Day 12 – Higher Self Essence

WOW what a roller coaster ride of a day. I woke up buzzing and full of energy and had a fantastic morning and then I got to around 12.30pm and go so flat, my energy was pancake flat lol. I decided that I needed food to try and bolster my energy levels and I left for lunch early…it just so happened that I ran into an acquaintance who I ended up giving vital information to. Gotta love the universe at play.

I started buzzing with energy again but right this second I am pancake flat again. I am blaming this wild fluctuations in energy on the solar flare. As I have stated in the past – I am very sensitive to them and a HUGE believer in the global effect they have.

I had some truly beautiful moments tonight that I feel is so worth sharing.

I was driving home and I saw a shooting star (although I did wonder if it was a silver dragon). It dropped in the sky for quite a long distance before flaring silver as it ‘winked’ out. This of course had me totally smiling but what was even more awesome what the moon and my connection to her.

I felt such huge heart expansion. I remember looking up as I am driving and it just HIT me. I am so very very very HAPPY to be alive so that I can FEEL these emotions. I actually spoke to the moon without really thinking about my words. I said something along the lines of  “Oh Grandmother Moon, I love you and I am so grateful to be alive to FEEL how much I love you.”

I then tried to stay on the road and not drive into a ditch. I still cannot really explain it – the feeling was just so amazing – it was just love and such gratitude. I really do believe that as souls we want to incarnate to FEEL. Both the love, the happy, the sad, the angry – every emotion you can think of…….imagine living an without them.

I also had that same reaction a few hours later about my puppy. I am so thankful that she came into my life. I am so thankful to be able to feel such overwhelming love for such an adorable little baby 🙂

So much love to you all xoxox I must go and sleep.



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