Day 10 – 16 – Air Essence

Thursday was my birthday and I had an utterly fantastic time. I dont think I have enjoyed my birthday so much since before my father passed away 8 year ago. I think part of it was because I was aware that I was a completely different person then the year before. I am not only spiritual but I have a large group of friends who are utterly amazing. When I look back I was always friendly but I had a certain aloofness to myself and I kept my distance from people.

I was give lots of lovely prezzies and one of them that totally surprised me was a 8 inch crystal singing bowl. I also came home and did something that both shocked but excited me as well. I have mentioned that I have been guided to go to Mexico in the end of May and I decided that I needed to put down a deposit to show the universe that I was serious so I paid a $400 deposit.

If I think about how much I have to save and manifest I get slightly freaked out. I am just having to be in a place of perfect trust. Both in myself and in the universe.

Friday to Monday here was Easter and something that I really enjoyed. I am starting to feel really frazzled but then calm then frazzled because I do not have enough hours in the day.

I got my promotional website completed its address is and I have been enjoying adding to it bit by bit. I seemed to be creating alot of flyers for people so I am getting really good at it.

I also put up my first book onto Amazon

I have done something strange with the formatting and will have to fix that in the next few days. But at this stage I am just very happy to be putting this up for sale for 99c because its something I was guided to do way back in Sept-Oct last year and it feels WONDERFUL to be finishing a project.

Tuesday was very busy for me because I had to have all my stories in the next morning and everything had to be perfect.

Wednesday was amazing because I had such a lovely meditation at Castle on Hill at Uki in the night time. I had also delivered all my next round of drops called “Higher Self” to all of us that are doing the course. I have been so busy that I was a few days late with them.

I still have quite a bit of catching up to do for this blog.

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