Day 1 – 5 – Higher Self Essence

Thursday – Monday

I really dont know how to write all I have done in 5 days into one blog post.

I actually cannot believe that I have been on Higher Self Essence for 5 days because my life just seems to be crazily busy. I joked with my friend that I have about 10 things that I am doing all at once and I am juggling them up in the air. If I think about just one of them then I freak out and drop the ball.

I believe I am having such a tough time because I am an Aries. I absolutely LOVE being an Aries but there is a lot of planets in my Aries house at the moment and I believe I am being pushed pushed pushed like never before. I am looking at the date and its only the 9th of April but in all honesty it feels like the 29th of April.

One thing that I have really noticed in the last few days is that I have so much Animal Guidance happening. I used to see and recognise this all the time but the last couple have months has made me stop looking and listening to the animals. Today I felt like I was really energetically down – work was very hard and nothing was flowing and I felt a bit depressed almost.

I was driving home and I said “why cant I just win the lottery so that I can give up work and do all the spiritual workshops that I have been wanting to do” a egret flew up and swooped on a dead branch in front of the car and stared at me. I then was almost home and I said to myself I really need to remember to read what the egret means…

Then I saw a beautiful eagle flying above my property as I rounded the bend to our house. I felt such relief and such instant release.

Egrets are watchers…their is a few meanings in the book but what stood out was – they wait patiently for the student to ask the right questions. -I asked the wrong question – its not why cant I win the lottery – the question is why am I feeling this way and what can I learn from it?

Eagles mean connection to spirit. So I knew when I saw it just as I was thinking of looking up the egret that it was really important. Spirit wanted me to learn from egret and I did.

I have made myself a list of things that I need to do. It is a bit of an epic list so I am going to do it bit by bit and get things done.

much love and light to all xox

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