Day 13 – Mt Pinatubo

Last night my meditation was very beautiful, I think having my sacred space set up for my meditation makes all the difference. I have alot more cleaning to do in the rest of the house but that particular part is perfect. I called to archangel Michael and I felt his presence, it was like the energy in the room got stronger. I had a crystal in each hand and they started throbbing, I also called upon Isis but I didnt really feel like the energy of the room got bigger. I still think she answered though. I have felt an ‘answer’ like a deep certainty when I have called upon Michael in the past, but this was he first time I felt the energy actually rise in the room. When I think of who I was 8 months ago I am humbled, I was a social lemming and now look at my life. If I can do this, anyone can 🙂

Today I had a moment of feeling really exhausted that lasted from about 11am – 1pm. After that I got better but I only did a tiny bit of cleaning when I should have done alot more. I am not tired so I might do a few more minute before having a shower, its very muggy here so I dont know if the thunderstorm that has been in the distance might actually turn into something bigger. I have noticed this last week that I dont get tired, its 1.20am and I am still fine.

I think that might just be because of the energies of the moment. I have noticed a few people experiencing the same sleeplessness.

I had a lovely conversation with Ahana LaRa Losita. I have mentioned her in past blog posts but once again I feel compelled to say that she is amazing. Its like she is a mirror for my higherself to talk to and she reflects back things that I need to know. She told me some things today that were VITAL for me to hear.

I told her how I have been feeling very different since my sickness and she told me that I had been upgraded and that my mind is trying to recreate a prior experience. So that explains why I feel a bit of distance and like something is wrong when I know there is nothing wrong, Im feeling great. My mind wants to link how I am now to the past but I am different to who I was a few weeks ago.

I have so much to do today I best get going.



Day 12 – Mt Pinatubo

Although I have not really did much today I still feel really happy. It was very very hot here today and it was that sapping heat that really makes a person exhausted. Because of this I decided not to go shopping/visiting friends till the afternoon.

Two things happened today that I feel is worth talking about:

* Disappearing Acts

I was washing my hair and I hung the conditioner up by its nozzle of the washer rack. As I did so I remember thinking, thats going to fall down. But I kind of did a mental shrug and then continued to wash my hair (with eyes shut). When it came time to condition my hair I reached for the conditioner and it was gone. Confused I looked on the ground but I hadnt heard it bang on the floor…there was nothing. Turning around I saw the condition on the outside of the shower on the side of the bath. Now I am not claiming some helpful fairy sprite helped me out. I know its far more likely that I moved it but what is kind of freaky is that I have zero and I mean ZERO recollection of picking it up, opening the door, putting it outside & closing the door again.

So I have these disappearing acts lately where I must do things but are unaware of them. Its weird because I knew that if I left the shampoo hanging it would have fallen but I shrugged and left it there initially. It has happened more then once, thing missing turn up without me stressing over them but the way I looked in the most random places is interesting.

* New Me

Today for the first time I had a real moment of feeling NEW. I know that sounds strange but I have spent nearly two weeks isolated away from all my friends because of my sickness. But the sickness itself was very interesting as I have talked about, it was a massive clearing out – and while I still have a few ear problems I am 90% healed.

So when I met my friends and talked to them – I felt new. I felt lighter and happier and full of energy and excitement. It was a lovely sensation and I am sure I will continue to feel this way.

Life is awesome.

Day 11 – Mt Pinatubo

Manic Cleaning.

Today I have felt completely energised. In the past I am one of those people that hates cleaning. I put it off for months (or years) – I am talking massive cleaning with furniture being moved, stuff thrown away and things found that were lost for ages.

In the past when I do these massive cleans it take days, there is a lot of self guilt (how could I let myself get this way) oh and dont forget my favourite (how can I keep repeating this mistake). Well today was such an eye opener for me, I started out like normal and did a bit of cleaning.

However this time there was no real negativity. The good old negative ego was silent and things just seemed so easy. I said that I was only going to do a bit, have lunch then do an hour or so more cleaning and call it quits for the day. However the cleaning was so easy that I did epic amounts. I moved every single bit of furniture that needed doing (5 pieces moved around) but I didnt stop there, I threw out stuff and miraculously found the two things I need to take to Singapore (there was no angst I just stumbled across them hahaha). To make things even funnier I scrubbed the window, vaccumed, dusted, washed my hair and fixed a necklace.

In the past I would have never done half what I did today because I would talk myself out of it (or my ego would). I would complain about aches and pains and make up 20 different excuses to stop. I can honestly say I feel fantastic and I have zero aches and pains and I could probably keep going but I know I need sleep so that I can finish it tomorrow.

That most exciting thing – I have created my meditation alter. I have been wanting to create a sacred space for MONTHS but have been procrastinating and then today it just all worked.

