestite on the third eye
Place the Sunstone over the heart
Place the Rose Quartz over the root, sacral or solar plexuses depending on where you feel was tested during the situation
(eg: If you were in a power struggle, place on Solar Plexuses. If you felt insecure, place on root.)

Once all three crystals are placed where you intuitively feel is the correct then spend time breathing and connecting with the crystals. Once the Rose Quartz heals the lower chakra that is being effected it can move up and Sunstone can bring lightness and clarity to the heart, which in turn leads to the Celestite bringing you divine clarity and knowing that all will be healed in the situation.

My personal experiences with these three crystals.

I drew the Rose Quartz card on the Wednesday night and I spent all night sleeping with Rose Quartz under my pillow and I rested it on my heart multiple times. I still continued to feel moments of ego argument because I felt like I was not being treated correctly by another person. However the Rose Quartz helped me to realise that I was putting pressure on myself to feel unconditional love for the woman who offended me – but I never realised that I was forgetting to show ME unconditional love.

The next day morning I drew the Sunstone card and I didnt own a piece  – so I went and bought a crystal and carried both the Rose Quartz and Sunstone all day. That night I spent time connecting with the Sunstone and I would find myself smiling and felt such relief that I was moving away from my confusion and issues with this woman. That night I drew the Celestite and I didnt own one of those either but I called about the master deva of that crystal and I started to realise that I no longer cared about the woman that hurt my feelings. I cared about how I felt and I wanted to be happy so I concentrated on ME.

Over the next 3-5 days I constantly carried the Rose Quartz and Sunstone and I was able to buy the Celestite today. I feel completely wonderful and I look back on the lesson I had with gratitude because I realise how important it was for me to learn to put my own healing first because if I am in Unconditional Love because I want it for me – then I start to radiate it out for others. I learnt healing must come from me FIRST.

The cards I drew was from the Liquid Crystal Oracle deck by Justin Moikeha Asar
The quotes are from his guidebook that came with his cards.

The Master Deva’s are:

Rose Quartz –  Ka-kini-el
Sunstone –  Ra-ba-el
Celestite –  Celestel

Justin states in his guidebook that you can call upon the Master Deva’s to help connect with the essence/vibration of the crystals. So if you are unable to obtain the stones then I suggest connecting with them this way.
For more information about Justin: http://www.theliquidcrystals.com/
I have spent hours on his website.

Much love and blessings



12.12.12 Activation

I thought this was very interesting.

Dear Ones,

The 12:12:12 Activation on December 12, 2012 will bring the highest frequencies ever encoded in the Light of the Christ Consciousness to the planet for transformation of the Earth and all beings.

Through the power of the associated gateways held open by the Archangels at the 11:11, a new force of the Christ Consciousness will be made available during the 12:12:12 Activation. The power of this awakening energy enables each person to have the experience of the Christ Light at the moment of the 12:12:12 Coding. Once experienced you will not fall back into old ways, as the Golden Christ Light literally expunges from your being frequencies that no longer serve you. Transformed by Light, the cells awaken to the coding embedded by your soul. This activation has been held in abeyance until the earth consciousness would support mass awakening. Awareness and preparation are key signatures for the transformation available through the Christ Light. That time is Now.

The 12:12:12 represents an activation of Divine Love within, through and around you. When Divine Love activates the light-encoded filaments within your being, there is a communion of awakening. It moves the body into the 12-helix system and allows the connection of the DNA strands. This activates subtle energy that unites the new 12-chakra system. Light alone cannot create the connection, even though the Divine Intelligence is there within the Light Force. Divine Love is required to awaken the coding of your Soul’s union with the completion inherent in the Twelve. This is the awakening of the Christ Consciousness.

Divine Unity

Through the 12:12:12 there will be a sense of being reborn into unity with all aspects of you. Greet yourself with a new level of respect and honor your commitment to this life. Your willingness to proceed on the Path of Light throughout time has brought you to a completion of one aspect of your soul’s journey. Your task now is to take this new fullness deeply into your being to empower you. Let the Christ Light permeate every cell and create a new healing force that will pervade your consciousness. When you integrate this alignment within you, the Divine Love in your energy fields will activate your DNA and become so pervasive that your world will literally begin to change around you.

