Day 6 – Higher Self Essence

Today I have been emotionally up and down more then I thought possible. It was like I was a yo-yo and I was going from tired to happy tired to happy all day. The morning started with me being gloomy but then things started to flow easily and I felt great. Friends called me and we went out to Wollumbin and played in the creek that runs from the base of the mountain.

I felt fantastic and free while I was there and then afterward I got a phone call from work and a problem had arisen so then I have to once again go back to work at put in more unpaid work. I guess the universe is just showing me what is not flowing and what is making me utterly miserable – so I have to change my life really soon because I am just not happy.

I have also wondered if there was something strange going on Monday energy wise because everyone was just so busy when I talked to them. They all became flustered and slightly overwhelmed because they felt light they were running all day.

I am an Aries…I love being an Aries and I have alot of Aries in my chart so I can cope. I know that I am not anywhere near breaking but today I felt a slight bend haha. Tomorrow is the New Moon and it is suppose to be about really setting rock steady intentions and I really have to think of what I want.

I know what I want.

I want to Manifest $4000 to go to Mexico for Fire Priestess training.


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