Day 10 – 14 – Lake Baikal

I have been in semi hibernation for the past few days. I have felt really tired and just not in the mood to do things, I’ve been lazy you could say. There has only been two things that are of any interest to discuss, dancing on Friday night and the Storm on Sunday night.


I have had some pretty clear messages and guidance to go dancing at the local GLOdance at Uki. I did some research about about the event and it is an event this guy set up to celebrate dancing. Its a none alcoholic and none judgemental place where people can just go and dance. I loved the concept but I have to admit that I was also drawn to the band they were called Deya Dova  I then got to the day (Friday) and I was really sleepy because I had a bit of an epic morning, running into about 4 of my spiritual friends in really unique ways.

I rang my friend and said I dont really feel like going – do you think this is my negative ego trying to stop me OR do you think I should just go back to bed lol…I then told her this day about my amazing connections and I realised that my day had been special and that I have been telling everyone if they get the urge to do something creative they should because it will honour the Divine Feminine. So I went.

I was suppose to go – it was so amazing and I need to see something about myself. I believe the universe doesnt just give us hard lessons, sometimes we are given nice lessons so we can see how far we have come. I immediately felt comfortable and just started dancing, I danced for 3 hrs and over half that time I would have had my eyes shut. I was completely just honouring my body, the music and just feeling the energy around me. The big lesson for me is that I DIDNT CARE about what people thought, I probably looked like a radioactive chicken dancing. Even more amazing is I didn’t care what men thought (one of my hang ups).

The Storm

After feeding the dogs I walked near the edge of the veranda and my hands had that achy/tingly feeling they got when I stood in the leyline near Mt Warning. I had never noticed it before on the top of my sisters hill so I was a bit confused until about half an hour when I watched the storm come closer and then hit. It was utterly amazing and the beauty of it made me nearly cry twice, I dont fully understand the significance and I dont think there really needs to be one. I pulled up a chair and watched the show that Father Sky showed me, it was primal and sacred and utterly beautiful.

I felt very connected to the Divine and so grateful 🙂 I have never felt a storm before (energetically) I do not know if this is something that will continue to happen now that I am aware or if there was just something special about that storm. Either way I blessed to have felt it.

Tomorrow I start my next lot of drops. Madagascar – I am very excited and once again I have completely forgotten what to expect from it – I will repost a refresher 🙂

Day 9 – Lake Baikal

Yesterday was a strange day.

I picked up a friend to take her to her reiki session out at Uki and time seemed to just play weird games with us. We must have been there or at least 2hrs 15 mins, however there is no way that it FELT that long. While at the cafe having chia tea (best chai tea around) I started to feel really restless and uncomfortable. I do not know if this is was myself reacting the my friend beside me or if it was just a energetic thing that alot of people seemed to be feeling. It turned out my friends back was really hurting so I might have been sensitive to her which is entirely possible. Secondly I noticed alot of people feeling the same so maybe it was something energetic like a download etc

Last night I finished reading Drunvalo Melchezidek’s book – Living in the Heart – I put the the CD in and went into a meditation, the author warns to put an alarm on or have someone come wake you up for your first time. I have to admit I dont know if it worked or if I fell asleep haha…I kind of felt really drawn into the meditation but then I just went ….somewhere or to sleep. All I can remember afterwards was this annoying noise which was the car horn alarm on my ipod going off. It must have honked for over a minute before I realised that something was wrong and I woke up.

You are suppose to be able to ask things in the sacred part of your heart. I was near unconscious so I dont know if just feel asleep or if I just had a strange/deep exploration my first time.

I am thinking that I might give it another go right now and see what happens, I might ask for rain in the sacred place.

Life is Amazing

Day 8 – Lake Baikal

I had one of those days that kind of inundated me with lots of information. I have been researching Isis and Hathor temples in Egypt and I really feel that I will visit them one day 🙂 Hopefully in the next two years. It all ties in with my obsession with the Divine Feminine. I have also pondered about writing a mini book – I even know what chapters I would write/research because I am obsessing about them lol

I also ordered three books from Book Depository – I am trying not to think of the expense haha

Energetically I have felt very bland = if that is the right word, I have had such a intense week and so busy that I think today is the first time I just went …….rest. I even tried reading but got distracted and didnt really enjoy it, I think I will take things easy again tomorrow.

I am minding the worlds coolest cat haha I might have to post a photo 🙂

Day 7 – Lake Baikal

Another beautiful day.

I helped a friend move and then I went to my mothers. At both places I drew tarot cards – I actually didnt intend to at mums but she drew some cards first so I joined in. They all seem to be saying the same thing…joy, happiness, positivity etc – basically higher vibrational thought and emotions are the way for me to take my next few steps forward and know my path.