Begin to use this new connection to the Christ Energy, which contains the Light Force of Healing and Compassion. Bring it to all your stories, all your relationships and all the places in your life that still do not appear to radiate with all the goodness that you have imagined. Use this Golden Light to strengthen yourself with true forgiveness and compassion. No matter what is occurring, focus on the Oneness within the true Light of the Christ and bring this Divine Love and Compassion to yourself. Create a habit of doing this before any other reaction can take place and you will discover that this truly is a new time to be alive.

New Structures in the Human Energy System

With the 12:12:12 Activation, new structures are being built in the human energy system. The alignment of the 12-strands connection in the DNA structure opens the way for the creation of the 12-chakra system. This paradigm shift within the development of the encoded human being begins to create a fully aligned structure that operates at the highest frequency of energy available now. This new aligned energy system allows the human to not only navigate this new earth time, but also pave the way for others to respond. The codings set into the human energy system that fire at different times have been creating waves of change within the structures set into the old world paradigm. Each person will now feel the soul impulse to move into purposeful action, retreat or choose to leave the planet entirely to await a more developed time on Earth.

Further evolution on planetary levels creates new openings for souls to step into. Those whose light encoded DNA has allowed their energy frequencies to shift, now work in a multidimensional earth simultaneously magnetizing other souls. An entrainment of energy frequencies ensues as your own inner coding, firing in resonance, attracts more who are ready for the awakening. It is a truly exciting time to be alive and you were born to be the creator of the new structures of the Earth. Within this new energy, you may feel as though you have finally come Home.

Create an empowered vision to serve you as you raise your energy frequencies within the new light structures of the 12:12 codes. This will activate your energy centers in a new way. Create a deep vital connection to an Earth awaiting this time of honoring. You have unseen partners whose work includes your evolution, to assist in the creation of a fully functioning world that operates on a higher frequency of Light and Divine Love.

You were born for this. Now is your time. Envision the helix of the 12 strands of Light-encoded DNA within you going deep into the Earth and above your head. This will empower the connection of the 12-chakra system above, within and below your body. Join with others in the 12:12:12 timings to assist the firing of new matrix energy codes. These will be the structures that help create a new Earth – one where the spirit within all things in honored, and beauty and harmony are sanctified.

If you are reading this, you are aligned to the Christ Energy that empowers new life at the coded time on 12:12:12 this December 12, 2012. It is the true beginning of a paradigm shift that will continue for the next three years. All will change. Commit to graceful evolution and begin to build the new structures within your being, so those in the world can follow the blueprint. You have always been one who paved the way, and this still continues. The alignment of the 12:12:12 energy is what has been called the “Second Coming.” Misunderstood for centuries, this connection to the Christ Consciousness is within you, and is not the arrival of a single enlightened being in the world. The awakening of full evolutionary spiritual energy is available within all beings, if they choose it, and are willing to bring into the planet the evolutionary shift in consciousness that the Earth awaits. It is your time to choose.

Receive Forgiveness

In the Activation of the 12:12:12, Divine Forgiveness is provided for a healing of old wounds. Your job is to receive the healing by accepting forgiveness for past errors you believe you made. Allow the light of Divine Love to permeate all the old structures you built around the idea of shame and unworthiness. Forgive the attacks on yourself for having failed to do whatever you thought you “should be doing.” This new Light encoded with the Christed energy carries a frequency of healing and love. It also holds an alignment with your multi-dimensional selves in order to create more unity and wholeness within your being.

You committed spiritual warriors stepped foot on this path the moment you were born. You witnessed dedication in the world around you to all that you considered untrue. You picked up your Soul’s banner of Truth, Illumination and Expansion and began moving in directions that were met with fear and controversy. This may even have caused dissension in your family dynamics that continue to this day. Through it all you were committed to your belief in Divine Light and the process of evolution – a way that honored the sanctity of all life on Earth.

A recognition that other dimensions exist that merge and coincide with ancient wisdom and illumined Truth has pervaded your consciousness. You have been open to receive the teachings that resonated deep within your being, no matter how it appeared to others. Through the wave of rising consciousness it has taken great courage to hold strong to your beliefs. On December 12, 2012, the 12:12:12 Activation is an anchoring of all you held to be true within your soul.

Here is a prayer to assist the activation:

Divine Presence,

During this 12:12:12 Activation, I invite the Divine Love and Golden Light active in the Christ Consciousness to flow gracefully through me and anchor upon the Earth. I now ask for an awakening connection within my DNA to Divine Love, Compassion and Light from the Highest Source to the 12 strands of DNA within me creating the full helix of Light that activates my 12-chakra system. I ask for my Soul’s alignment to all the Divine Love and Light that I can receive for the good of my evolution and the evolution of the Earth at this time. I invite the assistance of the Angels, Archangels, Masters and all the beings of Light who work for my awakening to be with me in this process.

