Day 4 – Earth Essence

I have had another wonderful day.

I don’t know if its the essence, the fact that I have been eating more purely the last 12 days then the past 2 months or the new Divine Feminine energies. Probably all of those things make up a lovely combination that has me feeling great.

I have noticed a few male friend that have not been really happy or their usual selves today. I think they are feeling sensitive to the changing and shifting of the energies. It made me realise that woman have to reconnect with aspects that are already within us – we just have to let them blossom and come forth. However I think the men are going to struggle with connecting with the Divine Feminine because it is something that has been almost bred out of them for thousands of years.

I am being very general – there is of course women who are very masculine and men that are very feminine and then there are those lucky ones that are well balanced. But men have been told for hundreds of years that its not manly to show emotion etc – I think the next few years will be a shock as they start to feel the creative and soft energies of the Divine Feminine anchor in.

The most exciting thing to happen today was my weekly meditation. It was Heidi this week who is the transformational healer I have talked about and she it utterly amazing. During the first meditation I completely lost time and as I was laying down I thought someone was up and walking around. I could feel the floor boards move and then I realised that it was my heart beat. I was so deep in meditation that my heart felt massive – like it was making the floor boards vibrate. It was amazing.

During the second meditation I felt like the Ascended Masters and Angels in the room where touching my hair. I also got cold and I asked for help in keeping warm and then my legs got this sudden glowing warmth and I was no longer freezing. The whole things was sooooo good and I feel fantastic, I am so relaxed.

Its. 12.22 am – I think that is a perfect time for bed lol

blessings xoxox


Day 3 – Earth Essence

WOW I think I got hit over the head with a gentle spiritual brick lol

Drunvalo’s predictions about today being special and the beginning of the shift into the Divine Feminine is really resonating with me.

I have always found his work amazing and in this case it just rings true. Today I have had countless times when my heart just seemed to be smiling. I had an hour long conversation with Heidi and hung up smiling and realise that my heart was so light and happy. Then I read a beautiful poem that touched my heart and then had a great conversation with a friend in Bali who is channelling lovely elemental and earth messages.

I realised that today I am just effortlessly happy and more productive. I started writing up my quotes that I have got during meditations the last few months and I also go guided to write about my experiences with Isis. This was quite personal for me to do but I felt that it is really important that we open ourselves up the the Divine Feminine that is already within us and that is ready to be reawakened.

I feel so light and wonderful, it is 1.14am and I have been up since 6am and I just dont seem to have enough time to do all that I want but I am still buzzing with energy. I guess I better go to bed, its flooding here again but I even find that joyful lol.

So much love and light to all xoxox


Drunvalo’s Latest Prediction


I have to wonder if this is the feeling of something big coming that I had last night ??? I friend sent this to me and it sounds fantastic.


Window of The Great Change

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Dear Ones,

We are about to enter into a window of the time that has no name, but is inside of the Mayan END OF TIME window that was connected to December 21, 2012 and will end in about three years.

This window begins on February 18th, 2013 and continues for about three and a half months until June 2nd, 2013. However, it could last for as long as the end of August if the circumstances change.

I feel it is important to be aware of this significant period of time and what it could mean for you.

There are three reasons why this window was created. Let me explain.

First, the Mayans long ago predicted that if they had to choose the moment when the shift from male consciousness to female consciousness would begin, they would choose the dates of February 18/19, 2013.  I wrote about this long ago. They see it like a sunrise that gets brighter and brighter each day.

At the same time, they said that they don’t really know for certain as it is Mother Earth that will decide exactly when the Mayan Prophecy will begin.

What the Mayans have told me about the 18th of February, 2013 is that it is the moment when the energy within Mother Earth begins to flow in a new pattern. I doubt if you will feel this in your daily life, but the Mayans say it is an important time in human history.

Second, NASA gave a public warning about a year and a half to two years ago concerning the solar flares.  It was a dire prediction. It will take a moment to explain.

