July Energies Message

I really resonate with this message, I do feel like I am in the void space she talks about.


Amrita Aahnza – Celine Liew – Soul Songs

Last night via Skype I had my soul song sung to me by Amrita Aahnza (Celine Liew).

It is extremely hard for me to put into words just how much this meant to me. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced.

I dont think most people would understand the words she speaks. At least not with the logical mind, instead you feel it in your heart and you want to smile and cry at the same time. Im feeling so emotional now just writing about it.

I would physically feel the words in my heart and it was at a vibrational level. Instead of speaking words the beings that Amrita channelled spoke emotions and I was able to understand them on an emotional level. I asked Amrita if most people understand what is being said and she said some do and some dont but everyone feels something special  because it is done at a soul level.

Amrita has been guided to do these Soul Songs on a donation basis. Her words were “It is such a beautiful thing for me to do for a person so I am just wanting a donation from the heart in return.”

Amrita’s email is – celineliew1@gmail.com

I cannot stop smiling just thinking about my Soul Song. I can highly recommend emailing her and having this experience for yourselves 🙂

12.12.12 Activation Skype Class

I have met both Ahana and Amrita – I can say that they are both genuine and profound souls. Ahana’s wisdom comes from the heart and Amritas songs come from the stars.

A SKYPE class by Ahana La-Ra and Amrita Aahnza (Celine Liew)

There are many versions about the shift of the 21st December, 2012 as well as several movements and events to mark this momentous alignment of our Earth to the central Sun. It is indeed a time for celebration for the collective on Earth as we tilt towards a more positive experience for all and a higher state of consciousness.

However, before we can harness the opportunities and energies of the shift, we have to understand and embody the power of neutrality that the 12-12-12 brings for us. Source is neutral and the universe is always in balance. It is important to understand that creation rising from balance, instead of flux, endures and is supported by the light forces.

As we shift into the new gear, our perceptions will manifest into our experiences very quickly as we move into a high creative mode. To create the right experiences for us, we need to utilize the secrets and the power of neutrality to direct our lives towards our desired experiences.In this trigger session, we will explore the following:

■The forces that we will experience as a result of this shift
■What is neutrality and why is it a true power in this shift
■How do our decisions impact our lives in the new paradigm
■How do we create or co-create in the new paradigm
■Tools and techniques to stay centered and stay at the root of our power
■The universal truths behind unity consciousness and how does it affect our individual livesWe will be conducting this SKYPE class through small groups (3-5 participants). The session will last 60-90 minutes. At the end of the session, 10 minutes will be allocated for personal questions and channeled answers by Ahana and Amrita.

Amrita will also perform a soul song for each participant to help merge or embody the higher aspects of their soul. This can be done at the session or can be arranged separately, as guided.

Registration: Please write to ahanalara@gmail.com and pay via the PayPal by clicking on this link – http://www.ionearth.org/?page_id=18.

We will send you a few time slots, depending on where you are located worldwide for you to choose and confirm.

Abundance Exchange: Minimum USD$15 donation or more

Please Email ahanalara@gmail.com  if you have any questions