Days 6 & 7 – Air Essence

WOW I am feeling fantastic and really well balanced on the Air Essence now that I have settled into it. I am still unclear if all of my emotional times was because the Fire was burning up issues or because  of  intense global energetic issues like the Pisces phenomenon of having 6 planets in the one house – or was it the build up to Autumn Equinox.

I was worse the two days before the Equinox. I was told recently that the Equinox’s and Solstices provide windows of time in which there is a great influx of energy but it also heralded a time of change. So basically as a planet we all go through similar issues, like from Decembers Solstice till this Equinox I noticed SOOOOO many people going through intense life lessons. Things are just moving so fast because they have to, the energies of this period is truly amazing.

I do feel different since the Equinox but I cannot put my finger on just what. I guess I would say that I feel more centred and balanced.

On Sunday I had a lovely day visiting friends and catching up. I visited a friend who has created a device which charges crystals with radiant energy.

Dan Charged


This is a photo of me charging my clear calcite ball – the experience was fantastic 🙂 I have to admit that I got more from the device then I did from my crystal to begin with. Daniel who created the device has set the frequency to your heart chakra, I am not going to pretend that I know how he did this. I suggest checking out his website for more information. All I can say is that I felt FANTASTIC – it really expanded my heart chakra and it seemed to bring out my inner child. I would have kept ‘playing’ with the device for hours if I could have.

Afterwards over the next few days I had some very amazing meditations in front of my crystal so I can honestly say that it does charge the crystal even though I couldnt feel a lot of difference on the day. While there at Dan’s house there was the most amazing storm…there is something about lightening and thunder that brings total innocent joy to me, I just love it.


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