In 2000, we had the Y2K scare, around the realization that if the calendars within the computers of the world were not repaired so they would read “2000”, the world’s computers would stop working on the moment the year 2000 rolled around. I am sure most of you remember those events well.

This caused governments of the world to more or less freak out.  The predictions were wild, but accurate.  If the computers of the world were to shut down, most of our material needs would not be met and life on Earth would be challenged, at the least.

Then a French man saved the world by creating a software program that corrected the computers and allowed them to continue working into the 21st century.

As time went on, the world continued its dependency on computer systems and today all aspects of our lives are controlled by it. The way everything comes to us; such as food, water, electricity, gasoline, parts, medicine, and on, is controlled by computers.

If the computers were to stop functioning today, the ramifications of the experience would be many times greater that it would have been in 2000.

It’s been analyzed that if the internet went down permanently, hundreds of millions of people would die within months simply because there is no food or water.

NASA predicted that during the height of the Solar Cycle 24, which we are entering very soon, all computer memories could be erased. Exception to that would be hard drives, DVDs, and etc that are in Faraday Cages, which shields its interior from external electro-magnetic fields and radiation.  If these memory drives were to be wiped clean, our entire electric grid around the world would fail.  The world would be in the black.  From there everything else would come to a stop.  NASA has calculated that this may happen sometime toward the peak of the solar cycle from about February to August of 2013 and could last between one and nine months.

This would be a major human disaster.

England didn’t believe NASA’s reports and researched their own data; they shortly replied by saying that they agreed with NASA.  Red flags went up around the world for the governments who now are preparing for this possibility.

Russia then came back with even a more dire scenario that extended beyond what NASA was forecasting.  You can read about this in the newest book, The Mayan Ouroboros.

We didn’t learn from our past mistakes with Y2K. We should have slowed down our dependency on computerized systems until we knew it was safe, but we didn’t even look back.  Instead, we expanded our use of computer technology globally as rapidly as possible. The world quickly forgot how vulnerable we are with computers and solar flares.

And then there is a third concern that matures during this same time periodthe Earth’s geomagnetic field which is about to shift it’s polarity from North to South, and the effects of that on humankind.  I also wrote about this in The Mayan Ouroboros. Both of these scenarios are definitely necessary to understand, and both of them are inside the window we are entering in a few days on February 18th.

This geomagnetic field reversal is of greater concern for human life than anything that has ever happened in our memory including all the wars since WWI.

But why would I suggest ending the window on June 2nd, 2013 and not later in August? In the government’s remote viewing program back in the 1990’s, a team of expert psychics using their extra-sensory perceptions reported to the US military that something huge was coming to the Earth. They began to search into the future for when it happens.  When they viewed June 1st, 2013, the Earth was already damaged.  So whatever occurred has happened BEFORE June 2nd, 2013.  If this information is not accurate, then we have to continue to be cautious until the end of Solar Cycle 24. In any case, 2013 definitely looks like a year of dramatic change.

I am not here to create fear. That is not my purpose. I am here to bring your awareness to events that are occurring now by scientific standards. As citizens of the Earth, we need to be aware of these global transition events so that we can be prepared and not be surprised by them.

From a Mayan point of view, we must be ready to move into ascension at any moment over the next three years or so. This means staying in meditation, keeping your heart light as a feather and interconnected to your brain.

Now the question is, what can we do to prepare for both a rapid global change and ascension at the same time?  In my meditations it has become clear that I am to give you instructions so that you can make this change within yourself and ascend into the higher levels of Earth’s consciousness. I will do everything I can for you.

Very soon, hopefully before the end of this month, we will release   special instructions for those who know the Mer-Ka-Ba, either synthetic (Flower of Life) or natural (Awakening the Illuminated Heart™), on exactly how you can move from the 3rd dimension of Earth to the 4th dimension of the Earth.  At this time, this piece of knowledge will only be useful for those who have been practicing either form of the meditation.  It is the missing piece of knowledge that millions of you have been waiting for for years.

