Day 7 – Higher Self Essence

Today I really shifted all my crap and started feeling awesome and fantastic.

I was never really that awful or things to dire but I did know that I was struggling and not happy for the past few days. Then I opened the Course of Miracles to a random page and it was talking about vibrations, then I opened a second book and it was the chapter called The Law of Vibrations….then I pulled a card from my Mayan deck and yep…it was all about vibrations.

Thats when I realise that I would keep having these tests come up because I was not using the right approach. I am always going to be tested by low vibrational situations and people. That is part of our 3D reality. However I CHOOSE if I am going to react in a high vibrational manner or if I am going to react in a low vibrational manner and feel like crap.

I feel fantastic now and I cannot wait to keep going with my new outlook. I shouldnt say new….this are concepts that I have learnt and know. However sometimes the universe likes to pop up and make sure you really have learnt your lesson.

We had a wonderful mediation tonight and the facilitator was awesome. I am pretty sure that I will be learning from her alot.

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