May all beings awaken to their Divine Potential and bring the presence of Divine Love into their hearts. May ever more Grace flow through us all to bless this planet. May the Earth be honored in a new way that allows our beautiful planet to thrive. May every heart feel the gifts of this loving Presence within them so Peace may prevail on Earth. Thank you God for this and all our blessings.

And so it is.

Copyright © Shanta Gabriel. These messages can be shared as long as they are used in their entirety and proper credit is given for the work. I love people to be able to share the work with others. www.thegabrielmessages.com.

The Light is Within You Workshop

What a wonderful workshop this was to attend, I learnt alot and met some awesome people.

Sandra Tonkinson introduced me to Jin Shin Jyutsu. A healing art that I had never heard of before. It very interesting and very relaxing, so relaxing at one point I stuffed up my hand positions and poor Sandra had to correct them. One tip I will share is holding your finger while on an aeroplane. She told me that its such a simple thing that most people are dismissive, I tried it on the trip home and really liked the effects. I tried holding my right forefinger and then right middle finger. Both had a calming effect and I kind of forgot that I was surrounded by hundreds of other people, another strange effect was that I became very aware of the air outside of the plane (it got louder, I imagined its flow and speed) it was wonderfully distracting and I amused myself for ages with it. I can well recommend trying it. Just close your eyes and hold a finger…soooo simple 🙂

Justin Andries talked about elementals and then did an elemental meditation. I knew alot of what he was talking about in regards to the elementals but I still learnt interesting and fascinating things. The meditation was the most interesting for me. When we got to the middle of the meditation Justin said that we could tell an Elf Lord who was there to help us our problems. My thoughts were GREAT I have alot to say haha but the next few minutes are completely blank. I have no idea what I said or if I talked to anyone or thought of anything. I hope to redo this meditation a few times to help connect with the Elf Lords and Elementals in general.

Ahana LaRa was her normal awesome self. Alot of what she talked about I had already heard from my skype sessions with her or my own personal conversations over the last few months. What I enjoyed the most was the passion in her voice and the enjoyment of other people in the room. I felt that there was a few people she didnt know that were touched by her words, and of course comfort for those she knew like me.

Celine Aahnza Liew was amazing as usual. I had got to spend some time with her as she was my room mate. She spoke light language or star speak (I have heard both terms). It was extremely powerful and she even channelled dolphins at one part, it was a lovely mixture of singing and speaking. Very powerful.

There was a camera there that was taking footage and I am going to help edit the film so I hope to have a link to some Youtube footage very soon.

Day 8 – Madagascar Essence

I am still feeling a sense of separateness, I have talked about feeling out of time. I am still feeling this way and I decided I needed to re-look at the Madagascar Essence. I have been blaming this feeling on the X class solar flare, I knew that there was also C and M class flares that followed in the days afterwards. So even though its been nearly a week that is why I attributed those side effects to the Flares.

However I have now been feeling this real sense of calm, peaceful detachment since Friday. I think it is the essences working and my own journey to understanding me own divinity or Christ consciousness. The Madagascar Essence says

  • Allows you to detach from mass consciousness and its predilections for disease.
  • Helps you find the freedom to choose whatever you want to without conditioning.

I think this is why I am feeling separate and different from not just others but time it self. If I am detaching from mass consciousness then I believe this is why I feel so peaceful, if I had a choice I would throw away all clocks because I dont think we are measuring time in a accurate way and that is what causes so much disharmony.

I have also felt more freedom to choose what I want without conditioning. My experience with not deciding to get into an ego argument with my sister last night was very very easy.

I am loving this essence, its sublime 🙂

Praying Mantis means Prophecy

Scott Alexander Kings book is like my bible lately.

I talked about why I have been feeling blah in my last post but I just remembered something nice that happened. I went down to visit this tree that I had to prune about a month ago and it has beautiful new regrowth. Visiting it fills me with happiness because a) I didn’t kill the tree and b) there is something about the regrowth that just fills me with hope and love.

Today there was baby praying mantis’s on the tree and I remember thinking I should go and see what they mean in Scotts book – I had forgotten to check till now and it is AMAZING how appropriate they were to my day.

