Revealing the New Cover

I am really happy with this new cover that I have created for my ebook. The last one was not as eye catching as I wanted and this one has more colour and looks more elemental and spiritual as well. I have scheduled the book to be free for 2 days and I think it will start tonight at midnight. So please take advantage of this and grab a free copy 🙂




I would love it if you were able leave a review if that is possible as this will help me with future sales 🙂  I am still having issues with the formatting and the quote is at the top of the page instead of in the centre of the page. This is something I am trying to work on and I would really appreciate any feedback you have on if this is to distracting or if you found it easy to read.

Much love all xoxox




Solar Eclipse Message

Remembering who you are is the single most important thing in life,
It is the reason we are reborn over and over again.
Its the final lesson.
Know who you are,
Feel it in your core being and feel yourself embrace your true destiny.

I received these words while meditating during the total solar eclipse and felt I should share.
Something else I want to share is something a wise woman just told me.Remember the Moon today.

I have been so focused on the energies of the Sun during the solar eclipse that I forgot the energies of the Moon. It is the moon that is passing in front of the sun and baring the brunt of the Suns energies and that is why I want to acknowledge both the Sun and the Moon today.
The Moon represents the Feminine and the Sun represent the Masculine.
Now more then ever it is important to acknowledge the Divine Feminine in all things.
Life is Amazing

Day 9 – Mt Pinatubo Essence

Today has been more about finalising things. Months ago I started writing down quote that I get while meditating, I have also wrote on this blog that I got a title that I wanted to use – 144 Inspirational Quotes: From My Higherself to Yours. Today I counted how many quotes I have (#93) and I also created the front cover, its very simple and basic, but that is just what I wanted. I have the feeling that I will have this ebook finished and published before my Singapore trip. I don’t really know why I am that confident, I guess its just a more certain feeling I have been getting.

I also put up one of my quotes on Facebook, I even found this cute little lady bug picture to go with it. I got alot of simple joy out of making something creative.

Once again today I have been feeling a level of distance with a few people and I think my ego wants to make an issue of it but then it cant. I really have trouble describing the feeling, yes I am emotional and still love these people but I feel like there is a level of detachment now. I feel almost like I have a strange obligation to feel some kind of negative emotion, like I should be offended or worried etc I am just observing these thoughts and the moving on.

Health wise I still have a few ear problems and alot of tissues are still being used (TMI) but I am confident that I will be well by next Monday so I can travel.

I am beginning to enjoy this essence, my first week was almost a blur with the cold but now I am feeling a rise in my confidence.

Inspirational Quotes

I have been receiving inspirational quotes while mediating, some of them are really nice and some of them are a little stranger then expected. As I have said before – I dont think that I am channelling them from some other entity. Instead I believe that I am just in communication with my higher self. I don’t really care where they come from, the purpose of them is that they make me feel good. I feel that I am creating a gift for other people.

I am going to create an ebook out of them and give them away for free here on my blog and put them up for 99c on Amazon. After having that thought I was filled with this peaceful and loving feeling. So I just feel very very certain that is what I am suppose to do. A few hours later I was talking about it with my mother to get her opinion and the title popped into my head.

144 Inspirational Quotes
My Higherself to Yours

I am really happy and feel that it will be a wonderful gift to everyone, I am going to make them copyright free so that people can spread them far and wide if they like any of them 🙂