The Universe is Pushing Me

And the push is at times confronting and at other times exciting.

I am taking the Boab Essence as part of a group healing with around 30 other people. It is definitely pushing me to look honestly at my family patterns, my own patterns and even social patterns. While I sometimes feel the urge to run and hide I am also very supported by Boab to stay strong. If I am being totally honest I don’t know if I would confront my fears/patterns like this without Boab, its very humbling to realise that some patterns I had thought I had faced are still there.

The biggest is my fear based around my abundance. I am getting clear guidance to move beyond my current job and do something that makes me happier – I am getting REALLY pushed to start healing with herbs and flower essences. I make medicinal face creams and I am in the process of learning face scrubs, body oils, ointments, infused oils and many many more. So my head feels like its going to explode at times.

I have so much going on that I am finding it really hard to stay centred, I have moments of bliss and then moments of chaos internally. I have just emailed my favourite healer Heidi Bartz….she works on me energetically and cleanses my lightbody. I know I can cleanse myself but it would take weeks when Heidi can do it in 2 hrs and I feel so fantastic, light and free afterwards.

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