Scott says that praying mantis:

“Coaches us to listen with a meditatively induced and intuitive ear so that we may better understand our transcendental self. Offering no shortcuts or easy paths to enlightenment, Praying Mantis espouses the sacred stillness and sacred prayer as being the keys to receiving of Spirit and its prophetic messages”.

It was only 30 mins after seeing the baby praying mantis’s that I went and said my prayers which is also discussed in last post (I had no idea what they meant till just now) the other interesting this is that I did have a thought to meditate and see if that would help but I was so exhausted and emo that I didn’t even feel like I had the energy to meditate (how silly is that lol).

I think I will go meditate now and see if I can communicate with my Transcendental self :O)

Day 3 – Antarctic Essence

Yesterday I had the most magical day with Animals. I had one special meeting after another. Often the animal would stop and look back and stare at me – I found it so amazing.

Here is the list of animals:

Wallaby – I set off on my journey to meet up with friends for a lovely beach walk. I had just made two of the Antarctic essences up for friends and when I rounded the bend of my drive way there was 2 wallabies. I immediately thought two things. Firstly I thought these two essences are going to be powerful for my friends and secondly I thought – today is going to be really special. I slowed the car down and the wallabies stopped turned around and watched me. I have seen hundreds of wallabies over the last 8 years living up here and not once did they stop and stare at me. They just always bound away or in a few instances they just stayed still ignoring me (if they were far enough away)

Ducks – Parents and day old hatchings, the little baby ducks were so tiny. After getting picked up by my friends I told them about the little duckies and we slowed down – once again they seemed to have no fear of us and we had a lovely moment watching them.

Eagle – We were at lunch and talking about spiritual stuff and I said something like – I dont know what I am suppose to be doing but I feel like it has something to do with Mother Earth. I looked up and near us was a beautiful sea eagle, it stayed with us for about 5-10 mins and I felt a tremendous love for nature when I saw it. Like everything was going to be okay.

Whales – After climbing the headlands we saw at least 2 pods of whales go past. None of us had binoculars but we could see the white splashes they made when they crested/played in the water – and we would see the white puffs of water as they spurted water out of their blow hole. We all felt tremendous calm and one of my friends even had a brief nap it was that peaceful.

Koala – On the drive home we saw a koala climb a tree and then jump to a second tree – it seemed to also stare at us intently as we slowed down. I havent seen a koala in ages, I have heard them in the night but I have not seen one. It seemed to stare me in the eyes and it felt pretty amazing, all of us in the car were delighted.

Moth – I thought my magical day of animal adventures were over. I walked outside to ring a friend and there was this pink coloured moth with a dark line across its back – it was just sitting there on the floor staring at me. I thought okay thats beautiful but I was distracted with making my phone call. When I finished leaving her a message and I walked inside there it was sitting on the door frame at the same height as my eyes. I spent the next minute or two staring at it – I felt very humble.

I felt that all of my animal experiences were connected with my current spiritual question. I was thinking about my spiritual purpose. Why have I been on this intense spiritual journey. Why have I done SOOO much in 4 months? I wanted to know for certain if I am suppose to heal/help Gaia or Mother Earth.

Here are the meanings for each of the animals – I have copied the meanings from Scott Alexander Kings book – Animal Dreaming.

Wallaby – Progression – Wallabies cannot physically move backwards, thus – Wallabies is priming you to leap into the future without regret and with a healthy respect for your grief (past confusion/trauma). Wallabies help you move in a forward motion, to explore new horizons, take risks and avoid temptation to look back with regret and never return to your comfort zone once you have left.

Ducks – Emotional Stability – offer the tools to successfully and gracefully navigate our way through the most tumultuous periods and to explore and honour our emotions when it matters the  most. It can give us an air of detachment so only we know how we are feeling.

Eagle – Spirit –  Eagles offer comfort in the knowledge that spirit is guiding and protecting you while you make decisions and grapple with the obstacles you are inevitably going to experience as you journey through life. Eagles come as a reminder that in order to achieve anything in life, educated leaps of faith must be taken and trust in you inherent capabilities must be brought to the fore.

Whale – Record Keeper – Whale wants you to rebirth your emotional body and to revive yourself physically by tapping into the knowledge of your own genetic memory and personal rhythm. In doing so, you will ultimately find the knowledge to heal yourself and your family. You may even glean insight into how the rest of humanity may follow suit.

