Days 1 – 5 of Air Essence

I ended up taking Fire Essence for a day extra and then I started on Air. I went through a very emotional time during the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (18-20th of March) – I just didnt seem to be able to cope with everything. I cried on the Tuesday Night and multiple times during the Wednesday. I felt broken and shattered – I just told the universe I surrender cause I cannot do this.

I went to meditation on the Wednesday night and things seemed to be divinely guided once again and I was told things that I really needed to hear. I also believe that being amongst my spiritual friends was JUST what I needed to do – it is just such lovely confirmation that I am not alone. I talked to others that were feeling so similar that I just felt so much comfort.

Thursday – I woke up and it felt like a switch had been flipped and I was able to start functioning again. I still had moments of anger/irritation and feeling vulnerable and unappreciated. But it seemed like I was able to detach from that so much quicker. I walked in on the Friday and I stood up for myself when I was half convinced that I needed to quit. But it was all handled very maturely by myself. I felt so much better now that I had cleared the air.

Today is Saturday and I celebrated the Autumn Equinox at the Castle on the Hill at Uki. We had a lovely bunch of people turn up – I believe around 26-30 in total. I felt the day was very sacred, especially some of the ancient circle dances that we did. We even had an Aboriginal lady come and teach us one dance. The most fun of all for me is that I got to create the Mandala again, in this case I made a crystal and autumn themed one. I will post a picture as soon as I can.

I feel fantastic tonight, so calm and divine. Blessings to all xoxox

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