For the rest of you, you need to catch up as quickly as you can.  In order to assist new people learning this meditation, we will be creating a series of lessons available to you over the internet.  And if you wish to really accelerate your understanding and practice, you can go to The School of Remembering™. There you will have full access to a global school with certified teachers in a vast number of countries and in many languages ready to serve you.

Trust yourself.  You will know what to do.

Our filming studio, One Lotus Studios, is nearly completed; but until it is, we will share information with you in whatever manner we can.

Dear people, we are about to enter a time where you seriously need to be awake and prepare for inner and outer transformations that will change your life forever.

But please remember, if we successfully pass beyond the window of The Great Change, we are still in the timeline of the Mayan prophesy until we enter the year of 2016. The critical period of rapid changes will be over when we see a Red Star in our sky. Then we will enter into the change of order and harmony.

With great love for you, I promise, God willing, to help you.

From my heart,


What is the Divine Feminine?

This is one of the best explanations I have read in awhile.

What is the Divine Feminine?

We hear so much about the incoming Divine Feminine energies but what does this mean for contemporary women from all walks of life, and in the various stages of womanhood?

The “Divine Feminine”, “Return of the Feminine”, the Sacred Feminine ” are all metaphors for the return to higher consciousness. We seek balance between the male and female aspects of the Self and when we find that balance we come into our power. The return of the feminine, is not about women ruling society; that would create imbalance. It is about the return to nature, to masculine/feminine aspects in harmony, yin and yang re-united so both hemispheres of the brain are working in balance leading to higher levels of consciousness.

When we take an overview of the changes taking place on a cultural level right across the globe we can begin to see that there is a subtle energy shift, in wake of the GFC, that calls for a slow-down of the galloping pace of life and a move towards co-operative rather than competitive relationships at home, in the business world and in the community.

This is an expression of the Divine Feminine whose values include co-operation, net-working, process-orientated, conservation, and support. The values we have been operating under are competitive, hierarchical, linear, expansion, and dog-eat-dog. The incoming Divine Feminine is ushering in a change in the way that society functions as well as a shift in the way that women perceive themselves and men relate to them.

Women are being called on to acknowledge these powerful energies within themselves and align with the vital primary forces of life that drive both their physical functioning and their psychology.

When a woman is empowered through this alignment she becomes exactly what nature intended her to be: sexy, articulate, intuitive, playful, feeling and healing. As the bearer of children, she carries the baton of life force energy through to the next generation. And because she is compelled to seek compassionate quality connection with those in her intimate circle, she is the connector, creating and re-creating the web of life that sustains us all. Her primary drive is to conserve, nurture maintain and support. With the planet teetering at the brink of exhaustion, it is the feminine principle that is now needed to redress the imbalance and heal.

When, as a woman, you tune into your female biological underpinning, you will learn how to listen to the whisperings of your own truth. You will then be open to the immense source of power that comes from acknowledging and living in alignment with your feminine core.

When, as a man, you understand the essential nature of the woman in your life, you will more easily dovetail into the soft undulations of the feminine psyche whilst retaining, upholding and engaging your own potent masculine spirit.

Day 10 – Mt Pinatubo

Today was surprisingly delightful. I have to admit that I was expecting to have alot of energetic interference, I was expecting to have moments of tiredness or maybe light headedness. Instead I felt almost serene most of the day and a buzz of energy at other times. I got an assignment finished and also did a few other things on the computer that needed doing.

Actually looking back I did go to sleep.