I think this new found attitude is a number of things. I think the essences have helped, I think the solar eclipse has helped and we are all in a place where we can finish our projects. Lastly I think it was just the fact I went with the flow, I didnt interlectualise it and I never let negative thoughts come into it. What a truly awesome day.

I am off to meditate in front of my crystals and candles. Tomorrow is alot more work but the hard parts are done.

Day 10 – Mt Pinatubo

Today was surprisingly delightful. I have to admit that I was expecting to have alot of energetic interference, I was expecting to have moments of tiredness or maybe light headedness. Instead I felt almost serene most of the day and a buzz of energy at other times. I got an assignment finished and also did a few other things on the computer that needed doing.

Actually looking back I did go to sleep.

It took me forever to get to sleep last night it would have been a bit after 2am. So I set my alarm for 7.28am so I could get up and meditate for the Eclipse. (My previous blog post talks about that Meditation) after my meditation I went back to bed and I slept for ages, I don’t think I got up till 10.30 ish. This is unusual for me so I guess I did get sleepy from the energy

Something I have been thinking about is what my dear friend said:

She told me not to forget the Moon. It is the Moon and the Feminine energy that is putting itself in front of the Sun which is Masculine energy. I think this is why I had such a beautiful day. As I said I was prepared for light headedness and tiredness but instead I felt serene for most of the day and as soon as I read her words I really felt that Today was all about the Divine Feminine.
I actually believe today was a pivotal astrological and cosmic marker for the Divine Feminine. I think that the Spring Equinox was the first, this eclipse is the second and there will be more. The Divine Feminine is shifting in stages, not one big shift at the end of the year.
Do you know what – Last night I asked for Guidance from my fave Tarot deck. I usually pull out 3 cards but this time I just felt like having 1 – I said “please guide me to the card I need the most tonight” – it just so happened to be The Divine Feminine card lol

Day 9 – Mt Pinatubo Essence

Today has been more about finalising things. Months ago I started writing down quote that I get while meditating, I have also wrote on this blog that I got a title that I wanted to use – 144 Inspirational Quotes: From My Higherself to Yours. Today I counted how many quotes I have (#93) and I also created the front cover, its very simple and basic, but that is just what I wanted. I have the feeling that I will have this ebook finished and published before my Singapore trip. I don’t really know why I am that confident, I guess its just a more certain feeling I have been getting.

I also put up one of my quotes on Facebook, I even found this cute little lady bug picture to go with it. I got alot of simple joy out of making something creative.

Once again today I have been feeling a level of distance with a few people and I think my ego wants to make an issue of it but then it cant. I really have trouble describing the feeling, yes I am emotional and still love these people but I feel like there is a level of detachment now. I feel almost like I have a strange obligation to feel some kind of negative emotion, like I should be offended or worried etc I am just observing these thoughts and the moving on.

Health wise I still have a few ear problems and alot of tissues are still being used (TMI) but I am confident that I will be well by next Monday so I can travel.

I am beginning to enjoy this essence, my first week was almost a blur with the cold but now I am feeling a rise in my confidence.

Day 8 – Mt Pinatubo

What an interesting 48hrs.

Yesterday was 11/11 and it seemed like the most epic of days, it just seemed to go on forever. Around noon I got extremely light headed while sitting silently in my lounge chair. Now bare in mind that I have a head cold but I dont think that was what was the cause, I just think that the energy was intense at different times. That night I got almost compulsive about a flyer I was making for a friend, I couldnt sleep till it was done. Then I went to bed and still couldnt sleep.

I ended getting back up and having some medication at 2.30am and then got an email at 3am from Victoria Webby – a shamanistic channeller that I met about a month ago. She had a free 16 min long meditation about the white dragon energy and it made my heart race, vertigo and then I slept like a log.

Today my cold is a bit fresher but I had the scary realisation that I am going to Singapore in 7 days. I seriously do not know how it crept up and I am a bit stunned.

I am feeling a bit of a distance between a few people in my life. I dont know if that is because this cold has kept me separated or because I am feeling a slight parting of our paths. Its weird because I do not feel overly emotional which I find pretty surprising its like I am looking at the situation and just going – yeah….so what….now look at this….and I move on.

6 months ago my ego would have used the situation to stir up angst or anger, confusion or woe me feelings etc. So it is lovely to see how far I have come along my path 🙂

Day 2 – 7 – Mt Pinatubo

Epic catch up post!

So I have been really sick, I have felt that it wasnt a normal sickness as it kind of effected all my chakra points and the way the flu progressed was really interesting. I think it was given to me to not only clear me out but also give me the opportunity to really pass a few tests at the same time.