I meditated really well last night, I fell into a deep nothingness which made me aware that I have still had a level of  alertness in my past meditations. I also received more inspirational quotes that way. I am up to 71 so I only need another 73 to go, I feel like they will come to me faster now because I am meditating more while I mind someones house. I love the peace and quiet that it provides.

There is a list of things that I want to get done in the next few weeks, I want to write more article based posts, finish and publish the quotes in an ebook, finish and produce a meditation that is called a Divine Hug and I am thinking of doing a few youtube posts. The only reason that I think I will do them is because I used to have a fear about being judged.

I was also told during my Akashic Records that I fear being seen. So I think posting my thoughts up on youtube with prove to myself that I no longer care what people think, it will also address the fear of being seen.

This essence really has balanced my masculine and feminine – I feel alot more confident 🙂

Life is amazing 🙂

Day 6 – Lake Baikal

What a loooooong day.

I feel like I am almost a step out of time or outside time – so hard to put into words. I have this feeling like I have done epic amounts of stuff and I keep looking at the time going …its only 5pm ….then it seems like hours later and its…6pm.

I am trying to make sense of some past life wounds that I was recently told about. I have come to the realisation that I cannot push things, I cannot intellectualise things – basically I cannot control things. That is one thing I have to come to grips with, just surrendering and not being able to control.

I am settling into a new level of confidence. I have little more to say tonight, I think thats funny in itself because I have so much to say. But my life is pretty amazing and profound at the moment – I just feel like honouring that by keeping things simple tonight.

Day 5 – Lake Baikal

What a strange but beautiful day.

Friday was bush walking day and things didn’t seem to go ‘right’ but it seemed to be perfect. I guess I am really feeling that there is no coincidences in life – I have been saying that lately but yesterday was one giant lesson in it.

I started out late in arriving to pick up my friend who was going through her own lateness issues, to cut a long 20 mins story short we both spectacularly late in arriving and while first driving to her house I was filled with this sense of its going to be okay. However after yet another 20 mins of wasting time we were finally able to leave and I was filled with doubt. I really didn’t think there was any possible way that we could make it because we had to be very late by this stage.

The thing that is interesting is that although things were going wrong I had a great sense of detachment from the process, I don’t believe there was any ego involved. There was a little bit of disappointment but I just said to my friend that if we get there then it is meant to be, if they are gone then its not meant to be. Well my initial feeling of everything was going to be okay was accurate and I was very touched to realise that they had waited for us. I also had this real ‘trust your intuition’ moment… its hard to explain, even though we can say that to ourselves a 100 times, for some reason this lesson just ‘clicked’ and I now am really trusting my intuition and acknowledging that I am very intuitive.

By this stage I had a slight headache but it was nothing noticeable, we started to climb and my headache got alot worse. It wasnt long before it was really painful and I decided to just sit by myself and wait while the others ascended to the top of the bluff. It was the best thing I could have done. My healer from the day before had told me to really be gentle with myself for the next week and I think my body was just enforcing that. As soon as I  went and sat on this large rock I felt at peace, I started meditating and it was lovely.

At one point I had the urge to tone and i started out very quiet but it got louder. My first thought was, no one is around just do what you want but my second thought was – who cares if anyone can hear me. The toning also got alot nicer to my ear and I thought it sounded lovely. It wasnt until later that I was told that the others had been toning because there was some world wide event where people could meditate and tone at noon. I think its lovely that I not only picked up on my soul family toning on the bluff above me but I feel that I tuned into things on a global level. My thought was – trust the urge and I did, I feel really blessed that I did surrender myself to that trust.

Afterwards we went to the Uki cafe and I had the best cup of chai tea in history lol I was stunned to find out how much time had gone passed, since parting ways with my friends I must have spent 2-3 hrs by myself in nature. What a blessing, it didnt feel that long 🙂


Day 4 – Lake Baikal

Epic. That is what my day was. Epic.

I had a Transference Healing and I can really recommend them to anyone reading this, here is the website You should be able find out if it is something you would be interested in and if there is a local healer near you.

I am completely amazed at what happened to me but it was also very personal – I dont wish to go into details, I will just say that the entire healing was profound and I am pretty much speechless when it comes to describing it.

I think I am in for a very interesting week to come 🙂

Day 3 – Lake Baikal

It looks like this week is going to be filled with amazing events.