Koala – Journeys – Koalas represent a sacred journey that is unique for everyone, an expedition that supports the individual needs and requirement for all people. Koala reassures us that we inherently know the answers to our questions. Now is the time to start taking notice of your inner self, your innate connection to all the information of the Universe. Stop looking to others for corroboration, advice or wisdom. Take responsibility for your own life, you own path and your own destiny by listening to your heart of hearts. Koala say that you must start your own journey; a quest that will unlock the answers you seek from a place hidden deep in your essence. The journey begins today. Koala’s healing journey is an experience of unimaginably proportions; a flight beyond the boundaries  of the physical body. With Koala your potential for growth and transformation strengthens and your sense of self escalates.

Moth – Lingering Energy – Moths urges us to put our fears and indoctrinated beliefs aside, and to reach out an reconnect with Spirit and  invite the warm glow of its presence into our hearts. Many people are afraid to trust their innate connection to Spirit. Many have long forgotten their birthright to communication directly with God. Moths asks that we put our fears and limitations aside and speak to Spirit without expectation…and wait to see what happens.

I keep getting 2 cards

Over and Over I keep drawing two cards from my favourite tarot guidance deck.

Hear the Ancient Ones & Challenge My Perceptions.

It to much of a coincidence that I keep drawing these cards over the last 3 weeks. Statistically I think it would be impossible but I am no mathematician. I bought a book on aboriginal history, I originally bought it but then felt little connection to it so I kind of dismissed it, maybe I have to go and try reading it again.

My perceptions are being challenged constantly – each and every day.

Life is both beautifully simple and completely confusing at the moment 😛

Is the Universe speaking to me?

I have been coming across two phrases on a daily basis. The first is the words I AM (in reference to manifestation and mediation etc)- I find them in books, conversations with random people, the Internet and in tarot or guidance cards. The second words is Ascended Masters – I was researching Ascended Masters when I found a reference to Guy Ballard on Wiki:

Ballard visited Mount Shasta, California in 1930, where he met another hiker who identified himself as Saint Germain. Mr. Ballard’s experiences take place within the larger North American mountain ranges. Ballard provided details of his encounters in a series of books Unveiled Mysteries and The Magic Presence, using the pen name “Godfré Ray King.”

Guy Ballard, his wife Edna, and later his son Donald, it is believed, became the “sole Accredited Messengers” of Saint Germain. Their teachings form the original nucleus for what are today called the Ascended Master Teachings.

The “I AM” Activity started from public lectures about these encounters and grew rapidly in the 1930s. Ballard lectured frequently in Chicago about Saint Germain’s mystical teachings, in which America was destined to play a key role. By 1938, there were claimed to be about a million followers in the United States.

The “I AM” Activity describes itself as an apolitical, spiritual and educational organization financed by contributions from its members. Its parent organization is Saint Germain Foundation, with headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago.

So a little bit of further research helped me to find the book Unveiled Mysteries under the pen name Godfre Ray King (at Book Depository). As soon as I saw this book I just had a feeling of ‘knowing’ – I didnt really read much of the blurb or any reviews, I just ordered it. Its about Ascended Masters and it talks about the I AM activity. So I am fascinated to see what my reaction to the book is going to be, unfortunately its going to take 14 days to get here (patience is good for me).

Sometimes I read a book and the entire thing speaks to me from First word to Last. But at other times I read a book and just one chapter or even paragraph can jump out at me. I find I am gathering knowledge from everywhere and making it my own take on spirituality. Or should I say the Universe is leading me to the information that I need to keep growing and revealing itself to me as I become ready to read it.

Meditation – I am not a mutant

I have felt very inadequate because I have an inability to visualise during meditation. I often find myself surrounded by people who tell me of these beautiful things they see when they meditate and I was filled with envy but lately it was more sadness. I was at first desperate to ‘see’ things but then as I have grown more spiritual I left it up to the universe. If it was meant to be then it was meant to be.

Not long after I let go of my sadness over my lack of visualising ability I went back to my trusted energy healer. I explained that I could feel certain chakras – in particular my heart, third eyes and sometime crown. But I cannot ‘see’ any colour surrounding the chakra when I meditate.

