Days 10 to 15 – Fire Essence

WOW so much has happened over the last few days that I dont even know where to start. I think I will start with the positive things that have happened.

*I have had even more clear guidance that I have to go to Mexico for Fire Priestess training. I told my guides and the universe that if they wanted me to go then they need to help me manifest the money. I would love to win the money and things be easy but in this instance I am quite happy to work for the money but the Universe needs to put opportunities for me to do so – right at my feet. I have to manifest a Minimum of $4500 by May if I want to go…..after my continued signs and what my cards are telling me – I am really confident that it will happen – its time for perfect trust.

*I had a special experience with Wollumbin (mt warning) which is our local iconic mountain. I felt like the mountain itself drew me to it last Sunday so that I could witness what it is doing. A lot of young people below the age of 25 was going there and just sitting at the base of the mountain. I got no sense of mischief or malice – instead I got the sense that these people didnt even know why there were there. It is my belief that the mountain had a major clearing/cleansing when it got damaged in the January storm and it is in the process of changing or rebirthing itself. I believe the mountain is recalibrating itself so that it can personify the Divine Feminine energies.

*I am helping a friend Ahana LaRa create a workshop tour here is Australia. This amazes me in many ways because I had only a week or two before hand created a promotional blog/website where I planned to promote people whose books I am writing and I had intend to promote friends workshops…but I had not intended to help them book venues in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Uki, Byron, Bangalow and Melbourne. I feel like I am being of service by helping book venues and create flyers.

*I have had an increase in animal messengers again. I have received a gift of a feather from a Bush Turkey when at Wollumbin and seen alot of eagles and lizards. It was so comforting to see them and feel connected to them again.

Okay here is the place for the not so nice things that have happened to me in the last week.

* I have really felt so shattered at times, like I cannot deal with situations that I normally can. It would take me a day or two to centre and realign myself after I got shook up.

*I was massively tested at my workplace, I asked my guides and the universe if I am meant to work there and I got some massive signs that – No – I am not suppose to work there. I plan to spend the next few weeks intensely working on all other projects that I have – there is 3 ebooks I can help people with, 3 or so websites I can help with, continue to help Ahana, write more of my own thoughts down and finish writing projects that I have been delayed in doing because of work. Basically I know that my paying job is effecting my spiritual work and this in turn is effecting me.

To end on a high note.

I was so hurt, angry, miserable and ready to do battle yesterday but then last night I realised that this is a similar situation to what I was in back in January. Basically someone does something to me that hurts, offends and triggers my anger/pride/ego. As I lay there last night I realised – HELLO you have been here done this. You cannot change how someone else acts and behaves but I CAN control how I act and behave and how I FEEL.

So instead of going in and going to battle with my boss – I am instead not really caring what he says/does. If worse comes to worse I will put in notices and go find another job.

Much love to you all and to myself because I have been needing it.

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