Today I had connection after connection. I went to meet a friend for coffee at 11.11am (I love the quirky times) and I ended up staying there till nearly 3pm. I dont think I have ever had a 4 hour coffee session before hahaa.

While there I ran into one of my spiritual friends who I really respect. She told me about this beautiful house she had bought and how she was turning it into a healing centre, I immediately knew that it was my friend that I visited yesterday. I was all light headed and just blown away, when I told her she was amazed and to make things even more exciting my friend came along and I was able to introduce the two of them, ‘high this is the lady buying your house’ hahaha it was surreal.

I cannot count the amount of people I ran into that were friends, it just was amazing. Afterwards a friend took me to visit a healer/friend of his and her house was WHOA! I sat there holding this statue for ages, I dont even know why she handed it to me. It made my hands pulse and when I rested its forehead to mine it felt real not wooden. I then got very sleepy but fought going to sleep for about 10 mins until my body kind of aligned it self the energy of the place.

Tomorrow I am off to have a healing session. Then Friday we are going for a spiritual bushwalk up onto some kind of bluff. Saturday I am having my akashic records read and Sunday I have to check to see if I am still on the planet hahaha

Day 2 – Lake Baikal

I didnt think things could get more amazing then yesterday but good things seem to be happening. I went to visit a friend and I simply had the most amazing discussions. Ahana LaRa Losita told me that I am far more intuitive then I think and I have been trying to trust and remember that. Today I had what I call 4th dimensional moments, basically when I feel like I am very connected to my higher self and I will say things that I have no idea of why. I would even say that to my friend, I am not sure why this is important and then it would turn out to be so perfect – I was simply amazed.

I could ramble on for an hour about my conversations with my friend and how amazing they were but it would end up being an epic post. My day didn’t stop there it got more interesting – awhile back I ordered a Kryon book. It was the first book and that is all I remember, I dont know why I got it, I do remember ordering it but I almost think that it was 4th dimensional in how it happened.

I started reading a chapter out to my mother on metaphysical beliefs and what a metaphysician believes and it was EXACTLY how I felt and EXACTLY what I believe when it comes to Jesus, God, Us. The fascinating thing is I had no idea of that chapter, I have read a parable of Kyrons but nothing like this. It made me so much more certain that I am on the right path because this chapter just spoke to my soul. I got light headed and it was just vibrationally amazing. Its like I have taken little bits or advice from people and advice for 15 different books and rolled it into ‘My beliefs’ then opened the chapter to find my beliefs is the same as all metaphysical people…amazing stuff.

Tonight I just feel full of unconditional love and joy. Something amazing my friend said to me really made me think.

When I said that I want to talk to my guides and hear them OR I want to see/visualise things she said OOOOH I just saw you chasing a balloon. You know how when you chase a balloon your air rushing in front of you makes the balloon impossible to catch. I just KNEW lol I had been told over and over to sit, meditate, go within and all this other advice but nothing was as powerful or as simple as this picture of me chasing a balloon I cant catch. I need to just STOP, let the balloon fall at my feet and just simply surrender.

Day 1 – Lake Baikal

WOWZA Day 1 was huge.

Firstly – I had another session with Ahana LaRa Losita and it was amazing. I love talking to her because I feel like it is my higher self talking to her higher self. It is ALWAYS just what I need to hear and its almost like I dont talk to her until I am ready for that next spiritual step up the path to enlightenment or source. Things had conspired against me being able to chat with her before she went to Bali and then she only just got back so it feels like its been about a month since I talked to her. I needed that month to move through alot of lower vibrational issues and to learn a few lessons, so it once again proves to me that nothing happens unless there is a reason.

While talking to Losita she told me that I had to tell something to a friend. I rang my friend and she was having the most amazing day and it turned out that Losita’s message was completely and utterly perfect for what my friend was going through. I couldn’t be more excited for my friend and I feel like this month is going to be amazing (I think this week will be amazing lol) hahaha each day and moment is amazing.

One thing that I feel is a deep sense of clarity, although that is putting it mildly. I am a lot less worried about processing my issues and lessons. While the last two weeks I have been very aware of them but I think this essence and talking with Losita has brought me an acceptance that there is a bigger picture. There is more to it then just one lesson its my entire journey to spirit/source.

I also had forgotten my self belief a little bit, in my struggle to process my lesson I kind of forgot to just let it happen. I should have just trusted in it and let it flow but I kind have fought it, I was obsessed with intellectualising it and thats why it was so hard for me to process I believe.

Now I am back to trusting my meditations and believing in myself. I have a list of thing that I want to accomplish in the next week and I really feel like I have the confidence to trust myself and get it done.

much love to all – life is AMAZING