The day before I got my first symptoms I actually prayed and said that I felt that I had worked through some big issues. One being my lack of ‘self worth’ by that I mean I always had this secret part of me that didnt feel worthy of communicating with my guides or that I wasnt good enough to see my guides etc. I surrendered myself to whatever the universe wanted for me – and woke up with this latest adventure.

I say adventure because 90% of the time I have been able to think of it as one. I have kept mostly humorous and even confident that I was going through something that was helping me. However there was twice that it was dark for me and I just was confused and part of me was telling me that I just had a awful cold – nothing mystical was happening (doubt crept back in)

I did a tarot reading and got

Situation – Knight of Swords
Actions to take – King of Cups
Outcome – Knight of Pentacles

Basically what I got from it was – I was being metaphysically ‘ripped apart’ so that I could be born a new. I have always not trusted myself so I have to stop looking back and doubting myself (I had started to doubt my first instincts that this cold was different) and the final card meant that I would be humbled.

After reading the King of Cups in particular I had a moment of clarity. I am very similiar to the card, I doubt that which I cannot see. I also doubt myself and tend to look back and by doing so I lose out.

So I got this unusual desire to have a bath near midnight, I thought – what the heck, lets do it…and once I lay in the bath I said the most beautiful prayers – they  just spilled out of my mouth and the words seemed quite archaic. I knew and I mean KNEW that I had to trust my self and my first instinct that this was a clearing out and that this flu was a good thing.

From that time I have muttered, prayed, invoked, almost chanted at times about how I surrender to the pain, make the sacrafice and TRUST that is for my greatest good  and 99% of the time I would feel better. I went through some agonising moments, some delirious moments and I even went to the hospital and was put on the drip for fluids and pain medication. I am this second still feeling a bit of pain, my ears are still blocked and my nose is still running, but at least its no where near as bad as the last few days.

I feel that I will be better by Tuesday for the Solar Eclipse.

I have had moments of delirium with the fever and I have forgotten Mt Pinatubo 1-2 times. I am going to see how I feel at the end of the 14 days – but I may extend taking it because I have pretty much forgotten anyone and everything this last few days. Its like time was frozen and now it is just starting to move again. Very unusual.

Day 1 – Mt Pinatubo

I have the strangest cold ever. I am processing it very fast, one day it was on my chest the next in my throat and by tonight it was in my sinuses. I dont think I will have it for long, I am really impressed with how my attitude has changed, I think my cold is comical and I laugh at myself.

As its only day 1 of this essence I dont really have anything to report – Just want to say that Mondays rock, they get a bad rap because they end the weekend festivities lol I feel slightly drunk (because of the head part of the cold) and it seems to make my sense of humour worse lol


Mt Pinatubo Essence

This is what I have to look forward to:

Mt Pinatubo

Positive Outcome:

  • Heightens your intuition to the inner pulsing of the Earth and future events so you know where you should be and what is safe
  • Allows you to be grounded and in the centre of your power
  • Assists you in aligning to and coming into the flow of the cosmic forces
  • Allows you to drop the mask of conformity, and to reveal who you truly are, your true loving “I Am” state
  • Anchors into your being the unique quality that you came here to be
  • Helps you on your journey from innocence to wisdom enabling you to rise to your highest frequency

Mt. Pinatubo Essence gives you the confidence to take away the masks of fear and conformity and to stand and shine totally in who you truly are and be willing to fully share your uniqueness with everyone and contribute. It allows you to reveal your true “I Am”, state which is at the heart of everything. If you know who you are, you know where you are going and how you are going to get there.

A mask is worn as a shield because the world is perceived as dangerous. If you wear a mask, you are not being who you are incarnated to be. Removing the mask is a consequence of knowing who you are. That knowledge then gives you the confidence to say, “This is who I am”, “This is what is important to me”, “This is where I will focus”. From that comes new creation and this is how worlds are changed.

Mt. Pinatubo Essence is about creation and co-creation and it completes the Individualised Flame’s or Divine Essence’s journey from innocence to wisdom that takes you to the highest frequency of who you truly are.

There is an inner pulse arising from deep within the Earth, a cosmic movement affecting the entire Universe, which is aligning to create vast karmic shifts for our planet. Large tracts of the Earth have absorbed and taken in massive destruction and pollution along with energies of human conflict and negativity. So there are many places within the Earth that need to release that charge and are doing so. This inner pulsing is gradually building up speed and will need to be released. Already it is moving and destabilising some of the tectonic plates, which is why certain disasters or catastrophes are happening and will continue to occur. Though as the Earth raises its vibration, a lot of heaviness will drop away.

Mt. Pinatubo Essence will help you tune into the Earth’s inner pulsing as well as future events, to know where you should be and what is safe. It also assists you to be grounded and in the centre of your power within yourself. The remedy creates a willingness to let go of your blocks and defences and to stay in balance with the incoming flow of cosmic forces entering the Earth.