How to Manifest Abundance with Affirmations.

My friend told me about a 14 day affirmation plan which I used successfully to manifest a trip to Mexico.

Firstly you need to create an affirmation that clearly states what you want:

I created this:

I (add full name) will have $4500 by May 30th as I am going to Mexico on May 18th for Fire Priestess training.

See how I clearly stated my name, how much I need, when I needed it and why I needed it.

I was told by my friend to sit down in front of a candle every night for 14 nights in a row (or until you manifest what you want) and you cannot miss a night, if you did you have to start all over again.)

So I got seated comfortably in front of a candle (the same candle I relit each time) and I would quieten my mind and do a brief mediation to just sit in silence. After a few mins or when I felt ready – I opened my eyes and stared at the flame – I would then say my affirmation about 5-10 times.

The key is to trust your intuition on when to stop, I usually found that I grew more confident and certain each time I repeated the affirmation and it was around the 5th time my voice would grow more stronger and sure.

I always ended the affirmations with staring at the flame for a few moments/minutes to stay centred and bask in the feeling that it is going to work.

My friend told me that if the affirmations is working then there will be a sign on the 7th day and I did receive one….well two actually. Firstly someone sent me a $5 donation on paypal for no reason, a complete stranger who never communicated with me and secondly I got my first paying website job.

Now here is the important part – I would often add the words – for the highest good of all when saying my affirmations because you will not manifest something if it hurts another person or is not for your own highest good then things will not work. I felt like I needed to go to Mexico for my spiritual growth and I asked for signs that I should go….and I got them. So think about what you want and what you NEED to manifest.

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