Day 6-9 of Fire Essence

I dont know about everyone else but I feel like I have not had a moments rest in over a week. I am getting that urge to go hermit for a day or two to recharge my batteries and just nurture myself.

Friday – was actually lovely. I felt very in control and organised in the morning and then spent a few hours with my best friend and her newborn at the hospital (My new cosmic God Daughter). I walked back into work and got inundated with messages and other things that had to be done THEN so I ended up being late for Goddess Group.

I go monthly to a Goddess Gathering which celebrates being a woman. I at first had NO idea what to expect but I have really come to love all the other women who are quite a bit older then me and I just love being in such a nurturing and feminine space for a few hours.

The night was lovely and we had a Greek Goddess theme which was lovely because we dont usually have a theme.

Saturday – was visit day. I took my mum and we went and visited the baby, then visited a friend then went shopping. While I was very busy and we were gone all day – I still felt really happy and charged.

Sunday – I was very tired in the morning but I had work to do for my job, so I interviewed a few people then went to the Castle at Uki to watch a few scientist talk about spirituality and how we are in CONTROL of our bodies every moment of the day. It was fascinating and I am thinking that I will do a little researching into some issues I learnt and do up a proper post doing them justice.

The day got even more interesting when I drove home. I came round a bend  and it started pouring rain and I saw this huge double rainbow, I hadnt seen a double rainbow in years and I decided to pull over and just appreciate the majesty of the moment. I sat there for about 3 mins and just felt amazing but the rain eased and the rainbow started to fade. I started driving again and I rounded the bend only 200 metres away and there had been an accident in those 3 mins I was sitting there.

It wasnt a bad accident but I ran over some plastic or glass from when the two cars hit and then went off into the grass. I saw that people had stopped to help them so I kept going and it started to really hit me that I could have been in that accident and if I was there then it could have been a much worse accident. As I was thinking this an ambulance went past and I said a quick prayer for them but I think they should have been okay.

If  my rainbow miracle wasnt already amazing enough I got a very clear message from my guides. The other day I randomly emailed these people about a Mayan Temple Tour that is in May. There is no way I can afford it and I seemed to write a query off before I knew what I was doing.

I told my guides and divine mother/father that if I was suppose to go then could I please have a clear sign that I cannot argue with.

I expected a reply the next day or some other kind of sign but nothing happened for a few days. Meanwhile the latest Drunvalo book I was waiting for was late, it arrived Friday and I didnt start reading it till Sunday. I am reading away about these Mayan Elders in the book and I wondered about them. Then I see that I have got a reply from this lady finally and in it she talks about the Hunbatz Men who was just in the book I was reading.

When I saw the name I thought……no way. So I went and got Drunvalo’s book and flipped right to a page with Hunbatz’s name. I was filled with a deep certainty and I also thought….I cant deny that as a sign. It was to quirky how I never got a reply until AFTER I knew the significance of who the Mayan Elder is.

The issue now – I am 100% certain that I have to go to Mexico in 2 months time and I have no money – so I am seeing this as a test. Is my trust in the Divine big enough????? I have been told if we are suppose to be doing something and we trust then the universe provides. I see this as an opportunity to learn something so that I can be of benefit to others…so there is no selfishness involved.

Lets see if I can manifest 3000 dollars in 2 months.

Monday – I cannot stop thinking about Mexico I am even more convinced that I have to go  – I came home and finished my Drunvalo book – its as fantastic as ever but I have to admit that I had more of a reaction to Serpent of Light. I have been feeling off all day. Kind of grumpy from about 3pm onwards and once again I am late with my articles so I will have to get up early to finish them.

I know that I am doing good work and that I am being of service to my community but at the same time. I am not really happy – its a conundrum that I am sure I will work out eventually.

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