Day 14 – Higher Self Essence

Today was pretty blissful and I felt very light and carefree. I even had a few people remark on it which was really nice, I guess I might seem a bit strange to some because last Mon/Tues I was just miserable and now I have completely shifted out of that energy and I feel fantastic.

Today I received 2 acts of abundance which is awesome. One was a donation and the other was my first paying website design – I am super excited because I want to help people to build up their websites and teach them how to market themselves. This way they can do it themselves and dont need to be paying people to constantly update their sites.

My ebook on Amazon is doing well and I made it free for 2 days – this should be finishing soon so grab a copy if you can. I havent received any reviews but I am hoping that of the 100+ copies that have been downloaded for free – a few might leave reviews. I really want to know if the quotes touched anyone’s heart. 

Life is moving super fast but also super amazing 🙂

This is my second last day on this essence and I have to admit that I do feel really connected to my higherself. I went through a not so pleasant lesson last week but I really VALUE my happiness now and its really effortless. I am loving life xoxox

Many Blessings all xoxo

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