It took me forever to get to sleep last night it would have been a bit after 2am. So I set my alarm for 7.28am so I could get up and meditate for the Eclipse. (My previous blog post talks about that Meditation) after my meditation I went back to bed and I slept for ages, I don’t think I got up till 10.30 ish. This is unusual for me so I guess I did get sleepy from the energy

Something I have been thinking about is what my dear friend said:

She told me not to forget the Moon. It is the Moon and the Feminine energy that is putting itself in front of the Sun which is Masculine energy. I think this is why I had such a beautiful day. As I said I was prepared for light headedness and tiredness but instead I felt serene for most of the day and as soon as I read her words I really felt that Today was all about the Divine Feminine.
I actually believe today was a pivotal astrological and cosmic marker for the Divine Feminine. I think that the Spring Equinox was the first, this eclipse is the second and there will be more. The Divine Feminine is shifting in stages, not one big shift at the end of the year.
Do you know what – Last night I asked for Guidance from my fave Tarot deck. I usually pull out 3 cards but this time I just felt like having 1 – I said “please guide me to the card I need the most tonight” – it just so happened to be The Divine Feminine card lol

Day 10 – 14 – Lake Baikal

I have been in semi hibernation for the past few days. I have felt really tired and just not in the mood to do things, I’ve been lazy you could say. There has only been two things that are of any interest to discuss, dancing on Friday night and the Storm on Sunday night.


I have had some pretty clear messages and guidance to go dancing at the local GLOdance at Uki. I did some research about about the event and it is an event this guy set up to celebrate dancing. Its a none alcoholic and none judgemental place where people can just go and dance. I loved the concept but I have to admit that I was also drawn to the band they were called Deya Dova  I then got to the day (Friday) and I was really sleepy because I had a bit of an epic morning, running into about 4 of my spiritual friends in really unique ways.

I rang my friend and said I dont really feel like going – do you think this is my negative ego trying to stop me OR do you think I should just go back to bed lol…I then told her this day about my amazing connections and I realised that my day had been special and that I have been telling everyone if they get the urge to do something creative they should because it will honour the Divine Feminine. So I went.

I was suppose to go – it was so amazing and I need to see something about myself. I believe the universe doesnt just give us hard lessons, sometimes we are given nice lessons so we can see how far we have come. I immediately felt comfortable and just started dancing, I danced for 3 hrs and over half that time I would have had my eyes shut. I was completely just honouring my body, the music and just feeling the energy around me. The big lesson for me is that I DIDNT CARE about what people thought, I probably looked like a radioactive chicken dancing. Even more amazing is I didn’t care what men thought (one of my hang ups).

The Storm

After feeding the dogs I walked near the edge of the veranda and my hands had that achy/tingly feeling they got when I stood in the leyline near Mt Warning. I had never noticed it before on the top of my sisters hill so I was a bit confused until about half an hour when I watched the storm come closer and then hit. It was utterly amazing and the beauty of it made me nearly cry twice, I dont fully understand the significance and I dont think there really needs to be one. I pulled up a chair and watched the show that Father Sky showed me, it was primal and sacred and utterly beautiful.

I felt very connected to the Divine and so grateful 🙂 I have never felt a storm before (energetically) I do not know if this is something that will continue to happen now that I am aware or if there was just something special about that storm. Either way I blessed to have felt it.

Tomorrow I start my next lot of drops. Madagascar – I am very excited and once again I have completely forgotten what to expect from it – I will repost a refresher 🙂

Day 1 – China Essence

Pancake time —Yep I am feeling pancake flat again.

The last time this happened was during the Mercury Retrograde in August. I am unsure of why I feel BLAH! it can be a mixture of things. It could be that I cleared alot of crap yesterday during the Goddess Gathering, at one stage during the second last dance everything went very still and some of the other ladies thought that spirit was with us.

I was praying to anchor the Divine Feminine into the earth so I wasnt paying much attention – all I know is that all the trees/animals went silent. I didnt see/hear anything though. I really envy those that have that certainty or connection, I hope I get there one day 🙂

So I dont know if I cleansed alot yesterday or I over taxed myself (I might have poured alot of energy into mandala and dancing). I did feel revitalised and lighter that night but I woke up exhausted yesterday (Monday). I had a marathon bath/soak and read – I then stood out in the storm for a little bit (we got some rain).

I guess I dont know if it was these China Essences that have exhausted me or if its a culmination of things all at once. I guess I will see how I feel over the next few days.