My healer asked me ‘why dont you try to feel the colours’ ? She went on to explain about how some people were more kinaesthetic and felt things more than saw them. I was relieved. I am not a mutant non visualizer any longer 😛

I have to admit to a lack of knowledge about to do with  kinaesthetic. After just a brief little wander on the web I found this interesting post:


Visual meditation techniques further fall into two subgroups. Subjective Visual and Objective Visual.


Subjective visual meditation techniques use the imaginative powers of your mind. When you are doing such a meditation, you close your eyes and imagine yourself in a peaceful place directing your thoughts toward certain experiences as if in a movie.

Chakra meditation techniques that use the mental creation of lights of the spectrum, corresponding to different chakras, for increasing your field-flow fall into this category, and so do the meditation techniques for creating bio-scalar energy for self-healing.


Objective visual meditation techniques use objects to help you fix your attention and develop concentration. The object might be anything agreeable to you, like the soft flame of a candle, a cross or the picture of a sage etc.

Think of it this way. Love is a subjective experience but the person you love makes you feel that emotion in his presence just by being with you in person.

Once you progress, however, objective meditations will lead to subjective experiences automatically because all experience is “inner experience”. It’s all in your mind.


Auditory meditation techniques like Japa use the power of sound. The repetition of the sound of the name of the Divine or a verse from the scriptures.

You select a word, a verse from the scriptures, an affirmation or a sound like OM, Allah, Jehovah and repeat it either verbally or mentally to achieve concentration.

The vibrations emanating from the repetition of the sound (every sound has different unique vibrational frequency) raise your consciousness, and with that momentum your soul is propelled upwards. The doors of awareness open.

Words are powerful vehicles of thought. Your mind is programmed to immediately react to them. Just recall the last time someone praised you by calling you beautiful. How did you feet? Your whole physiology changed, didn’t it?

On the other hand a simple word ridiculing some aspect of your personality puts you in a low mood.

On the surface the words code and decode thoughts but in the background they are vibrations of varying frequencies that interact with your mental vibrations and produce different results.


Kinesthetic meditation techniques use the power of postures and breath to awaken the Kundalini (Serpent Power) that lies at the lower end of your spinal column, in your first chakra.

Yoga exercises were specifically developed for that purpose. Kundalini is a spiritual current that once awakened, runs up and down your spinal column from the root chakra to the crown chakra and helps open the doors of awareness.

Breath is life energy without which you can’t exist physically. It has a pattern that is intimately linked with your emotions and thus thoughts.

How you breathe when you are emotionally excited? Your breathing rate goes up as your heart beats faster and blood rushes up in your veins.

Conversely, you breathing rate is slow and rhythmic when you are calm and thinking steadily. Same thing happens when you are concentrating.

A simple change in your breathing pattern changes your whole physiology and with it your thinking pattern. Try taking slow, deep breaths when you are angry and within minutes you’ll be back in control of your thoughts.


Contemplative meditation techniques use your intellectual faculty to understand a spiritual concept that has the power of liberating your mind from the lower and slower frequencies of the ordinary world of matter.

The paradox involved is that you use your reason to go beyond reason in order to comprehend concepts which are beyond the boundaries of logic.

Such meditation techniques help your mind to achieve a break through in consciousness. A sudden leap into higher energy patterns.

Nisargadata Maharaj, an illumined soul from India who passed away in 1980 used to ask a powerful question from people who sought spiritual guidance.

The question was,” Where were you 7 days before you were born?”

That is an example of contemplative meditation technique. Although the question seems to be aimed at your logical left-brain but it forces you to break open the mental boundaries of logical thought patterns.

Similar meditation techniques are used by Zen masters.

No matter which meditation technique you use, the underlying concept is to still the thought-waves of your mind, make it one-pointed and raise the level of your consciousness.

Once you progress in meditation, however, the meditation techniques seem to merge together. Just like there are 10 people taking different paths to reach the top of a mountain, as the top comes closer their paths start getting closer too and finally there is no path, there is only the top, the peak. The unity.

You don’t focus on the vehicle so much, you focus on the journey.

Different meditation techniques produce different results depending on your intentions.

There are specific meditation techniques used for specific results. Meditation techniques for calming your mind will be different from meditation techniques for chakra balancing, although the latter will also help calm your mind. Those general benefits are implied.

Similarly meditation techniques for clearing your emotional blockages will be different from meditation techniques for creative problem solving or healing or energy balancing.

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So I can see that there far more to meditation then I ever imagined. But I am going to have alot of fun discovering as much about myself and mediation as possible.